Allow your Angels to show you the way

Listen to your inner voice that tries to guide you all the time.  Pay attention to the messages.  These messages are directly sent from Divine Spirit to your Higher Self/Higher Spirit/Intuition.  These messages are always loving and for your best interest.  If you ever hear messages that are negative, then you can be 100% sure that these messages come from Ego.  Ego is a false protector and guide. 

Society has created Ego to help you to fit in.  Your Higher Spirit is the true Love and Light that you seek.  This is where the peace resides – the Heaven.  If there is a heaven that you can believe in, this is that Heaven -Your Higher Spirit.  Tune into it when you are feeling down, bleak, negative, impatient, worried, sullen.  Tuning into your Higher Self tunes you in to Divine Spirit. 

Ask to speak to your Angels.  There are thousands of Angels and Spirit Guides that surround you and they wait patiently to help guide you.  They are always with you.  They cannot intervene until asked so you must ask for their assistance.  Every morning, ask for Archangel Raphael to heal any areas of your body and psyche that need it.  Ask Archangel Michael to help you with any problems that arise during the day that you are having difficulty with.  Ask Archangel Ariel to help you love yourself and love others unconditionally looking past the physical earthly qualities and seeing the higher spirit of yourself and others. 

Ask for the assistance of your Spirit Guides and Archangels to release all that no longer serves you.  Call upon Archangel Chamuel to give you the courage and strength to release the familiar things you cling to because their familiarity brings you comfort.  Let go of all the outdated ideas, memories, people and things that tie up your energy.  Once you release, you will feel a real shift in your energy flow. 

Like rocks in a river, when you cling to things that no longer serve you, it adds resistance.  When resistance is added, it slows everything down and it creates a backup of energy.  This backup of energy actually drains you because it is backing up and has nowhere to go.  Release the energy by releasing all that no longer serves you.  You may be afraid to let go.  Afraid of change.  Afraid of the unknown.  Breathe and move through the fear.  Don’t let fear stop you.  Don’t let the unknown keep you from releasing the dead energy that holds you back. 

Archangel Chamuel will help you to find the strength and courage you need.  He will help you to look at the unknown as a great surprise – a gift.  The unknown holds many surprises for you but you must have the courage to walk towards it.  When one door closes another one opens.  Take the first step into the unknown.  Feel the fear.  Release it.  Move beyond it.  Live your life effortlessly.  Don’t make it complicated.  Rely on your Higher Spirit, Angels and Spirit Guides to show you the way. Amen.

Why are you in a hurry?

Don’t be so hurried through life.  Life is not a race.  The finish line is the ending.  The ending is the return to the spiritual realm.  You aren’t ready for the return until you say you are ready so, why rush?  What are you in a hurry for? 

Everyone is always in a hurry and they want everything NOW.  They want more money NOW.  They want a better life NOW.  They want a lover NOW.  They want more time NOW.  Everyone wants time to stand still when it comes to getting older and when it comes to children growing up and when it comes to moments that are incredible to them.  This is the philosophy you need to use in your day to day life. 

Long for time to stand still.  Drink in every moment with fervor and longing.  Of course, life becomes mundane.  It becomes so routine.  The monotony of life makes it boring at times, but if you change your perspective you can look at it as giving you something to look forward to – Change.  Change in life is inevitable.  It is the one constant truth like birth and death.  There are three major phases of life.  Birth – Change – Death. 

Enjoy the Change – the transformation – because you are transforming every second of every day as you grow older.  Use change to your advantage for self-improvement and growth.  Be conscious of change and how you can use it to your benefit.  You can be a better “you” than you were yesterday.  You have the power through choice and consciousness.  Be aware.  Be alert.  Be strong-willed.  Be determined.  Be brave. Be thoughtful.  Be unique in your actions.  Be the true YOU.  Amen.

Who loves you, baby?

Self-Love is the act of loving one’s self.  You cannot truly love another fully until you learn to love yourself.  Cherish your body and your spirit and treat it like a temple.  Put yourself on a pedestal like you would put any other admired person.  You are just as important as anyone else in the physical world. 

Your thoughts are created and your psyche is trained over years of experiences that shape you.  Negative self-chatter is created and most often repeated to the point that it is believed.  You learn to tell yourself things that are detrimental to your psyche and that are not true.  These untruths are driven by Ego, but your Higher Spirit never believes the lower vibrational reflection of yourself that the Ego does.  You can undo the negative self-chatter and you can reverse it.  It is not impossible.   It is also not something that will be quickly unraveled.  It took a long time for the negative self-chatter to become a natural reflex, so it will take some time to reverse. 

The daily recitation of Affirmations is the avenue that you will use to reverse the negative self-chatter and negative self-reflection.  Daily affirmations, especially upon waking, will be instrumental in reversing the negative pattern and creating a new positive pattern.  Another element that will be needed is consciousness.  You will need to be very conscious of when the negative self-chatter is welling up so that you can replace it with positive self-chatter.  This practice needs to be repeated every day for as many times during the day as necessary until you witness a shift in your psyche.  The pendulum WILL swing.  Start today.  Amen.

Stay true to YOU

Stay true to yourself.  Don’t let society or the opinions of others make you deviate from your true desires.  What are you passionate about?  What completes your soul?  What do you care most about?  Place your focus on those things that bring you peace and happiness.  Those areas of yourself and your interests are what will complete you. 

Don’t allow society to tell you that you are not good enough.  Don’t allow your Ego to beat you down and keep you from your dreams.  Your Ego is present to naively guide you through the sea of society.  Each human’s Ego is developed over time through experience and societal norms.  The Ego of your ancestors was built on strength and overcoming adversity.  Through the ages, as society evolved, so did Ego.  It evolved through different time periods and what was trendy during that time period.  It became more narcissistic and self-serving over time.  Ego became a popularity contest and a self-serving guide. 

You may think that your Ego is there to protect you like the shell of a turtle, but in reality, it is your Higher self, your Higher Spirit, your Intuition, that is the true protector.  Your Higher Spirit is directly connected to Divine Spirit.  Your Higher Spirit receives pure Love and Light from Divine Spirit and this Light is shining within you.  Your Intuition is led by your Higher Spirit.  Intuition does not serve the self selfishly, but rather it is designed to guide the self to the most positive life experiences one can have.  It is driven by Divine Spirit who delivers a constant stream of Love and Light to your Higher Spirit.  The guidance that you receive is always positive and loving. 

The guidance from your Higher Spirit/Intuition is the light that leads you through the darkness.  It is the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is the lighthouse up on the hill standing sturdily above the tumultuous waters.  It is hope in a dark storm and the rainbow when the storm has passed.  When your Ego tries to convince you that you are not good enough, allow your Intuition to convince you that you are.  Your Intuition allows you to shine a light on your life and the lives of others.  It is pure Love and it allows you to love unconditionally.  Your Higher Self reminds you that you are good enough.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in your life.  You just have to believe.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Don’t give up EVER.  There is a tug of war between your Ego and your Intuition.   Ego will always try to stick its nose in and take over, but with practice you can push Ego away and allow your Intuition to remain in the driver’s seat.  Which one are you going to let be the winner?  Choose to live an Intuitive driven life over an Ego driven life.  Amen.

A chance to start over again

Each new day is a new beginning. It is another chance to improve, to grow, to learn, to appreciate, to rejoice.  You always have a restart button to push with each new day.  A new chance to get it done better than yesterday.  This is the beauty of life.  Your reality is in this present moment –  NOW. The reality of yesterday has expired, because yesterday is gone.  Yesterday holds your memories and the energy that you choose to remain attached to those memories.  Hold on to the uplifting and positive memories and release any unwanted ones.  The reality of tomorrow is just a dream because tomorrow has not arrived yet.  Your hopes and your dreams anticipate the arrival of tomorrow.  Don’t allow them to rob you of your present moment with constant focus on tomorrow.  When tomorrow arrives, then it will be the new NOW and then it will become your reality.  Until then, it is only a dream.  This moment you are living right NOW is your reality and you can move your way through it effortlessly if you allow your Intuition/Higher Spirit to guide you.  It is important to stay in tune with your Higher Self.  Connect through periods of daily meditation in the morning upon or shortly after waking.  Quiet your mind to reach deep inside of you and listen to the messages from your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self/Spirit is always directly connected to Divine Spirit and its constant stream of Love and Light.  The guidance you receive from your Higher Spirit will always be pure and positive.  There is no Ego involved.  When Ego gets involved it muddies the water and throws negativity into it.  Ego will give you a false sense of security. Intuition will give you pure Love and Light.  Keep it simple.  Let your intuition guide you today and for all your days.  Come from a place of Love and Light when observing and interacting with others.  Witness how this changes your experiences.  Then, if you like what you see, do it all over again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next. Amen.

What you are searching for is within YOU

Perspective is a very personal experience.  Every human and every being on the planet have a perspective that is unique unto themselves.  No two beings will look at the same experience the same way.  Each perspective is created by past experience and by nature.  No one perspective is right over another.  Each perspective is to be respected because each perspective is unique to each individual.  You can use your perspective to guide your life in a positive way or a negative way.  Choosing to see the good over the bad in situations is a start.  Having a positive perspective about every experience will lead you down a path of more positive experiences.  Focusing on the negative of an experience will take you down a darker path and your life experience will reflect this.  You have the power to change your life through your perspective.  For some it will take practice.  For others it will come naturally.  For all it will be beneficial.  Choosing a positive perspective will help you to achieve peace on a regular basis.  Peace comes in different forms – happiness, gratitude, patience, solitude.  When you focus on the moments that bring you happiness, solitude, gratitude or patience you can analyze the moments and witness the peace that you felt in those moments.  A restless soul is a restless soul.  It longs for the moments that will settle it down and bring it to rest and ultimately to peace.  Don’t allow your soul to be restless with impatience or over anticipation or hurriedness or busyness.  Quiet your mind and your soul through meditation and connect with your Higher Spirit.  Your Higher Spirit is in direct and constant connection with Divine Spirit and the stream of pure Love and Light that streams from it.  This is pure peace and you will feel it when you reach this place.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Give yourself a break.  The purpose of living a human life is trial and error.  It is about making mistakes and learning from them.  It is growing and expanding.  It is creating and changing.  Move through these moments with hope and optimism.  Life is supposed to be fun.  If it doesn’t seem fun to you then change your perspective.  Aside from choosing an optimistic perspective to focus on, loving yourself is another element that is needed to bring peace.  There is no one that can love you more than yourself.  You are the only person that will ever have a direct connection with your Higher Self.  Your self-love flows from Divine Spirit.  Your Higher Self is connected to Divine Spirit through an eternal spiritual connection, because part of your soul has remained connected to the spiritual realm.  The rest of your soul is in the physical realm.  Once you believe this, your life will be so much more magnificent, positive and loving.  Your Higher Self is pure Divinity.  Your Higher Self is purity, light and love.  It has no ego attached to it.  It is your intuition.  It is your pure love in spiritual form.  Your Higher Self sees nothing that the physical world has created.  It sees no hate.  It sees no race.  No gender. No suffering.  No poverty.  No social status.  No ugliness.  No greed.  No jealousy.  Your higher self only sees pure Love and Light in yourself and in everything that it perceives in the physical world.  You will come from a place of Love and Light when you tap into your Higher Self.  Love yourself as your Higher Spirit loves you.  Give yourself a break in the physical world.  Nobody is perfect in physical form.  You are all perfect in spiritual form where the Love and Light of Divine Spirit shines upon you.  Focus on this part of yourself and you will always feel the love, acceptance and peace that you yearn for.  Amen.