Allow your Angels to show you the way

Listen to your inner voice that tries to guide you all the time.  Pay attention to the messages.  These messages are directly sent from Divine Spirit to your Higher Self/Higher Spirit/Intuition.  These messages are always loving and for your best interest.  If you ever hear messages that are negative, then you can be 100% sure that these messages come from Ego.  Ego is a false protector and guide. 

Society has created Ego to help you to fit in.  Your Higher Spirit is the true Love and Light that you seek.  This is where the peace resides – the Heaven.  If there is a heaven that you can believe in, this is that Heaven -Your Higher Spirit.  Tune into it when you are feeling down, bleak, negative, impatient, worried, sullen.  Tuning into your Higher Self tunes you in to Divine Spirit. 

Ask to speak to your Angels.  There are thousands of Angels and Spirit Guides that surround you and they wait patiently to help guide you.  They are always with you.  They cannot intervene until asked so you must ask for their assistance.  Every morning, ask for Archangel Raphael to heal any areas of your body and psyche that need it.  Ask Archangel Michael to help you with any problems that arise during the day that you are having difficulty with.  Ask Archangel Ariel to help you love yourself and love others unconditionally looking past the physical earthly qualities and seeing the higher spirit of yourself and others. 

Ask for the assistance of your Spirit Guides and Archangels to release all that no longer serves you.  Call upon Archangel Chamuel to give you the courage and strength to release the familiar things you cling to because their familiarity brings you comfort.  Let go of all the outdated ideas, memories, people and things that tie up your energy.  Once you release, you will feel a real shift in your energy flow. 

Like rocks in a river, when you cling to things that no longer serve you, it adds resistance.  When resistance is added, it slows everything down and it creates a backup of energy.  This backup of energy actually drains you because it is backing up and has nowhere to go.  Release the energy by releasing all that no longer serves you.  You may be afraid to let go.  Afraid of change.  Afraid of the unknown.  Breathe and move through the fear.  Don’t let fear stop you.  Don’t let the unknown keep you from releasing the dead energy that holds you back. 

Archangel Chamuel will help you to find the strength and courage you need.  He will help you to look at the unknown as a great surprise – a gift.  The unknown holds many surprises for you but you must have the courage to walk towards it.  When one door closes another one opens.  Take the first step into the unknown.  Feel the fear.  Release it.  Move beyond it.  Live your life effortlessly.  Don’t make it complicated.  Rely on your Higher Spirit, Angels and Spirit Guides to show you the way. Amen.

Author: Sacred Aura

I am a Spiritual Guide, Ordained Minister and Clairaudient who heard my spiritual calling in January 2014. I do guidance readings through automatic writing and cards. I offer spiritual guidance and upliftment. My blogs are spiritually delivered and inspired. Life is a journey. If you can change the way you look at your life, your life will change. Stay calm. Stay centered. Stay in faith. Believe.

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