Where there is a will there is a way.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  You must decide what you want and have the will to go after it.  Don’t give up.  Have faith and determination.  Have confidence and belief. 

The obstacles that you will surely encounter are there to help navigate you on the journey.  Do not put up resistance.  Let it flow.  The obstacles are to be used as stepping stones in the creation of all that you desire. 

What is it you want?  What do you truly desire?  Where do you want to go in life?  What does this vision look like?  Focus on the vision.  Focus on what you want your life to look like and all that you desire.  Keep your focus on this image and idea.  Spend at least 5 minutes a day, at the beginning of the day before you get distracted with the action of the day, to focus on this image.  Create a list that you can read to further affirm all that you desire.  Continue daily.  Amen.

Live your best life by eliminating stress

Stress is something that will keep you from who you truly are.  Stress is what will keep you from having all that you desire.  Stress is propelled by lower vibrations of frustration, impatience, feeling overwhelmed, discouragement, hurriedness, pressure, etc.  Stress affects your body and your mind in so many negative ways that it ages you much quicker than nature does.  If you can learn to control your stress through anti-stress procedures then you can greatly improve your life and gain the ability to focus on how you really want your life to be.

In moments of stress, it is important to take a moment to focus on your breath.  Focusing on your breath is one of the easiest and quickest ways to calm yourself.  It makes you have to take your attention from what is stressing you out and place it firmly on a simple and natural action that you do automatically. 

Being mindful in the moment and placing your focus on your breath, noticing the action of taking a long deep breath in and a slow long deep breath out while maintaining a rhythmic pattern, will very quickly lower blood pressure, calm the frenzy of your mind and slow the blood flow in your body.  You will achieve a calmness very quickly if you can focus on your breath until you come to the place of calmness.  It is important that you do this procedure for at least 2-3 minutes.  The longer the better. 

Once you have quieted your mind and your body, return to the physical world and place your focus again on the situation that had you stressed out.  You will be more clear minded and calm and this will allow you to move forward through the experience calmly rather than in a stressed out and frenzied manner.  Repeat focusing on your breath as many times as you need to.  It may bring added comfort, depending on the circumstances, to add a prayer or words of gratitude focusing on the blessings in your life while you are focusing on your breath.  Amen

Use the power of the full moon to get what you want

The full moon is a time when you can release all that no longer serves you to make room for new energy.  The full moon’s energy is very strong and commanding.  You can feel it in the tide of the sea, the habits of the creatures, the moonshine upon your skin.  It is magical and powerful. 

Take the opportunity to release all that no longer serves you for your highest good.  Take a long hard look within yourself and do an assessment on the areas that need improvement and release.  Release bad habits, old thought patterns, anger you have been holding on to, grudges, sadness and anguish and allow it to make room for new brighter energy such as happiness, lightness, positivity, healthy habits, etc. 

Use the power of the full moon to manifest with you to get you what you want in life.  Write down all that you desire to bring into your life and ask the full moon to co-create with you.  Burn the list under the full moon at night.  Give thanks to the Universe for all its gifts – wanted or unwanted. 

You get what you give.  Give positive energy and receive positive energy.  Give negative energy and receive negative energy.  Put on a smile.  Walk lighter today.  Be faithful.  Be hopeful.  Look to the sky and give thanks.  Amen.

Uplift others and you uplift yourself

Listen to your heart, but lead with your mind.  Allow yourself to do everything through LOVE.  Experience life coming from a place of Love and Light.  When you approach life experiences in a loving way, it cause a smooth transition from one life experience to another.

Feel with your heart.  Metaphorically speaking, this is where the Love comes from.  Ultimately, the Love and Light comes from your Higher Self which is connected to and directed by Divine Spirit.  Divine Spirit is constantly streaming Love and Light to your Higher Self through a continuous connection. 

The connection to Divine Spirit can be defined like this.  A baby in the mother’s womb is connected to an umbilical cord and receives continuous nutrition through this pathway.  Your Higher Self receives continuous Love and Light from Divine Spirit in the same way.

You need to mindfully share the Love and Light from your Higher Self to others.  This is where “listen to your mind” comes in to play.  Consciously make the effort to lead with Love over Anger, Fear, Impatience, Frustration or any other lower vibrations.  Uplift others and you uplift yourself.  Take note of the times that you allowed Love to come to the forefront and remember how you were uplifted as well. Amen.


Make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself and forgive others for things that happened in the past.

Make peace with yourself.  If there is anything that you are holding on to from the past that is affecting your present then you need to let go of this. 

Forgive.  Forgive yourself and forgive others for things that happened in the past.  The past is over.  It was once lived as the present moment, but now it is the past.  It cannot be changed.  All you can do is forgive and release the events of the past that shaped you.  It is ok to forgive yourself.

Whether the experiences were negative or positive, every experience of the past has shaped who you are today.  The negative experiences helped you to learn and grow and the positive experiences reinforced your pattern of behavior. 

Do not live a present life of regret.  Everything happened for a reason to get you to the point where you are today.  Embrace and rejoice in this knowledge.  Every human being is placed in the physical world to grow, learn, improve and uplift.  Like a butterfly, you are here to manifest through transformation into something greater than you started out to be. 

This is the process of LIFE.  Grow.  Learn.  Evolve.  Manifest.  Transform.  Conscious Evolution will allow you the opportunity to be conscious of your growth and evolution and allow you the opportunity to create the life that you want to live.  Amen.

Don’t allow fear and worry to be the leaders of your life

Worrying is an emotion that vibrates on a lower energy level.  Worry comes from a lack of control, fear of outcome, and fear of the unknown. Worry joins hands with fear and they make a strong couple that can cripple you and control you. 

Don’t allow fear and worry to be the leader of your life.  Take back control in these times by focusing on your breath to calm yourself and then place your focus on something that brings you peace and calmness.  Let go of the fact that you are not in control of anything more than your emotions and your vibration. 

You have control over your emotions and vibration even though at times it feels like you do not.  You can control them and change them by focusing on your breath, then turning your focus to something positive and learning how to control thought. 

It is not impossible, but it may not come easily.  You need to practice this process so that each time you are faced with worry and fear, the amount of time switching from a lower vibration to a higher vibration becomes less and less until it is almost or becomes nonexistent. 

The only thing that worry and fear are good for is robbing you of this moment’s happiness.  It doesn’t change anything.  Go with the flow.  Have faith.  Believe.  Be happy. Be positive.  Be optimistic.  Have faith that everything is always working out for you.  Amen.

Make today one of the best days of your life!

Be at peace.  Be calm and loving today.  Go with the flow.  Don’t offer or allow any resistance in your day.  It will flow smoothly if you allow it to.  Don’t try to control it too much.  Be organic about it.  Natural. 

There will be some road blocks throughout your day, but you can drive effortlessly around them if you stay calm and focused.  Focus on your breath when you find yourself getting worked up or stressed.  It is OK.  Remember that everything is working out EXACTLY the way it is supposed to, so to lead you to the next part of your journey. 

You may not know why things happen when they do, but you can look back and piece together why things led you to the places you arrived.  Have faith.  Trust.  Believe.  Don’t second guess.  Be unwavering in your faith.  Divine Spirit is interested in what is for your highest good and the Love and Light permeates to your Higher Self.  Tap in and consciously receive this Love and Light and make today one of the best days of your life!  Amen.