Light the way

Be the lighthouse for others.  Light the way for them to travel through dark waters to reach the shore safely.  There are many times in life that test a person’s faith and determination.  These times are stressful, but they are also growing and teaching moments designed to gently nudge a person to grow and learn from a challenging experience that they can carry on throughout their life.  Dark moments in life remind a person that they are stronger than they believe.  They are resilient.  It gives contrast and makes appreciation easier.  Life lessons are more poignant when they are caused by moments that shake things up.  Be an uplifter.  You can be a lighthouse to others when they are facing dark moments.  You can offer encouragement, hope, guidance and confidence as they blindly sail the turbulent sea of challenge.  Nothing is too great to overcome.  NOTHING.  You must get this point across.  Shine the light upon the sea so that the passageway can be illuminated.  Together you can sail the seas until the storm has passed.  Amen.


Follow your dreams

Your dreams are not a fantasy.  Your dreams are a reality that can come true if you don’t let them float away.  Dream big.  Dream daily.  Dream of how you want your life to be.  Dreams of your lover.  Dream of your children.  Dream of your parents.  Dream of travel. Dream of bettering your life.  Dream of bettering the lives of others.  Dream often.  Don’t look at your dreams as “what-ifs”.  Look at your dreams as reality – potential reality of the near future.  Look at your dreams as stepping stones to get you to where you want to be.  Dreams will keep you alive when you feel hopeless.  Dreams will keep you excited when you feel discouraged.  Dreams will lift you up when you fall down.  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Anything you can do, have or want will be yours if you follow your dreams.  Focus on what you want and DREAM. Amen


What you hold onto inside of yourself permeates to the outside.  Focus on your emotions.  Focus on your vibration.  Are you vibrating on a high level (happiness, peace, exuberance, excitement, appreciation, vitality, enthusiasm)?  Or are you vibrating on a lower vibration (anger, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness)?  You will attract the people and the situations that match your vibration.  Be careful and be conscious and choose to reach for the vibration that will bring you the desired outcome in the physical world.  All you have to do is connect with your higher self that always vibrates at a high vibration – knows no other way – because your higher self is constantly connected to Divine Spirit – pure Love and Light – and the spiritual realm, which is only pure Love and Light and extremely high vibration.  There is no Ego to get in the way in the spiritual realm.  The human physical characteristic of Ego is what lowers the vibration and allows these lower vibrations to be created.  Meditation on a daily basis will help to train you to reach your higher self on a consistent basis and will

allow you to create an automatic and direct connection at all times and especially when needed.  Pay attention to your vibration.  Pull yourself up onto the ledge when you feel yourself hanging there in a lower vibrational field.  Watch the results of your actions when you stand triumphantly in a higher vibration.  Amen.

The Lesson of Nature

Listen to nature.  Watch nature.  Study the easy rhythm of nature.  There is a gentle flow – a smooth current – that runs through the center of nature.  Everything works together beautifully.  The birds fly effortlessly in the sky – gliding along with the clouds.  The animals scurry about living their lives by preparing with food gathering and shelter creations.  They take care of their young.  They forage, hunt, prepare shelter, feed and nurture their young.  There is no ego in the nature world.  They are driven by instinct.  Survival of the fittest is just that without any ego.  There is a chain – biggest to smallest – and on this chain the fittest survives.  This chain forms a circle – circle of life.  Nature is effortless.  It is simplistic.  It is run by instinct (intuition) and automatic programming.  A flower automatically knows its course of life.  Seed pushes through the ground, stem grows above ground, flower bud forms, flower gently opens up and blooms, flower withers and dies returning once again to earth.  There is no instruction manual given to a flower.  It automatically knows what do in its brief experience of life.  The same goes for humans, except you are given the power of uncontrolled thought.  Be a conscious evolver.  Be someone who lives life naturally, but makes choices in life to uplift others, improve yourself daily, love unconditionally and evolve in a conscious, not unconscious way.  Make a difference in the world.  Leave it a better place than you found it.  Amen.

Looking at life through rose colored glasses

You can see reality or you can choose to see what you want to see.  This is especially important when reality is bleak or uncomfortable.  Don’t be afraid to put on your rose colored glasses if it makes you feel better and gets you through a tough or stressful life experience.  Experiences in life are meant for growth, learning, expanding, improving and training in controlling perspective.  You can choose to perceive experiences as good or bad.  There are no experiences that are bad in the eyes of Divine Spirit.  They are merely necessary for growth.  The human mind puts labels on the experiences in an effort to accept or digest.  The old adage “Everything happens for a reason” is quite literal here.  Many times, you cannot wrap your head around the reason of why something happened.  Many times, in these moments, anger is involved, because something was experienced that was tragic to the person experiencing it.  Every time, if the person can look back on the perceived tragic experience from a present perspective, they will see the growth and the knowledge that was gained in their life from it.  It doesn’t make it feel any better, but it is a way of justifying reason.  We encourage that you comfort yourself and choose to perceive whatever way you need to to carry you through an experience that is difficult to digest.  Perception is your reality.  Amen.

Your mind is a playground

De-clutter your mind.  Empty out the trash.  Release all the thoughts that no longer serve you, especially the self-degrading ones that keep you at a lower vibration. The mind is a powerful instrument.  You have the power to talk your self into illness and you have the power to talk yourself out of illness.  You have the power to boost yourself up before a speaking engagement with uplifting words of confidence and you have the power to deflate yourself before a speaking engagement with negative self-chatter.  It is very important that you arm yourself with the tools of uplifting words and thoughts and against negative and deflating thoughts.  Your mind is a playground.  Don’t let the bully run the playground.  Overcoming negative self-talk isn’t automatic, but with daily practice, it is absolutely attainable.  Your negative self-talk didn’t appear overnight.  It took years of repetition.   It took many experiences.  It took daily dedication.  To rid the mind of negative self-talk, it will take the same rigor and regimen as the creation of it.  Daily affirmations are the best place to start.  You will begin to rewire your brain with each daily affirmation.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Practice daily, especially when you catch yourself thinking negatively.  This is the greatest opportunity to retrain your brain.  Catch yourself in the negative thought pattern and immediately reach for the positive and switch it around.  It will take practice, practice, practice, but eventually it will come naturally, just like the negative thought process once did.  Amen.

Let your Intuition into the driver’s seat

Are you living the life you want to live at this very moment or is something missing….still on its way?

Envision how you want your life to be.  Is there a missing puzzle piece that you seek in order to complete your life?  Place your focus here.  Every day, place your focus on what you desire.  Decide what it is that you want in your life to improve it.  Focus on what you need in your life to make it flow more smoothly.  Take the lessons of the past and use them to navigate the present and the future.  These lessons are a part of the puzzle that you need to get you to where you want to be.  They have been Divinely orchestrated and placed in your life in Divine timing to get you to the next part on the path.  Listen to your intuition/higher-self.  Allow this spiritual piece of you to guide you on your journey and where you need to go next.  Don’t allow Ego to be in the driver’s seat.  Ego will muddy the waters and make things arrive to you at a much slower pace than if you had allowed your Intuition to be the driver.   Slow down.  Ponder.  Research.  Study.  Hone your skills – professionally, personally and figuratively.  Decide what is right for you from your Intuitive perspective.  Decide where you want to go, what you want to do and who you want to do it with.  Breathe.  Keep life simple.  Don’t complicate things with impatience, stress, lack of self-confidence or discernments focused in the wrong direction.  Have faith.  Have hope.  Believe and it will be.  Amen.