Clinging to things and people that you have outgrown keeps powerful energy tied up.  Release all that no longer serves you in your life.  Release the people, items, and memories that you cling to for comfort or familiarity. They only serve to deplete valuable energy.  Once you release you will open up energy and it will flow and you will feel renewed.  Memories serve as reminders of moments long gone.  These moments are in the past and they are not reality at this point.  Unwanted memories that are unpleasant in nature rob you of precious energy that could be used to create new memories.  Your reality is in your NOW.  It is as simple as that.  The life you are living at this very moment is your reality.  Purge all the things from your life that don’t serve you so that you can open up the pathway for renewed energy to flow and you can create new beginnings in your life.

Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels?  Spirit Guides?  Every human being walking the Earth has Angels and Spirit Guides walking beside them.  Your Angels and Spirit Guides have been designated to assist you throughout your physical life experience.  These beings have not and will not ever be in human form.  They are forever spiritual like Divine Spirit.  They are the silent and invisible forces that create miracles.  They teach and prompt growth when you need it.  They comfort and support when asked.  These silent spiritual entities are there and waiting to intervene but they cannot intervene until they are directly asked by you.  Talk to your Angels and Spirit Guides on a daily basis.  If you need help then ask for assistance.  Ask for protection.  Ask for guidance.  You will receive messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides when you connect with your higher self through meditation and quiet your mind.  You can trust that the messages you receive are Divinely sent from your Angels and your Spirit Guides.  Hone in and reach your Angels and Spirit guides and ask them to be an active part of your daily life and watch as the miracles appear.  Amen.

Together you win

Help others and let others help you.  You are brothers and sisters, all of you on the journey of life together.  Hold hands as you travel down the river of life.  Cling tightly to each other as you ride the turbulent rapids.  There are many experiences in life and knowing that you are not alone in the experiences is of great comfort.  People need each other.  Seclusion is only beneficial for so long.  It is important to be alone to meditate, pray, contemplate, prepare and grow.  But togetherness is so important for growth, union, love, upliftment and hope.  Help each other up; don’t push each other down.  Lift up one another with kind words, gentle smiles and loving gestures.  Each individual is on their own journey in life, but together you can overcome anything you come up against along the way.  Live. Laugh. Love. Togetherness. Amen.

Resistance slows everything down

Resistance is like rocks in a flowing river.  Resistance backs up energy and keeps it from flowing smoothly.  Resistance slows everything down.  Resistance backs up the energy and it grows and it grows but it has no where to go so all it does is build tension and stress until finally it breaks free.  Allow the resistance on any subject to dissipate.  Release it and let it go and then the energy will flow and you will start to see the difference and improvement in the subject.  This is Universal Law and this is physical law.  Physics so to speak.  This is an easy thing to prove because you can see it with your physical eyes.  Study it and then you will be able to adapt the idea to your life and the experiences you have.  See how it affects others.  Remove the resistance from your life and you will see how the energy flows.  Things will begin to flow easier to you.  There will be a smoother natural rhythm to your life.  Everything will fall into place.  You will need to catch yourself when you offer up resistance and then consciously remove the resistance and open up the pathway for the energy to flow.  This will take practice on a daily basis but with practice it will soon become automatic like the resistance became automatic over your years of experience in life.  Amen.

Communication is Key

Good communication habits are key to any relationship.  It does not matter what type of relationship you are thinking of.  Communication needs to flow and grow with each relationship.  When you hold back and don’t express yourself out of fear of rejection, distrust, isolation or insecurity, then you are not allowing the relationship to grow in a healthy way.  Be open with your thoughts and choose your words carefully and thoughtfully.  Come from a place of compassion and sensitivity, especially when discussing something that is aimed at the other person.  No judgments.  Each person is on their own journey through life and each person has their own experiences that are unique unto them, because of their perspective.  No two people perceive an experience the same, even if they each shared the same experience.  Perspective is what causes the person to digest the experience and look at it their way based on previous experiences that make up their psyche.  Be kind.  Love unconditionally.  Offer forgiveness.  Stay calm.  Respect others.  Don’t judge.  Appreciate life.  Love one another.  Stay kind.  Breathe.  Amen.

Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason.  That old adage is so true.  You can find meaning in every experience in your life.  Your perspective is key in navigating the experience.  Coming from a place of victimhood will only serve you in a negative way.  It will keep you swimming in a lower vibration and make the experience more uncomfortable, while in turn, it will add to your suffering.  Lift yourself up.  If there is ever a time that you should connect to your Higher Spirit it is in times of turmoil and desperation.  What do you have to lose?  You have everything to gain.  Change your perspective to a higher frequency.  Focus on the positive that can come from a frightening life experience – growth – expansion – learning – navigating – creating – ACTION.  Moving forward is important in the physical world.  Do not be stuck in the past clinging to things and people that have remained there.  Set your sights squarely on the horizon of the future and live in the NOW.  This is your reality.  Your reality is NOW.  Make the most of it.  Navigate through turbulent waters by dropping the oars and allowing Divine Spirit to guide the way.  Amen.

Make your Higher Self your co-pilot

If you let your intuition guide you, you will live a far richer physical experience than if you allow Ego to be your co-pilot.  Your Ego is a manifestation of the physical world.  It was created by society and most people use it as a protective shell of their Higher Self.  The Ego causes more harm than it does good because it makes you falsely believe in things of a physical nature and place importance on them rather than recognizing the presence of pure Love and Light.  The whole physical existence is showered with the Love and Light of Divine Spirit, but when Ego is present and dominant it places a cloud in the way of the steady stream of Love and Light.  Remove the Ego and you will have a clear stream.  Your Intuition is your navigational system and can be your co-pilot if you allow it.  Reach your Higher Self on a daily basis, preferably in the morning through meditation, and allow it to be your co-pilot as you carry on your life.  You will see the difference when you choose to allow your Higher Self to be your co-pilot rather than your Ego.  Amen.