Every ending you encounter, opens the door for a new beginning.  When you change your perspective and look at an ending as a new beginning to come, then you will change your vibration and it will raise. 

People do not like goodbyes.  Most people do not like the conclusion of things unless the conclusion is a relief.  Most people don’t like change.  They fear change.  They fear the unknown.  They fear uncertainty.  It upsets their natural balance and rhythm like a monkey wrench as it is thrown into the mix. 

Endings are change that open the way for new beginnings.  New beginnings are a restart.  New beginnings are a chance to start over again.  New beginnings begin with hope, quiet anticipation, excitement, wonder.  The unknown seems more exciting and less feared when new beginnings are welcomed. 

In every situation, focus on the positive side of it.  No matter how bleak the situation may be, you can find something positive within it to focus on.  Don’t fear endings.  Embrace beginnings.  Embrace the opportunity to improve, grow, learn, soar and believe that bright experiences are on their way.  Amen.


Be excited about the unknown.  Be excited about what life is going to offer you.  The excitement combined with a quiet anticipation will keep your vibration high and allow all that you want to gravitate towards you.  Keep your thoughts positive. 

It is just as easy to think a negative thought as it is a positive thought.  The positive thought may need more effort if you have a lot of negative momentum, but with practice you can equal out the balance.  Soon you will be able to think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts.  You will just need to retrain your thought process through affirmations and through mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is key.  You must be aware of the negative thought once it arrives so that you can then push it aside and replace it with its positive counterpart.  This will take practice and always being in the NOW.  In the beginning, it may feel a little daunting to have to pay attention to your thoughts as they creep up, but with time and practice it will become automatic.

Do not be afraid of the unknown.  Be excited for the unknown.  Life is a series of lessons and moments that help you to grow and evolve.  Be a conscious evolver and allow positivity, quiet anticipation and excitement shape your journey of life.  Amen.


Have faith in yourself.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  It is as simple as that.  Don’t allow your Ego to get in the way of your dreams.  All it will do is talk you out of taking a leap. 

Your Ego will convince you that you don’t have the skills or you aren’t prepared or you aren’t good enough.  All your Ego will do is show you the dark side of yourself that likes to slap you back into reality.  But reality is only what you see and believe.  It is nothing more than that. 

Choose to look BEYOND reality and see your dreams and your fantasies.  Look BEYOND reality and see your life how you want it to be.  Then, through your belief, you can make it become your reality. Allow your Higher Self to be your guide. 

Allow your Higher Self to convince you that you are good enough.  Let your Higher Self convince you that you can do, be or have whatever you want in this world if you are willing to take the leap and trust that the net will appear.  It is just as easy to listen to your Higher Self as it to listen to your Ego.  Push aside the negative and limiting thoughts of your Ego and allow your Higher Self to boost you up so that you can soar.  Amen.


Never give up.  Never give up.  Giving up is equal to failure.  You can only fail by not trying or by giving up.  Keep chasing your dreams.  Keep following the path that life leads you down.  It may twist and turn many times.  It may start out in one direction and then make an abrupt turn in another direction that you never thought was possible. 

Life is full of opportunities.  You need to be able to recognize them when they come along and trust your Intuition to lead you to where you need to go next.  Your Higher Self, which speaks through your Intuition, is always guiding you.  You have to allow your Higher Self to come forward and listen for the messages it is sending you. 

You need to learn to push Ego aside and not let it drown out the messages.  Your Ego is good at putting out fires.  Your Ego makes you think that you aren’t good enough or you don’t know enough or you aren’t ready.  Your Higher Self boosts you up and reminds you that you CAN do, be or have whatever you want in life.  You must trust and you must believe and you must NEVER give up.  Amen.


Each person is unique and special.  Each person has a gift to give the world.  When it comes to relationships, whether it is a parent/child relationship, sibling relationship, lover relationship, or friend relationship, each one is different and unique like the people involved.  There is no one size fits all.

There are dynamics that are unique with each relationship based upon life experience, life influence, age, etc.  You must remember the uniqueness that each individual and relationship holds.  When you do, it allows the relationship to flourish.  Misunderstandings become more non-existent, because you remember that everyone is different with a different perspective that was created through their own unique life experience. 

Everyone deserves respect.  Everyone deserves love.  Everyone deserves appreciation.  Show gratitude for your relationships.  Let those in your life know how much they mean to you.  Shower them with love not judgment.  Think of how you want to be treated from others and treat others that way. 

Relationships can be difficult at times, especially when the other person is not behaving in the way you may be.  It is OK to walk away for some time and allow the dust to settle.  Wrap the relationship with love.  Soon you will see that love will prevail.  Amen.


You don’t have to live a fearful life.   There are so many perceived and imaginary fears that swirl around in your mind on a regular basis.  These fears are coming from a lower vibrational field that is fed by Ego. 

Whenever you fear something or you worry, you are allowing your Ego to navigate your emotions and your life.  You are giving your Ego the strength to guide your life through fear and worry.  Whenever you second guess yourself, or tell yourself that you will be a failure, or even fear failure, you are allowing your Ego to be in the driver’s seat.

Higher vibrating emotions always come from your Higher Self that is pure Light and Love and directly connected to Divine Spirit.  It takes practice to eliminate thought patterns and psychological and physiological behaviors that have formed a habit over years and years of continuous practice.  You can change a habit and you can rewire your thought process, but it will take time and effort. 

You have to allow your Higher self to guide your life, your emotions, your thoughts.   You have to be mindful and adopt the ability to notice when you are having a fearful thought and then replace it with a supportive and loving thought.  You have to trust your Higher Self and the Love and Light that is constantly emitted to your conscious. 

Allow fear to be replaced with Love.  Say kind things to yourself, especially when fear is creeping in.  Soothe yourself with loving words that you receive from your Higher Self.  Trust and believe.  Amen.

Life like Love is ETERNAL

There is no intellectual rhyme or reason for leaving the physical world.  It comes down to nature.  Everyone in the physical world is connected.  There is an invisible, intricate, almost spider web like connection that joins each living organism together on the physical plane and connects to the divine spiritual realm. 

Even when a living being ceases to exist in living form on the physical plane, the connection is still very much alive in the spiritual realm.  The memory and the love never disappear.  It is always held tightly by those that were touched by the life now gone from the physical realm.  You ask yourself why, when there seems to be so much life left in a being, so much to give to the physical world, why this being is chosen to be brought back to the spiritual realm?  The answer is not easy to give.  It is complex and complete understanding to those in the physical realm is not possible. 

There are still connections to the one that has crossed over and there are still influences that the life of the person will continue to make even from the spiritual realm.  Sometimes the influence is greater in the spiritual realm then in the physical realm.  There are pacts made on a soul level and each individual organism that chooses to come to the physical plane, makes this soul pact in deciding when they will return to the spiritual realm.  It is not an easy thing to describe. 

The spiritual existence does not hold the same emotional and hormonal elements that the physical body holds, so you cannot look at it from an emotional perspective.  Love exists.  Love is an emotion, but it is also an energy, and the love that exists in the spiritual realm and that is present when a being makes a soul pact, is much different than the love that is felt emotionally in the physical realm.  Love and light exist everywhere in the entire existence and through the connection between both the physical and spiritual realms.  It is never ending.  It is infinite.  It is Divine.  Amen.


Ignorance is bliss.  If you can ignore the subjects that bother you or bring you down, you will find your bliss.  It is ok to be blissfully ignorant.  We want you to be, because that means that you will be vibrating on the highest level possible at all times. 

You need to train yourself to ignore negative feelings and pivot quickly to a positive feeling every time a negative feeling creeps up.  It takes practice, but it is not impossible.  It also doesn’t take that long to train your brain to be this way.  Really, it comes down to seeing the best in every situation.  It is expecting the best in every situation.   It is positive thinking.  It is vibrating at the highest level at all times.  It is using a negative emotion to spark you to focus on a positive emotion. 

It is normal to have a wide range of emotions in your day to day life experiences.  That is the essence of Life, but you don’t have to allow the negative emotions to take over.  You can teach yourself to allow positive emotions to take over whenever you feel negative emotion.  It will require attention, mindfulness and self-control.  It will require making a conscious choice and effort to allow the negative emotion to be recognized and then snuffed out with a positive emotion. 

When you find yourself feeling a negative emotion or thinking a negative thought, immediately turn your focus to something positive.  If you can find the positive alternative on the same subject, that is optimal.  If you cannot, then think of something else that will pull your vibration up to a higher level and stay focused there.  Practice and soon it will become second nature.  You will find the time switching between a negative and a positive emotion will become almost non-existent.  Amen.


How can you stay hopeful while you are waiting for something to come? 

Keep your thoughts positive. Your positive thoughts will allow you to remain in a high vibration and stay hopeful.  Be patient.  Remember that everything happens in Divine Timing.  Prepare for the arrival. 

Stay calm.  Like impatience, when you are not calm it creates anxiety which will cause your thoughts to spiral into a downward cycle.  Don’t allow your mind to think any negative or resistance thoughts on the subject.  When you catch yourself doubting the arrival, reassure yourself that nothing happens overnight.  The journey is long in most cases. 

Don’t despair.  Desperation causes anxiety which allows lower vibrations to take over.  Don’t get discouraged.  Hold on to the vision of your desire already being here.  Use that vision to raise your vibration whenever you are feeling discouraged.  Expect.  Anticipate.  Hope.  Dream.  Believe.  Amen.

You are a Butterfly

Look at yourself as you would a butterfly.  Your whole life is a great metamorphosis in the same vein as a butterfly.  Your younger child years you were growing and evolving physically every minute, day, and year that passed.  You could see the visible changes as you shifted from a baby to a toddler to an adolescent to a tween to a teenager and then to an adult.  The changes were great and monumental when you consider it happened in the span of about 20 years. 

Your growth and your evolution – your transformation – doesn’t end there.  The physical clues may subside, but the psychological and spiritual clues reside within you.  These are the areas that you need to grow, cultivate and transform for the rest of your physical life.  If you make a conscious effort to consciously evolve rather than naturally evolve, you will benefit far greater, because you will be in charge of your transformation. 

Your metamorphosis comes whether you want it to or not.  Navigating and being the pilot of the journey provides you the opportunity to make conscious changes that affect your life and the lives of others.  Be mindful.  Be open and honest with the areas that need growth.  Be willing to focus and put in the work to guide the transformation.  Be hopeful.  Be determined.  Make goals.  Do not be in denial. Continue consciously evolving for all the years of your life.  Take it one day at a time and remember that you can always be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.  Believe.  Amen.