Expectation is a useful tool when you are manifesting.  You must expect it to happen in order for it to happen.  You must have an unwavering belief and expectation followed by a quiet, patient anticipation.  That is it. 

Be thoughtful and specific about what it is that you want to manifest whether it be a relationship, career goal, more money, better health, etc.  Then, be specific as you focus on what you want.  Write down your goal and be specific about what it is that you want.  Allow the image of already having it materialized permeate in your mind and focus intently as you marinate on the image.  Notice every detail in your mind’s eye and notice the feeling that it gives you. 

If you feel any emotions like apprehension, insecurity, hopelessness, or feelings that it won’t come true, then pull yourself back from focusing on it so specifically.  Only focus as far as the feelings allow you to remain on a higher vibration. Once you feel any bit of resistance, pull back and shift your focus, even if that means shifting to a different subject that makes you happy.  When you are ready, you can place your focus back on the subject of what you want to manifest. 

It is very likely that you will have to see some results of your manifestation beginning to materialize before you can get to a comfortable and believing spot.  That is ok.  You can take baby steps.  Or, if you are feeling confident, you can take a leap.  Follow your emotional vibration and allow that to set the pace.  Amen.


Discouragement is your Ego’s way of letting you know you that you aren’t getting what you want fast enough.  The Ego is impatient and selfish.  The Ego is self-serving and wants instant gratification in everything it endeavors.  Be patient.  Everything comes in Diving timing.  Everything comes when you are ready to accept it on a soul level.  You need to remember this when you feel discouragement.

You can turn discouragement into excited anticipation.  Change your perspective on the situation.  Focus on your achievements thus far, no matter how little they may be.  They will help you to be patient as the bigger fruition comes.  Stay positive.  Focus on high vibrating thoughts about the situation.  Focus on how it will affect your life once it arrives.  Focus on how you will maintain it and not let it float away.  Focus on how it will make you feel.  Focus on what you want from it.  Focus on the higher vibrational outcome rather than any Egotistical lower vibrational outcomes. 

You are You.  You are not in a competition with others.  Everyone in the world is unique and has a gift to give the world.  Do not do things from a place of Ego.  Come from the place of love and light that is transmitted from your Higher Spirit.  Amen.


It is ok and actually beneficial to feel frustrated or angry.  In the moment that you do, you will most likely find that it just shows up and you have no way of stopping it and this is ok. 

You were born with emotions.  Your emotions are on two spectrums of the scale: lower vibrating emotions and higher vibrating emotions.  Some examples of lower vibrating emotions are frustration, anger, impatience.  Some of the higher vibrating emotions are happiness, peace, contentment.  It is important to recognize when you have entered the lower vibrational field.  Recognize it.  Move through it as quickly as possible and reach for a higher vibration to pull you from the hole that you are in. 

Sure, you are thinking this is easier said than done, but with consistent practice, you will master switching from a lower vibration to a higher vibration in no time.  You will find how this move to a more consistent higher vibration in your daily life will show you how much easier life can be when you are living a higher vibrating existence.  So, the next time you are feeling frustrated, fearful or angry, recognize the emotion as soon as you can.  Focus on it.  Feel it.  Then place your focus on something that is pleasurable and uplifting so that you can move from the lower vibration to the higher vibrating field as quickly as possible.  Amen.

Your Higher Self holds the Peace you seek

When you find yourself uncomfortable about a situation, it is important to look within and reach your Higher self.  Your Higher Self/Intuition will come forward and give you the loving reassurance you need to move forward courageously through any situation.  Follow your Intuition.

When you are listening to your Ego, failure is the biggest threat.  Your Ego is the one that tells you that you aren’t good enough, or you aren’t prepared enough, or you don’t know enough.  Your Ego is good at feeding into your insecurities. It claims to ground you, but, in reality, it is your Higher Self that grounds you and keeps you at peace. 

Whenever you are upset, uncertain, afraid, or stressed, look inward to your Higher Self for the peace you seek.  The Love and Light of your Higher Self will uplift you with words of encouragement and strength. Within your Higher Self, you will find peace quietly waiting there for you to receive.  Amen.


How can you get what you want in life?  Focus.  Focus.  Focus.  Focus on what you want.  Be specific.  Write down every aspect about your goal on a piece of paper.  Be detailed and specific. 

Envision in your mind what your goal looks like.  Then, focus on your emotions while you envision the vision in your mind.  Pay attention to how you feel. Allow your vibration to raise to the level of your emotions as you are envisioning your goal and hold it there. 

Keep the goal setting simplistic.  Don’t muddy the waters with too many goals or details.  Create a list of about 10 items that detail your goal and don’t exceed past that.  Every day, upon awaking and before you go to bed, go over your list and read it.  Allow your mind to marinate in the vision.  Then wait with expected anticipation. 

Go about your life, but look for the synchronicities and the opportunities that will lead you to your goal.  You will soon recognize how as these instances occur you are being lead closer to the manifestation of your goal.  Amen.


Fear based thinking is the Ego’s creation.  The Ego is concerned with making sure that you stay at a lower vibration, even though it doesn’t come across that way.  It comes across falsely, as your protector, as it creates a false sense of identity that needs to be stroked in order for it to feel better. 

In today’s technological age, there is an abundance of narcissism that has been created due to the technology that is used.  Applications such as Facebook and Instagram place the person in the position of wanting or needing to be accepted.  Posts are always dependent upon how likeable they are.  This causes happiness and satisfaction for some and frustration and disappointment for others.  Life is not a popularity contest. 

Each person is individual and unique and each person is special.  There is no one person that is better than another even if society, which is heavily Ego driven, tries to make you think differently.  When you consciously realize and remember this, then you are able to live a more satisfied and fulfilling life. 

Your Ego needs the acceptance of others to make it feel good.  Your Higher Self does not.  Your Higher Self is constantly connected to Divine Spirit.  It is constantly receiving a steady stream of Love and Light from Divine Spirit.  If you tune into your Higher Self, you can consciously receive this stream. 

You are always receiving the stream of Love and Light, but when you allow Ego to take the lead, you don’t realize the stream is there.  You place your focus on Ego and what it can and cannot do for your psyche.  Let go of the Ego centered way of living and focus on the Intuitively driven way of living.  The Fear will dissipate and will be replaced with HOPE.  There is nothing you cannot do, be or have in this world.  Allow your Higher Self to take you to your dreams.  Amen.


Removing stress from your life can make your life flow easier, but it is easier said than done.  Life is filled with all kinds of stress.  As you get older and your responsibilities increase it causes stress.  Maintaining possessions that you have acquired causes stress.  Financial instability causes stress.  Unwanted life experiences cause stress. 

So, you would think that eliminating stress is impossible.  It is not impossible.  The way that you view and perceive the stress in your life is your weapon to combat the stress.  You need to flow through all of the stressful situations.  It is your inherent reflex to go against any situation that is uncomfortable.  You automatically put up resistance.  When you do this, it makes the situation more stressful and harder to deal with.  If you change your action and come from a place of understanding and strategy then you can make any stressful situation less stressful or non-existent. 

You need to strategize.  You need to dissect the stressor and look for ways to work through it rather than allowing it to work through you.  Ignoring it won’t make it go away.  It just pushes the subject down into your subconscious and then you begin to worry and fret on a subconscious level.  It reminds you of its presence every time it shows up again in a different manner.  Face every stressful situation head on.  Dissect the situation.  Strategize and plan for a way to move past it.  It is not impossible.  This will make you feel powerful and hopeful and the stress will disappear.  Amen.


Lessons repeated over and over again are the Universe’s way of letting you know that you need to grow in a certain area.  You are not learning the lesson completely, thus repeating the mistake.  You will continue to encounter the lesson until you have fully learned it and then the Universe will allow you to move on. 

Look at your life and the areas that continue to creep up and haunt you.  What are they trying to teach you?  Go consciously into the lesson and look at the area that you need to learn so that you can move forward.  You may have to come up with a game plan and a goal to get past the lesson and keep it from being repeated for a lifetime.

 For instance, let’s say that you have money troubles on a frequent basis.  You are always struggling to make ends meet.  You live paycheck to paycheck.  You come up short sometimes for bills and you have to pay them late which incurs another charge to be added.  Look at the situation closely.  What can you do to solve the problem and get past it?  The answer would be to cut back on frivolous spending and put that money aside as a savings to use when needed. 

Starting the process may take some time, but as you do, the cycle will begin to rotate away from the problem and towards the solution until the problem completely dissipates.  Try this with any lesson that is repeatedly showing itself in your life. Amen.

Love is one of the greatest manifesting tools

Come from a place of love in all that you do.  Love is a high vibration.  It is the highest vibration that you can feel.  It is pure Divine Love and Light that comes from Divine Spirit directly to your Higher Self.  This love is magical.  It can change relationships.  It can make things happen.  Love can uplift the world. 

The act of love is so simple and it is so natural.  Everyone feels the stream of love flowing through them.  Some people prefer to allow Ego to take the wheel and to push love away when they are angry or frustrated.  This is the wrong approach during these situations.  This is when love is needed the most – to get you past the situation. 

We are not saying that you have to ignore feelings of anger or frustration.  To do so would allow it to build up inside of you until it eventually causes an explosion.  What we are asking you to do is to learn to pivot quickly from a place of anger and frustration to a place of love. 

Take yourself out of the situation that is causing the lower vibrations to continue.  Take yourself out mentally or physically.  Focus on something that brings you joy and peace in the moment that you are feeling these emotions.  Focus on your breath.  Give yourself a few moments and control your emotions so that you do not erupt with lower vibrating emotions.  Clear the air.  Walk away if you must.  In the early training stages this may be highly necessary. 

Pull the love and light from your Higher Self forward into your conscious reality.  You will feel it wash over you and bring you peace.  Then, apply it to the situation.  If another person is involved and they seem to be dug in with their heels and not responding with love to your attempts, it is ok.  Give it time.  Don’t force it.  Let your anger and frustration dissipate with the presence of love and light.  With time, they will come around.  Fear not.  Love is magical.  Love is one of the greatest manifesting tools there is.  Amen.


Begin each day with a conversation with your Higher self.  Go within through Meditation and/or Prayer and connect with your Higher Self. 

Have a conversation and ask questions.  Ask for guidance or clarity about a situation that you may be worried or unsure about.  Ask your Higher Self to be a conduit and to pass along messages from Divine Spirit and ask your Higher Self to co-navigate your life with you, guiding you throughout your day to the next experience you are to have. 

Your Higher Self is your navigational system and it automatically, by default, speaks to you as your Intuition.  Any time you get a “gut feeling” of any sort, this is your Intuition automatically speaking to you.  This is your Higher Self attempting to navigate your life.  Whether you follow it or not is up to you.  The little voice inside your head is often Ego driven. 

Your Higher Self can be contacted and you can ask questions and ask for guidance.  When you do this, you are consciously connecting with your Intuition rather than it happening automatically.  The information that you receive is Divinely sent through your Higher Self.  The voice from your Higher Self is never negative.  It is always pure Love and Peace.  Trust it.  Rely on it.  Amen.