Slow down your life

Take time to be at peace.  Take time to be still – to rest.  The art of constant motion is tiring and you need to recharge yourself on a regular and daily basis many times during the day.  Focus on meditation.  Meditate when you wake up first thing in the morning.  Focus on your breath.  Study its natural rhythm of in and out.  This rhythm will be similar to a rocking sensation that you used to be soothed by as a child.  Go back to your breath in any and all moments of stress and anxiety – frustration or hurriedness.  Why must you hurry through life?  What is it you are in a hurry about?  Give yourself ample time in every scheduled situation so that you do not feel the anxiety of hurriedness.  You will feel more at peace and grounded when you follow this principle.  Slow down.  Smell the roses.  Take in the nature.  Watch children at play.  Slow down your life.  Appreciate more.  Give more.  Time is a precious commodity.  Every person in the world has a limited amount.  Use your time to your advantage and best interest.  Fill it with peaceful thoughts, positivity, hopefulness and grace.  Amen.

Author: Sacred Aura

I am a Spiritual Guide, Ordained Minister and Clairaudient who heard my spiritual calling in January 2014. I do guidance readings through automatic writing and cards. I offer spiritual guidance and upliftment. My blogs are spiritually delivered and inspired. Life is a journey. If you can change the way you look at your life, your life will change. Stay calm. Stay centered. Stay in faith. Believe.

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