Motivation = One part desire and one part determination.  Focus on what you want and be determined until you receive it. 

Imagine what life is like as you live it in your mind.  What do you feel?  What does it look like?  Really focus on it until you can actually feel the effects of living your dream life. 

Nothing is impossible.  The only thing that can get in your way and keep your dream from coming is your disbelief.  Throwing any negative resistance on to the image will slow it down, perhaps indefinitely, depending on if you can rise above and beyond the resistance. 

You will need to catch yourself when you are beginning to doubt your desires. You need to change your perspective to a positive one as soon as you notice the resistant thoughts creeping in. This will take mindfulness and persistence. Your dream life is being lived in your dreams, so why not live it in your physical reality?

Stay positive.  Stay hopeful.  Stay motivated.  Stay determined.  Dream big.  Amen.


Allow your Intuition to guide you.  You may wonder where you are headed as you follow your Intuition and the maze that it leads you down, but trust that this is the journey you are supposed to follow.  When you ignore your Intuition, your Ego leads you and the path that you follow is not as quick to get you to your destination.  Follow your passion.  Follow your heart’s desire.  Don’t doubt that you are right where you are supposed to be at this moment. 

Your Intuition is the voice of your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self can be referred to as your Spirit or Soul.  When you are tuning in to your soul’s passion, you are tuning in to what resonates with you and what you are supposed to be doing in this physical life.  Do not deny it by allowing Ego to talk you down out of it.  Don’t push it out of the way because Ego doesn’t think it’s possible. 

Follow your dreams.  Chase your dreams.  Live your dream.  Be faithful.  Be determined.  Believe. Amen.


You will never stay in the same place in life.  Every second of every day you are changing and evolving.  Life is a cycle of change.  That is the nature of life. 

It is natural.  It occurs without needing any action.  It is a living organism within itself.  Life will never stay the same.  You will have ups and downs.  The river of life will be calm and smooth one moment and alive and rapid the next.  The rapids are there to help spur growth.  They move you out of your comfort zone and force you to take action. 

Don’t fear these moments.  Look at them as opportunities to grow and improve – to move forward – with you as the captain.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in life.  Don’t be discouraged.  All that does is slow your ship down.  Be hopeful when you find yourself discouraged.  Don’t be rushed. 

Take your time and savor every moment.  This time won’t come again.  Don’t fear change.  It is coming whether you like it or not.  Go with the flow rather than fighting it.  The change is coming whether you want it to or not.  Amen


Life experiences create your inner psyche that the Ego enjoys feeding.  This inner psyche is controlled by the Ego and often acts like a great bully.  The Ego is good at putting you down better than anyone else, because it is an extension of your consciousness.  Your Ego is brilliant at making you feel insecure, unworthy, unprepared or nervous and scared. 

The life experiences that you live shape your thoughts about yourself and Ego helps to remind you of these thoughts that become inherent and personality molding.  Your memories can easily conjure up an experience that made you feel less than or scared or ill prepared, etc.  This image, thought, memory can replay over and over in your mind until it becomes a belief.  The words that you keep repeating to yourself become beliefs after continuous repetition.  Affirmations are a great way to uplift yourself and to retrain your brain. 

Affirmations can allow you to retrain your brain with the positive equivalent of the negative thought or word.  It takes daily practice, often times during the day, until your brain is rewired to think positive thoughts about yourself rather than negative.  For many, it will be a life-long process, but not an impossibility.  Let your thoughts grow flowers in your mind’s garden, not weeds.  Amen.


Life is short and it comes in fleeting moments.  These moments are shared with loved ones, with strangers, with people who can help you and sometimes people who can hurt you.  These moments are to be cherished because they lend meaning to life. 

Your life experiences help to shape who you become.  Rise up when tragedy strikes.  Uplift when adversity affects another.  Join together; do not break apart.  You are far stronger together than you are alone.  A life of solitude is most often lead by Ego.  A life of union is often led by the Higher Self that is directly connected to Divine Spirit. 

Embrace each other.   Respect your differences.  Have faith in one another.  Have faith in love.  Love can conquer all.  Look brightly towards the future together.  Listen to one another.  Show compassion and understanding.  Appreciate each other.  Give thanks daily for your blessings.  Enjoy life.  Don’t squander it away.  Make the most of this fleeting moment.  Amen.


Appreciate and respect each and every day that is given to you.  This time will never come again so make the most of it.  When life gets mundane, as it certainly does, don’t try to drum up excitement in a negative manner. 

Find positive ways to use your energy and improve yourself.  Doing a self-assessment will help you to find areas of yourself that need improvement and help to spur growth.  Be honest with yourself.  Don’t be in denial.  Don’t ignore the areas that need to be improved.  You need to work at improving the areas that hold you back from your greatest potential.  These areas get in your way of success. 

Most often it is your Ego that is telling you negative things about yourself that you believe and it causes you to subconsciously give up on a dream or procrastinate.  Don’t allow your Ego to take over.  Focus on the positive aspects of yourself.  Focus on the areas that you want to improve, but do so in a positive way.  Strategize and outline how you are going to improve these areas and begin to make the necessary changes.  Start today. 


Every ending you encounter, opens the door for a new beginning.  When you change your perspective and look at an ending as a new beginning to come, then you will change your vibration and it will raise. 

People do not like goodbyes.  Most people do not like the conclusion of things unless the conclusion is a relief.  Most people don’t like change.  They fear change.  They fear the unknown.  They fear uncertainty.  It upsets their natural balance and rhythm like a monkey wrench as it is thrown into the mix. 

Endings are change that open the way for new beginnings.  New beginnings are a restart.  New beginnings are a chance to start over again.  New beginnings begin with hope, quiet anticipation, excitement, wonder.  The unknown seems more exciting and less feared when new beginnings are welcomed. 

In every situation, focus on the positive side of it.  No matter how bleak the situation may be, you can find something positive within it to focus on.  Don’t fear endings.  Embrace beginnings.  Embrace the opportunity to improve, grow, learn, soar and believe that bright experiences are on their way.  Amen.