Begin each day with a conversation with your Higher self.  Go within through Meditation and/or Prayer and connect with your Higher Self. 

Have a conversation and ask questions.  Ask for guidance or clarity about a situation that you may be worried or unsure about.  Ask your Higher Self to be a conduit and to pass along messages from Divine Spirit and ask your Higher Self to co-navigate your life with you, guiding you throughout your day to the next experience you are to have. 

Your Higher Self is your navigational system and it automatically, by default, speaks to you as your Intuition.  Any time you get a “gut feeling” of any sort, this is your Intuition automatically speaking to you.  This is your Higher Self attempting to navigate your life.  Whether you follow it or not is up to you.  The little voice inside your head is often Ego driven. 

Your Higher Self can be contacted and you can ask questions and ask for guidance.  When you do this, you are consciously connecting with your Intuition rather than it happening automatically.  The information that you receive is Divinely sent through your Higher Self.  The voice from your Higher Self is never negative.  It is always pure Love and Peace.  Trust it.  Rely on it.  Amen.


Physical life is a work in progress.  It is never finished; it only transforms back into spiritual form.  The connection between physical and spiritual life is made through your Higher Self, your soul to speak, and it is a never-ending union.  You carry part of your spiritual form inside of your physical body. 

This spiritual form is directly connected to Divine Spirit, the strongest spiritual force in eternity.  You are here on this physical plane to experience the physical world – to grow, learn, suffer, improve, lead, guide, teach, nurture and love.  You are here to improve on a daily basis.  You are a work in progress and you will never find completion. 

There is always another day that will come that will be another opportunity for growth and evolution.  If you choose to consciously evolve, you will live life awake with awareness and mindfulness.  You will live in the NOW.  You will realize that the past is the past and the future is unwritten.  You will realize that your reality is NOW and this is where your power lies – in the present moment.  Look at your life as a blank canvas.  You can color it any way that you want.  You have the power to create a beautiful masterpiece.  Amen.

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Art of Positive Thinking is very powerful and it is the ultimate way to live your life.  You can train yourself to see the best in all situations, but you will need to practice on a continual basis until it becomes an automatic way of thinking. 

Many times, often times, a human will learn a negative way of thinking beginning in the early stages of life.  These negative thought patterns are ingrained in the brain by repeated experiences and words from others that continuously drum into the brain until the thoughts become beliefs.  Once they become beliefs, they become an integral part of the psyche and it affects every aspect of life.  Thus, it is harder to create a positive mindset, because you will have to break an old thought pattern and create a new one.  It is not impossible.  It will take time.  It is 100% possible, but you will have to catch yourself many, many times thinking a negative thought, and then you will have to turn it into a positive thought. 

The process for improvement goes like this:  Number One:  Be aware of your thoughts and your feelings at all times.  When you notice that your thought or feeling is negative – when that little voice inside of you that is called Ego starts to talk negatively to you – you need to recognize this.  Number Two:  Pause.  Stop what you are doing and pause.  Number Three:  Place your focus to your breath for a few moments.  This will ground you and raise your focus level to a new height.  Number Four:  You will then place your focus on something positive and happy to think about.  It would help in the beginning to have a pre-written list of things, moments and experiences, or people that make you happy and refer to this list when you feel the negative thought creeping in.  Keep your focus on this list until you notice a great shift into a positive thought that creates a positive, happy and peaceful feeling inside of you.  Number Five:  Repeat this as often and as necessary throughout your day.  This process can also be practiced in times of anger, stress and frustration.  Follow the same protocol. 

All it takes is patience, time and practice to achieve a positive thought process.  It is not impossible.  You will notice a great light shining upon your life when you turn your thoughts and your actions to positive ones.  Amen.

Raise your vibration with positive thoughts

The only thing that worry is good for is to make you feel bad.  Worry lowers your vibration to such emotions as fear, anxiety, discomfort, and hopelessness and makes you feel like you are a failure.  Worry is driven by Ego. 

When you are in situations that are causing you worry and fear, it is best to acknowledge the feelings and then try to turn your attention, your focus, to a higher vibrating emotion such as hope, peace, positivity, and happiness.  You can do this by placing your focus on something that puts you in that higher vibrating place. 

Think of visions and memories that can put you in a higher vibrating position immediately.  Have this vision or memory on hand.  Write it down and carry it with you.  Then, when the negative emotion strikes, pull out the piece of paper and read the words of encouragement that you have written on the paper.  Read the memory that will trigger you into a higher vibrating position. 

Envision the memory in your mind and focus on it until you feel your vibration begin to rise.  Do this as often as you must to keep from dwelling in the lower vibration of worry and fear. 

With time, everything passes.  With time, everything works out.  Sometimes at the moment it doesn’t seem like it has worked out in the way you want it to, but if you wait and then look back, you will see that it worked out exactly as it needed to for you to grow and learn.  Amen.


Sympathy and understanding come in many forms.  They come in the form of time spent with someone.  They come in the form of advice.  They come in the form of a shoulder to cry on.  They come in the form of putting yourself in another person’s shoes.  It is important to show compassion for everyone that you encounter in life. 

Every person is enduring their own journey with their own perspective and no two journeys or perspectives are the same.  Everyone has a different perspective that is created from their own life experiences.  This perspective is built upon and created through continuous life experiences that make a person believe something is a certain way.  Another person’s life experiences will lead them to a different perspective on the same subject. 

Show sympathy and understanding to each person and their perspective.  There is no right perspective.  Each perspective is indicative of personal life experiences.  The more often that you are able to understand and accept another person’s actions and thoughts and feelings, the more harmonious your life will be. 

In circumstances where you do not morally or ethically agree with someone’s actions or thoughts, then it is your option to wish them well and move on.  Always come from a place of Love.  Amen.


Opportunities present themselves every day to you.  You have to learn to recognize the opportunities and seize them.  They may not always lead you directly where you are headed, but they will lead you to where you need to go for the next part of your journey.  Keep your eyes and your ears open. 

When you receive information, directly or indirectly, that resonates with you or causes a light bulb to go off, seize it.  You may not see immediate results, but rest assured that you will gain something from seizing the opportunity.  This could be more information to lead you to the next opportunity.  This could be information that will help you to grow and understand and learn.  This could be meeting someone who introduces you to someone else who is the opportunity. 

Don’t question it.  Follow your Intuition and allow your Higher Self to lead you from one opportunity to the next.  Don’t fear.  Believe that you are being led by your Higher Self to the destination that is intended for you.  Don’t allow your Ego to sidetrack you.  This will only slow down the journey.   

Go boldly.  Head high.  Eyes forward.  Ears open.  Arms outspread.  Follow your Intuition and allow it to take you to your dreams.  Amen.


Being aware of the direction you are heading in will offer you much peace and understanding.  When you float through life like a bird on the wind, you need to make sure that you are honing in on what it is that you want in life and not just floating along as opportunities go by. 

Every day, wake up and make a list of what you want to accomplish in that day.  If there is a goal that you want to accomplish that will take a long time to bring to fruition, then every day, take the time to strategize and to write down the steps you will take that day to make you one step closer to your goal coming to life.  It isn’t hard.  It just takes patience, persistence, and tenacity. 

You must have a game plan.  You must know what you want and carry the belief that it will come true.  Don’t allow negative self-chatter of Ego to talk you out of anything.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that it will never come to life.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that you are not worthy. 

Reach deep inside to your Higher Self to receive the words of encouragement you need to keep going when you feel like giving up.  Listen to the words of your Intuition to tell you which direction to head in.  Listen to the loving words of Divine Spirit that are being transmitted to your Higher Self to build you up and give you substance.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Believe.  Amen.