Opportunities not obstacles

Life is not meant to be easy. Physical life is meant to offer experiences that help one grow and evolve. Don’t view any setbacks or any negative experiences as obstacles. These moments are opportunities for growth and evolution. Embrace them rather than fight them. Flow through them instead of flowing against them. The more often that you drop the oars and let the river of life take you, the more often the outcome will be reached sooner and you will be through the challenging times. Breathe. Focus on your breath. Allow your spiritual self – higher self – to come to the forefront and navigate you through the turbulent seas of intense life experiences. Lean on the Love and Light that expands to your higher self and radiates to your physical self. Allow your Ego to fall to the wayside. You don’t need it for protection or judgment. You need your higher self to navigate you. Allow your Co-captain to stand next to you during your times of trials so that you may be led to jubilation. Amen.

Direct Connection to Spirit

I AM THE WAY – THE LIGHT – THE SAVIOR – THE LOVE – THE PEACE that you are always seeking.  Go within to the continuous connector to fully feel this love and light.  Go within to your higher self.  It is always connected to the Divine Spirit and the love and the light which flows strongly through this eternal connection.  Your higher self is the piece that was left behind in the spiritual realm and it is always directly connected.  This connection can be tapped into at any time that you want it or need it.  It is pure love and light that extends from the spiritual realm and Divine Spirit.  You are a spiritual being in a physical body.  Your spiritual side is led by your higher self/intuition.  Your physical body is led by your Ego.  You have the option to lead your physical body with your spiritual self.  All you have to do is let your higher self come forward in your daily life.  Tap into your higher self through daily meditation.  Quiet your mind and allow the connection to come forward.  In daily experience, tap into your higher self by thinking of how your higher self would react or move through the experience rather than the knee jerk reaction of Ego.  It takes practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, but it is not impossible and will eventually become the default program.  Amen.

Peace and Love are the answer

Peace is the way. Peace and Love are the ingredients of a happy life.  Look at life like a river.  The river is filled with many curves and you never know what is around the river bend.  There are rapids smooth parts of the river and there are rapids.  You must learn to navigate the rapids with peace and ease.  Do not offer up any resistance.  Let the river flow.  When you get angry or impatient, that offers resistance and causes a backflow much like the water in the river when it is blocked by a rock.  The backflow slows down the flow and creates a resistance.  This resistance is stress.  It needs to be released in order for the river to flow with ease.  Peace and Love are the solutions to the resistance.  Find the peace within yourself buy focusing on your breath and reaching deep down inside of yourself for your higher self.  Once you contact your higher self, you are in direct contact with Divine Source and you will feel the overwhelming Love, Light and Peace flowing to you.  This will cause the stress and resistance to dissipate.   Peace will overcome you and you will feel calm and loved.  Peace and Love is the answer to all.  Amen

Let the sun shine

Let the sun shine upon your relationships.  Like the sun is to a flower, you are to your relationships in life.  Cultivation and love must be shown to each relationship in order for it to thrive and grow.  You can’t assume a relationship will grow and deepen just because it is there.  It needs to be cultivated and tended to like a flower garden.  You need to show it time and give it energy to grow and move on.  It is when you ignore a relationship that it withers and dies.  View your relationships like you would view a flower garden.  Plant the seed.  Cultivate and tend to the garden.  Water it with your attention and presence, especially when the times are tough.  Fertilize it with your daily love.  Watch it grow.  It really is that simple.  Take note in your life and see the relationships that need cultivating.  Reach out today and make the connection and start watering them with your love and attention.  Peace.  Amen.


You can do have or be whatever you want in the physical world.  You just have to believe this.  It really is this simple.  The Ego gets in the way too often and talks you down off the ledge before you have the chance to take a leap.  The Ego is good about grounding you and letting you know your possible failures at any given time.  Your Ego is your false protector.  It is there to falsely pump you up and it is there to bring you down.  Your higher self is your savior and your greatest ally.  There is a direct connection with Divine Spirit that you have through your higher self and it is constantly receiving pure Love and Light.  This pure Love and Light does not think anything negative of you.  This pure Love and Light knows that you are as pure as Divine Spirit and can create just like Divine Spirit creates.  Push your Ego aside and don’t listen to the negative thoughts it sends you.  These are physical based.  Instead, tap into your higher self and listen for the messages that uplift you, give you hope, give you guidance and shower you with pure Love and Light. Amen.


Expansion is not necessarily an automatic feature in humans.  Expansion is linked to spiritual ties – your higher-self connected to Divine Spirit – that is somewhat automatic, but must be cultivated to successfully expand.  In simpler terms, you must be willing to put in the work to improve to evolve consciously to expand in order to reap the benefits of expansion.  Growth is inevitable.  Every being in the physical form grows from birth to adolescence to adulthood and then on to return to the spiritual world through transformation or, in other words, death.  This growth is automatic.  It is inevitable.  It happens every second of every day.  You can consciously evolve during this growth and expand your spirituality in each passing moment if you focus and you make the effort to improve and expand.  The expansion is on a spiritual level, but it occurs on a physical plane.  Opening up and allowing your higher-self/intuition to take the lead in your life is the best way to expand.  Begin to pull back the layers of Ego to expose your spiritual self and think and act more appropriately like Divine Spirit.  Unconditional pure Love and Light emits from Divine Spirit and it can be tapped into through the everlasting connection that is made through your higher-self.  Meditation is the fastest way to get there.  Revel in the glow of Divine Love. Carry it over into the physical world through your words, guidance and actions. Amen.

Light the way

Be the lighthouse for others.  Light the way for them to travel through dark waters to reach the shore safely.  There are many times in life that test a person’s faith and determination.  These times are stressful, but they are also growing and teaching moments designed to gently nudge a person to grow and learn from a challenging experience that they can carry on throughout their life.  Dark moments in life remind a person that they are stronger than they believe.  They are resilient.  It gives contrast and makes appreciation easier.  Life lessons are more poignant when they are caused by moments that shake things up.  Be an uplifter.  You can be a lighthouse to others when they are facing dark moments.  You can offer encouragement, hope, guidance and confidence as they blindly sail the turbulent sea of challenge.  Nothing is too great to overcome.  NOTHING.  You must get this point across.  Shine the light upon the sea so that the passageway can be illuminated.  Together you can sail the seas until the storm has passed.  Amen.

Follow your dreams

Your dreams are not a fantasy.  Your dreams are a reality that can come true if you don’t let them float away.  Dream big.  Dream daily.  Dream of how you want your life to be.  Dreams of your lover.  Dream of your children.  Dream of your parents.  Dream of travel. Dream of bettering your life.  Dream of bettering the lives of others.  Dream often.  Don’t look at your dreams as “what-ifs”.  Look at your dreams as reality – potential reality of the near future.  Look at your dreams as stepping stones to get you to where you want to be.  Dreams will keep you alive when you feel hopeless.  Dreams will keep you excited when you feel discouraged.  Dreams will lift you up when you fall down.  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Anything you can do, have or want will be yours if you follow your dreams.  Focus on what you want and DREAM. Amen


What you hold onto inside of yourself permeates to the outside.  Focus on your emotions.  Focus on your vibration.  Are you vibrating on a high level (happiness, peace, exuberance, excitement, appreciation, vitality, enthusiasm)?  Or are you vibrating on a lower vibration (anger, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness)?  You will attract the people and the situations that match your vibration.  Be careful and be conscious and choose to reach for the vibration that will bring you the desired outcome in the physical world.  All you have to do is connect with your higher self that always vibrates at a high vibration – knows no other way – because your higher self is constantly connected to Divine Spirit – pure Love and Light – and the spiritual realm, which is only pure Love and Light and extremely high vibration.  There is no Ego to get in the way in the spiritual realm.  The human physical characteristic of Ego is what lowers the vibration and allows these lower vibrations to be created.  Meditation on a daily basis will help to train you to reach your higher self on a consistent basis and will

allow you to create an automatic and direct connection at all times and especially when needed.  Pay attention to your vibration.  Pull yourself up onto the ledge when you feel yourself hanging there in a lower vibrational field.  Watch the results of your actions when you stand triumphantly in a higher vibration.  Amen.

The Lesson of Nature

Listen to nature.  Watch nature.  Study the easy rhythm of nature.  There is a gentle flow – a smooth current – that runs through the center of nature.  Everything works together beautifully.  The birds fly effortlessly in the sky – gliding along with the clouds.  The animals scurry about living their lives by preparing with food gathering and shelter creations.  They take care of their young.  They forage, hunt, prepare shelter, feed and nurture their young.  There is no ego in the nature world.  They are driven by instinct.  Survival of the fittest is just that without any ego.  There is a chain – biggest to smallest – and on this chain the fittest survives.  This chain forms a circle – circle of life.  Nature is effortless.  It is simplistic.  It is run by instinct (intuition) and automatic programming.  A flower automatically knows its course of life.  Seed pushes through the ground, stem grows above ground, flower bud forms, flower gently opens up and blooms, flower withers and dies returning once again to earth.  There is no instruction manual given to a flower.  It automatically knows what do in its brief experience of life.  The same goes for humans, except you are given the power of uncontrolled thought.  Be a conscious evolver.  Be someone who lives life naturally, but makes choices in life to uplift others, improve yourself daily, love unconditionally and evolve in a conscious, not unconscious way.  Make a difference in the world.  Leave it a better place than you found it.  Amen.