Allow your Intuition to guide your life

Listen to your heart and listen to your intuition.  Your Intuition is pure and honest.  It is the guiding light and love that is directly sent information and guidance from Divine Spirit and your spirit guides.  Allow your Intuition to come forward and guide your life.  

Don’t allow your Ego to mute the sound of your Intuition.  Ego is self-serving and false.  Disregard Ego.  Ego is perceived armor for the physical world, but it is false armor.  It does more harm than good.  Take a moment to recognize the emotions that surround Ego.  Ego is selfish, jealous, over-zealous, protective, harsh, judgmental, insecure and false.  Recognize when Ego is used.  Is it used for self-serving opportunities or does it serve all?  

Intuition is loving, positive, confident, assured, honest and true.  Your Intuition is the little voice inside of you that guides you and protects you.  Don’t let Ego overshadow and quiet the voice of your Intuition.  Allow Intuition to lead the way and your life will be greatly improved for it.  Amen.

Make the most of the present moment

Every new day is a blessing.  Find appreciation for each and every day.  Take advantage of each new day to improve yourself.  Strive to be a better version of you than you were yesterday. 

Live in the NOW.  The present moment that you are experiencing is your reality.  Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow is merely a dream.  Today and this moment in time is your reality.  Memories are no longer realities.  Hopes for tomorrow are merely hopes that haven’t come true yet.  Listen and stay present in the NOW. 

Be mindful.  Don’t allow your mind to wander and get lost in memories of yesterday.  Don’t allow your mind to wander and get lost in dreams of tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  Make the most of the present moment and the gifts it has to offer:  the gift of mindfulness, the gift of presence, the gift of improvement, the gift of attention and focus, the gift of stillness.  Capture this moment in time and make the best use of it as possible.  Be present.  Amen.

Detox to Refresh

Take time every week to detox your body.  One day a week minimum, set aside for a complete detox day.  Only eat natural and organic items.  Eliminate sugar, alcohol, tobacco and preservatives.  You will feel energized and your body will feel in tune and refreshed when completed.  Repeat at least once a week for optimum results. 

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  When you want something sweet, eat some fruit.  It will fulfill your sweet tooth cravings: apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes.  You can eat a small amount of lean chicken, if desired.  Make sure that it is cooked in the oven with few spices.  Squeeze lemons over it after it is completed.  

Drink lots of lemon water all day long.  Drink at least 8 glasses of lemon water to flush out your system.   Drink fresh orange juice three times a day.  Use fresh oranges and make your own juice.  Don’t forget to drink Water – Water – Water – Water – Water.   

Exercise.  Walk a lot.  Walk at least three times during the day.  Make each walking interval 30 minutes.  This will help your blood flow and help to further push the toxins out of your body.  Take multiple deep breaths often throughout the day to push out any stale air that is trapped in the lower part of your lungs.

Wash your face with an exfoliator.  Clean your nasal passages with a saline solution.  The Netipot nasal irrigation system is a good system to use. 

Give thanks for the wonder of your body.  Ask Archangel Raphael to heal any areas that need to be repaired Amen.

Don’t give up on your dreams

Stay true to yourself.  Honor yourself.  Love yourself.  You have a gift to give the world.  This gift is the thing that you are most passionate about.  It is what resonates the most with you.  Don’t give up on your hopes and your dreams. 

Don’t allow negative self-chatter to tell you that you will be a failure.  Follow through anyways!  Work past the voice of Ego in your head that tries to convince you that you don’t know enough or you aren’t smart enough or you can’t do it or you will fail.  Move past the voice of Ego that always wants to keep you down. 

The voice of Ego comes across as the great protector, but really it is the great bully.  Who can bully you better than your Ego?  Your Ego can falsely build you up or realistically tear you down. 

Reach deep inside and connect with your Higher Spirit which is all loving, pure and positive. Your Higher Spirit receives a constant stream of Love and Light from Divine Spirit.  This is where peace lies.  Close your eyes.  Focus on your breath.  Go deep within and find the peace and the confidence that will lead you to your dreams.  Amen.

Compassion is the key

It is important that you are sensitive to the needs and emotions of others; this includes yourself.  Show yourself the same love and compassion that you would show another.  Be conscious and be sensitive to what your spirit needs. 

Listen to your Higher Spirit for guidance and direction to help you effectively and positively navigate the river of life.  Compassion for yourself will allow you to be more compassionate to others.  Train your brain to speak lovingly instead of harshly to yourself.  Give yourself a break.  The meaning of life is to learn and grow. 

When you are talking to others, listen compassionately.  Put yourself in their shoes and allow yourself to feel what they are relaying to you.  This approach will ease any anger or disagreements and it will help you understand each other better, which will, in turn, deepen the relationship. 

Remember that everyone has their own perspective.  No perspective is right or wrong, but it is right to the person who is perceiving.  Be respectful and appreciate each other.  Show gratitude for each other.  Listen.  Communicate effectively.  Understand.  Love yourself.  Respect yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Do something for yourself today.  Amen.

Be the light in the darkness

Be charitable in your life.  Give your time and your advice to others that need it.  Look for ways to help your fellow man who is struggling.  You are here to support each other and lift each other up. 

Gratitude can open your eyes to the blessings in your life and can help you to extend your gifts to others.  In your day to day life, find ways to offer support and strength to others.  You can be a support system to others who need it.  Give your advice.  Give your time.  Give your energy.  Give your outlook. 

Uplift with your words.  Lift others up when they are down.  Be a source of wellbeing.  Be a source of love.  Be a lighthouse in the darkness. 

Often times you never know what someone is struggling with.  Many people hide it well.  A kind word, a smile, or a generous action can change a person’s mood, a person’s day, or even a person’s life. 

Uplift.  Be the light in the darkness that leads the way.  Amen.

The Magic of Meditation

Meditate daily.  Relax your mind and your body for a brief time every day and allow your Higher Spirit and Divine Spirit to permeate your body in a conscious way to you.  Breathe in pure positive light and breathe out all negativity and any negative self-chatter that you speak to yourself on a regular basis. 

Ask the Archangels and Divine Spirit to cleanse your body of any toxins – physical or psychological – that harm your body and your psyche.  Allow your body to be cleansed of all negativity. 

Breathe.  Release.  Breathe.  Release.  Breathe.  Release.  Find a calm regularity with your breath as you inhale in deeply and exhale out deeply.  Follow this rhythm and clear your mind of all thought.  Silence. 

Find a sound to concentrate on to put you in a zone – a zone of awareness to the sound and a zone that will dispel all other noise and thoughts.  Focus on this sound and do not let your focus stray.  When it does, which it will surely in the beginning of each session, gently bring your awareness back to the sound.  Focus once again. 

With repetition, with practice, with time, this process will become automatic and the times that you have to reel your focus back in will be less and less. Meditate for your higher good.  Allow your Higher Spirit and Divine Spirit to permeate you, heal you, guide you and fully become you during the moment of meditation that you endure.  Amen.