Negative self-chatter keeps you from what you want in life.  Any negative words that you say to yourself slow down the arrival of your dreams: “I am not ready.”  “I am not prepared.”  “I am not worthy.”  These words hold you back or cause you to throw away your dreams altogether.

You are stronger than you believe.  You are smarter than you believe.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  You can have anything that you want.  The only thing standing in your way is your negative self-chatter.  Do you want to give these words power over your life or do you want to take control?

You can change your negative self-chatter by developing a habit that turns your negative into a positive. The first step is to become mindful of your thoughts and what you are saying to yourself.  The habit is probably so automatic that it may take some practice to become mindful enough to notice the negative self-chatter.  You will need to catch the negative statement as quickly as possible and turn it into a positive one.  This will take practice and repetition, but soon you will get into a rhythm that will eventually become a positive habit that will replace the negative one. 

The second step is to start practicing.  The next time you say to yourself a negative statement such as: “I can’t do this”, change it to “I am learning and I am growing and I with time I will be able to do this.”  If you have some negative phrases you say to yourself on a regular basis, you can help yourself by writing them down and then writing the positive counterpart next to the negative ones.  Read the list daily, repeating the negative phrases and then positive counter phrases, at least three times, to memorize them.  This will help you to become automatic with your positive responses when the negative phrases creep up.

You CAN change a negative thought process with practice, determination and belief.  Believe in yourself! Amen.

Author: Sacred Aura

I am a Spiritual Guide, Ordained Minister and Clairaudient who heard my spiritual calling in January 2014. I do guidance readings through automatic writing and cards. I offer spiritual guidance and upliftment. My blogs are spiritually delivered and inspired. Life is a journey. If you can change the way you look at your life, your life will change. Stay calm. Stay centered. Stay in faith. Believe.

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