Sympathy and understanding come in many forms.  They come in the form of time spent with someone.  They come in the form of advice.  They come in the form of a shoulder to cry on.  They come in the form of putting yourself in another person’s shoes.  It is important to show compassion for everyone that you encounter in life. 

Every person is enduring their own journey with their own perspective and no two journeys or perspectives are the same.  Everyone has a different perspective that is created from their own life experiences.  This perspective is built upon and created through continuous life experiences that make a person believe something is a certain way.  Another person’s life experiences will lead them to a different perspective on the same subject. 

Show sympathy and understanding to each person and their perspective.  There is no right perspective.  Each perspective is indicative of personal life experiences.  The more often that you are able to understand and accept another person’s actions and thoughts and feelings, the more harmonious your life will be. 

In circumstances where you do not morally or ethically agree with someone’s actions or thoughts, then it is your option to wish them well and move on.  Always come from a place of Love.  Amen.


Opportunities present themselves every day to you.  You have to learn to recognize the opportunities and seize them.  They may not always lead you directly where you are headed, but they will lead you to where you need to go for the next part of your journey.  Keep your eyes and your ears open. 

When you receive information, directly or indirectly, that resonates with you or causes a light bulb to go off, seize it.  You may not see immediate results, but rest assured that you will gain something from seizing the opportunity.  This could be more information to lead you to the next opportunity.  This could be information that will help you to grow and understand and learn.  This could be meeting someone who introduces you to someone else who is the opportunity. 

Don’t question it.  Follow your Intuition and allow your Higher Self to lead you from one opportunity to the next.  Don’t fear.  Believe that you are being led by your Higher Self to the destination that is intended for you.  Don’t allow your Ego to sidetrack you.  This will only slow down the journey.   

Go boldly.  Head high.  Eyes forward.  Ears open.  Arms outspread.  Follow your Intuition and allow it to take you to your dreams.  Amen.


Being aware of the direction you are heading in will offer you much peace and understanding.  When you float through life like a bird on the wind, you need to make sure that you are honing in on what it is that you want in life and not just floating along as opportunities go by. 

Every day, wake up and make a list of what you want to accomplish in that day.  If there is a goal that you want to accomplish that will take a long time to bring to fruition, then every day, take the time to strategize and to write down the steps you will take that day to make you one step closer to your goal coming to life.  It isn’t hard.  It just takes patience, persistence, and tenacity. 

You must have a game plan.  You must know what you want and carry the belief that it will come true.  Don’t allow negative self-chatter of Ego to talk you out of anything.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that it will never come to life.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that you are not worthy. 

Reach deep inside to your Higher Self to receive the words of encouragement you need to keep going when you feel like giving up.  Listen to the words of your Intuition to tell you which direction to head in.  Listen to the loving words of Divine Spirit that are being transmitted to your Higher Self to build you up and give you substance.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Believe.  Amen.


Be patient.  Have grace and understanding.  Show compassion.  Be Love.  Breathe in peace and breathe out frustration.  Do not be angry. 

Go with the flow of Life.  There will be rapids which come in the form of stress in your life, but if you choose to go with the flow rather than put up resistance you will move through the experience much quicker. 

Have faith.  Believe.  Know that you are here on this physical plane for a purpose.  You are not here to just float around with no direction.  Find your purpose and go after it.  Live your dream.  Don’t give up. 

Listen.  Learn.  Grow.  Evolve.  Lead.  Direct others on their paths.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Quiet your mind.  Meditate.  Trust.  Understand.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Amen.


Do not worry so much about the things that you cannot control.  There are many things in life that you can’t control but there are also some important things that you can control. 

You can control your emotions.  You can control your reaction to situations.  It takes practice.  It does not come automatically.  It takes conscious awareness of your emotions at all times to control and direct them. 

Avoid knee jerk reactions to situations.  Rather pause.  Pause and focus on your breath for a few moments before allowing your emotions to spiral out of control.  Center and ground yourself through your breath.  You can always come back to a place of peace and control when you place your focus on your breath. 

The physical world places a lot of stressors on its beings.  These stressors are to help you navigate and help you to grow through your physical experience of Life.  It would be wise to learn as much as you can from every experience that will help you to improve and navigate to the next experience.  Control what you can and let go of the rest.  Give it up to Divine Spirit.  You will find instant peace when you do this.  Amen.

Slow down your life

Take time to be at peace.  Take time to be still – to rest.  The art of constant motion is tiring and you need to recharge yourself on a regular and daily basis many times during the day.  Focus on meditation.  Meditate when you wake up first thing in the morning.  Focus on your breath.  Study its natural rhythm of in and out.  This rhythm will be similar to a rocking sensation that you used to be soothed by as a child.  Go back to your breath in any and all moments of stress and anxiety – frustration or hurriedness.  Why must you hurry through life?  What is it you are in a hurry about?  Give yourself ample time in every scheduled situation so that you do not feel the anxiety of hurriedness.  You will feel more at peace and grounded when you follow this principle.  Slow down.  Smell the roses.  Take in the nature.  Watch children at play.  Slow down your life.  Appreciate more.  Give more.  Time is a precious commodity.  Every person in the world has a limited amount.  Use your time to your advantage and best interest.  Fill it with peaceful thoughts, positivity, hopefulness and grace.  Amen.

Look for the lighthouse to lead you

Life is easier than many of you make it out to be.  You need to learn to be at ease and go with the flow. Be patient.  Everything comes around.  Life is like a neverending circle that goes around and around and around.  View it as such and it will bring you peace and solace.  Do not put up resistance when things aren’t going your way.  These are the times when you must be the most fluid.  Allow yourself the opportunity to flow with every situation.  Do not fear.   Do not rush.  Do not lose hope.  Believe.  have faith.  Wait for the storm to end when you are in the middle of it.  Look for the lighthouse to lead you out of the fog.  Be brave.  be fearless. Be bold.  Look inward and you will find the light you seek.  Amen

Come from a place of LOVE

This year come from a place of love instead of fear.  Do all things in love.  Surround love around every situation.  This is a good time to practice. Control the lower vibrating emotions such as fear, anger and impatience.  Breathe.  Focus on your breathing during the stressful times that cause anxiety.  Keep the notion: Everything always works out for my best interest.  It does.  Everything happens to carry you onto your next phase in life – your next path on the journey.  Stay mindful.  Stay hopeful.  Focus on the blessings in your life.  Give attention to the things that bring you peace and happiness and stay in this element as often as possible.  It will help you to attract more “like experiences” to increase this higher vibration.  Have faith.  Believe.   You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Amen.