The Universe Has Your Back

The Universe always has your back.  When you feel like things are working against you, that is only your perspective.  Hard work and determination achieve results.  Do not offer resistance.  Go with the flow of change and growth, for it is inevitable.  Your reaction towards it is not.  You can choose to view these moments in a positive way or a negative way.  Remember that a full room cannot accept more things if there is no available room.  Release all that no longer serves you.  Release all that you cling to out of fear, worry or lack of self-worth.  Release all the outdated thoughts that hold you back. Release the moments of the past that brought you pain, but hang on to the lessons learned.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Breathe.  Remember.  Reminisce, but do not regret.  Life is a journey.  Growth is the path.  Trust the journey.

Love Without Conditions

Acceptance.  You must accept yourself and others for who they are.  Each person has a unique gift to give the world – a world that is so diverse and rich in talent.  Like a puzzle, each person is a piece that is needed to complete the puzzle and make it whole.  Unconditional love allows for the acceptance of others just as they are.  A handicapped or disabled person can teach the world much, much more than others that are deemed “normal” by society.  They look at the world through simplistic eyes and they are the most grounded and in tune with Spirit, because they don’t allow ego – can’t allow ego – to interfere and judge.  The next time you have the opportunity to be around a person with a disability such as Down’s Syndrome or Autism, watch how they view life.  It is with innocence and non-judgement.  It is with acceptance for all.  It is with unconditional love, because of their strong connection with Divine Spirit.  They love without abandon, without fear of rejection, without shame or guilt.  Their emotions are high and passionate – there is no filter.  Pay attention and listen to these great teachers for it is through them that you will learn of love without conditions.  Accept and Believe.  Faith.  Hope.  Live.  Love.  Amen.

Intuitively Speaking

Your intuition speaks to you all the time.  Sometimes you can hear it, sometimes you can’t.  Sometimes you like what it says, sometimes you don’t.  Do not deny the messages it brings.  Your intuition is your navigational system programmed to lead you where you are supposed to go.  It will never steer you wrong.  If you deny it,  your journey will detour and could cause you undue delay and hardship.  Breathe.  Meditate.  Listen to the little voice inside of you that is connected to Divine Spirit.  Fifteen minutes of meditation each morning will amplify the connection between you and your higher self.  It will create feelings of connection, peace and serenity.  It will allow you to go out into your day more confidently to handle the stressors that will pop up.  You will notice that you will handle them easier.


When you are feeling indecisive, that is the time it is most important to go within and speak with your higher self.  Your higher self is always connected to Divine Spirit.  You will get answers and guidance from this Source.  Have faith that the messages you receive are from Divine Spirit and not ego driven.  Sometimes the hardest decisions – most times the hardest decisions – are the ones that bring the greatest growth.  Do not let fear keep you from making an important decision in your life.  Faith and belief will take you a long way in conquering fear.  Fear is nothing more than the ego trying to control the situation.  It is the little voice inside your head that says: “I’m not good enough.  I will fail.  I can’t do this.  They will laugh at me.  They won’t take me seriously.”  Follow your intuition.  Your intuition is your navigational system and will ALWAYS steer you in the direction your life is supposed to journey to next.  Don’t push away intuitive thoughts that you don’t like.  That is the time when you need to listen the hardest.  Your intuition is your soulmate.  Join your soul in navigating your life.   Peace – Love – Light, Blessed Being.

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the right time to come?  Are you waiting to be ready?  Are you waiting to know more?  Time is ticking by and it stops for no one.  Every day that passes is another lost opportunity to move forward – to go for what you want – to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.  Sometimes it’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other or pen to paper.  Sometimes you have to give the ball a gentle nudge to get it rolling down the hill.  You will soon notice how quickly momentum is built by just one simple action – ACT.  Often times fear will cause inaction – fear of rejection, fear of inadequacy, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or fear of success – yes fear of success.  Set aside the fear and step out into the light.  The time to get started is now.  NOW is all we really have anyways.  NOW is your reality.  The past is an elusive memory and the future is a bright possibility.  All that we are is here and now.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  We carry the lessons of yesterday in our back pocket ready for use in the NOW.  So act on your dreams….pursue your goals…NOW is the time.  The time is NOW.

Yin and Yang



Two Sides.

Each one thinks they are right and the other is wrong.  No matter what you think of this, it is a balancing act.  It is creating balance out of a highly emotionally charged situation.  It is a yin/yang effect.  In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent ideas that encompass the meaning of all reality and its ceaseless state of change.   Change is inevitable and constant.  Yin and Yang offer hope that difficulties will evolve into better conditions.  Yin and Yang also remind us that the best of times change, so preparation will help navigate life’s constantly changing landscape.  Breathe and flow through challenging times.  Strive not to offer any resistance.  Be like a river and flow over the rocks, not against them.  Yin and Yang reminds us that there is a balance between two opposites which create a whole.  Day and Night.  Sun and Moon.  Light and Dark.  Differences actually compliment each other.  We are all unique and made in the image of Divine Spirit and the intense love flows through our veins.  Reach for this love in times of despair.  Reach for this love in times of disagreement.  Reach for this love when emotions run high.  Don’t push it away.  There will always be two sides.  Each person has a perspective that is unique.  Respect for your fellow man and his perspective is called for.  Understand.  Be one.  Pray.  Meditate.  Love like Divine Spirit.  Forgive.  Offer Compassion.  Forge forward together as one.  Do not divide.

The Strength Within

Strength comes from within.  It hides deep inside of every soul.  You must go within to pull it out – draw it out.  In times of crisis and distress, the quiet undercurrent of strength resides in your higher self which is always connected to Divine Spirit.  Remember to breathe and to meditate to reach this place.  There is nothing too great that you cannot overcome as a nation or as a person.  There is strength in numbers.  Band together.  Love each other.  When you are facing a personal battle, you will find your armor waiting for you within your soul.  There is nothing you cannot do, be or have…or over overcome.  The human spirit is very strong and very resilient.  Perspective is key in joining the strength you will find within.  The way you look at your life is the way your life will be.  Choose an optimistic view and in times of grief or turmoil, go within and ask Divine Spirit to reconnect you with your power and your strength.  Don’t every give up.  The longest journey starts with the first step.  Peace. Love. Happiness.