Humility and Grace

Message for the week of June 19, 2017.  Grace. Grace and Humility. It is important to stay humble. Humble in your day to day dealings with life. Graceful like a ballet dancer. Fluid and agile. Have faith that your life is working out for you. Don’t second guess what happens in your life. Everything happens for a reason and if you look back, you will see the web that was woven together with the experiences in your life. Your reaction to the experiences are just as important as the experience. Try to come from a place of humility and grace no matter what the situation is. Ease and Flow. Ebb and Tide. Wax and Wane. Yin and Yang. New moon/Full moon. Opposites attract. Polar opposites attract like a magnet. If you want positive in your life, think and act positive. If not, negativity will ensue. Keep your thoughts positive. Have faith in Divine Spirit and the Angels. Call on the Angels when you need them. They cannot intervene until called upon. Have faith. Amen. Manifestation. Meditation. Clarity. Grounding. Amen.



The Divine Guidance I received for this week –

We need to bring peace to the world and it will start with the children.  Positive direction, enlightenment and peace techniques will help to ensure a positive and more peaceful future in the world.  Children are our future.   We must treat them with respect and love and nurture them.  They are the pioneers of the future who will go forth and continue to build and change this world.  We need to – MUST give them the tools needed to construct this world in a peaceful and enlightened way.  Wars are for the weak and weak minded.  Love is strength and courage.  With love, all things are possible.  Grow your children in a peaceful way teaching them how to come to peace in stressful situations.   Practicing meditation and yoga helps to center and ground and it unifies soul, body and mind.  Children need direction and room to explore and grow.  Don’t stifle their growth or hold them back out of fear or feeling they are too young.  They are learning and growing every day and will be guided by the person or persons who are in their lives impacting them.  Choose these people carefully.  Make sure that your ghosts of the past –  the ones that scare you, that taunt you, that belittle you, that ridicule you – those ghostly voices in your head that may say “you aren’t good enough, why try, you will never make it” – make sure those ghosts are put to rest – cast aside.  The past is behind you and the future is ahead.  Look forward onto the horizon not behind you.  Bring in positivity.  Study spiritual teachers of any and all religions or sources and find the common thread of peace and passion.  Together we can make this world peaceful.  Together.  It must start with the children of our world.






This is the time of rebirth.  In the Christian religion, Jesus rose from the dead and his resurrection was the holiest sign of the religion.  Use this example to resurrect your life.  You can make changes to your life that will give you a rebirth of sorts.  Take some time today to focus on areas of your life that need improving.  Maybe you need to start eating healthier.  Maybe you need to exercise or exercise more.  May you need to quit a negative habit – smoking, drinking, etc.  Maybe you need to learn how to control your anger better.  Maybe you need to develop more patience.  Maybe you need to be more spiritually minded.  Maybe you need to meditate more or start meditating.  Maybe you need to get on your knees and pray.  Maybe you need to be grateful – every day – every morning upon waking.  Take this moment, this day, to resurrect yourself.  We all have the chance for a new beginning.  We all have the chance for improvement in our life.  You have to decide if you want it or need it and then act upon it.  Have faith, tenacity and patience.  Love one another.




Trust.  Trust in yourself.  Trust in others.  Trust that Divine Spirit is always keeping your best interest at heart.  What is best for you in terms of growth and evolution?  Don’t look at negative or unpleasant events as obstacles or challenges.  Look at them as opportunities for growth, evolution and transformation.  You have the ability to transform your life into whatever you want it to be.  The truth and the power lies deep within you.  You must access it.  Meditation and prayer will help you to unlock the truth and use the power to transform your life.  Want to lose weight?  The answer lies within you.  Ask and receive.  Want to change careers?  The guidance you need is waiting to be unlocked.  All you have to do is go within and ask the questions you need for clarity and guidance.  Trust your instincts and trust the messages you receive.  Your higher self is your compass and will never steer you wrong.


Release all that no longer serves you

The Full Moon is the time to release all that no longer serves you.  This is a time when you can detoxify your body and release toxins that have built up through the consumption of impurities in food, alcohol, nicotine, etc.  Take this time to ask the Universe and Divine Spirit to release all the things from you that are not for your highest good.  Decide what you want to improve in your life.  Maybe you need to release impatience or anger.  Ask that this release be replaced with the opposite of it.  You may find that this is not an easy process.  We tend to cling to things that aren’t good for us – people, bad habits, etc. – because it’s easier than to let it go.  But, you will find, if you let the things go that no longer serve you, you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.  Try to live a pure life with a pure heart.  Regard your body as a temple and worship it will things that are good for it – good thoughts, clean food and broken habits.

Light the path to your future

Carry the light of love within your heart.  Approach all of your situations with love and light.  Look at them as Divine Spirit would look at them – with unconditional love.  Realize that experiences happen to us to promote or nudge growth.  It is always for our higher good, even if, during the experience, it doesn’t look like it.  Coming from a place of love will help to give the experience a more positive influence on your life.  There are lessons hidden within each experience and you must find the lesson and learn from it. 

Holding on to grudges, anger or hurt only harms you.  It does nothing to the object of your anger/hurt.  All it does is harbor inside of you and slowly grow like a cancer affecting other areas and relationships of your life.  Meditate and ask the cords to be cut.  Release any anger you have been harboring.  Forgive those that have caused you pain.  It is in the past and you are in the present.  Do not live in the past.  Be mindful of the present and prepare for the future.  The future is bright. 

Cord cutting meditation:

Finding your higher self

Meditation and prayer are avenues that can lead you to your higher self and Divine Spirit.  Adopting these daily practices will help you to live a more peaceful, grounded, mindful, grateful and enlightened life.  Tapping in to your higher self, allows you to ask for guidance and to ask the questions you want answers to.  All you have to do is ask and listen.

Guided meditations are a simple way to adopt a meditation routine.  Most often, you can find guided meditations that highlight the areas of your life that you are looking for relief or help with.  It doesn’t matter how long the meditation is.  It’s personal preference and what works for you.

Wake up every morning and give thanks.  Take a moment to appreciate your life, your surroundings and your blessings.  No matter how bleak your life may be at times, there is ALWAYS a shining light to give thanks for.  It is in the darkest times when we need to see the light the most.  Find the light and give thanks.

Time to pray more.  Time to meditate more.  Time to re-connect with Divine Spirit and your higher self.   You will reap the benefits.