Love yourself the way you want others to

by Laura Uzun

Like it or not, it’s a selfish world out there.  Ultimately, everyone is out for their best interest.  It’s human nature.   Loving yourself like you want others to is the key to obtaining the love you want from others.

Start with gratitude.  Every morning, after you wake up, give thanks for your life.  Look in the mirror and repeat some affirmations to yourself such as:  I am worthy.  I am beautiful.  I am loving.  I am loveable.  I am blessed.

Add a daily meditation routine to your schedule.  You could do this any time you find convenient for you.  Morning and before bed are great times.  Meditation will ground you and bring you peace.  Follow a guided meditation to assist you if you are a beginner or find it difficult to quiet the chatter in your head.  Visit my Youtube page to listen to a guided meditation:

Focus on self-improvement.  Face any fears or past experiences that continue to haunt you.  You can do this through meditation or professional therapy and/or hypnotherapy.  Once you are able to face what anchors you to the past, you will be able to move more freely into the future.

Learn to love yourself as much as you love others.  We are our own hardest critic.  Who is harder on you than you?  Time to give yourself a break and remember you are human.  Mistakes made are lessons learned when you decide to allow them to teach you and prevent you from repeating them in the future.  Remember that nobody is perfect and that includes you!



2017 Will be your BEST year yet

As 2016 comes to a close, all I keep reading from various people is how awful and selfish 2016 has been with all the celebrities and other people having been taken from this world over the year.  It made me think that at the close of every year, it seems that people generally tend to focus on the negative side of the year and can’t wait for a better incoming year.  Well, this present moment is all we have and this is our reality.  The past is over and the future is beyond.  The present is here and now.  Choose to stay positive and optimistic in this present moment.  Don’t allow fear and worry to control your mind about the future of the unknown.  Don’t allow regret to fill your mind about the mistakes of the past.   Choose to make 2017 your best year yet.  Focus on self-improvement.  Love more.  Listen more.  Be patient.  Be kind.  Be compassionate.  Be empathetic.  Don’t judge.  Don’t be jealous.  Spend more time with loved ones.  Choose experiences over materialistic things.  Choose peace over conflict.  Reflect inward.  Spend more time praying and meditating.  Be grateful.  Be humble.  Be generous. Be optimistic. Be who you want to be.  In numerology, 2017 is a “1” year.  The number “1” stands for new beginnings.   Take some time on January 1 to “map out” your year.  Decide what your new beginnings are going to be and then follow your map.  Your destiny is in your hands and 2017 is going to be your best year yet!

written by Laura Hendrix Uzun