A chance to start over again

Each new day is a new beginning. It is another chance to improve, to grow, to learn, to appreciate, to rejoice.  You always have a restart button to push with each new day.  A new chance to get it done better than yesterday.  This is the beauty of life.  Your reality is in this present moment –  NOW. The reality of yesterday has expired, because yesterday is gone.  Yesterday holds your memories and the energy that you choose to remain attached to those memories.  Hold on to the uplifting and positive memories and release any unwanted ones.  The reality of tomorrow is just a dream because tomorrow has not arrived yet.  Your hopes and your dreams anticipate the arrival of tomorrow.  Don’t allow them to rob you of your present moment with constant focus on tomorrow.  When tomorrow arrives, then it will be the new NOW and then it will become your reality.  Until then, it is only a dream.  This moment you are living right NOW is your reality and you can move your way through it effortlessly if you allow your Intuition/Higher Spirit to guide you.  It is important to stay in tune with your Higher Self.  Connect through periods of daily meditation in the morning upon or shortly after waking.  Quiet your mind to reach deep inside of you and listen to the messages from your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self/Spirit is always directly connected to Divine Spirit and its constant stream of Love and Light.  The guidance you receive from your Higher Spirit will always be pure and positive.  There is no Ego involved.  When Ego gets involved it muddies the water and throws negativity into it.  Ego will give you a false sense of security. Intuition will give you pure Love and Light.  Keep it simple.  Let your intuition guide you today and for all your days.  Come from a place of Love and Light when observing and interacting with others.  Witness how this changes your experiences.  Then, if you like what you see, do it all over again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next. Amen.

Author: Sacred Aura

I am a Spiritual Guide, Ordained Minister and Clairaudient who heard my spiritual calling in January 2014. I do guidance readings through automatic writing and cards. I offer spiritual guidance and upliftment. My blogs are spiritually delivered and inspired. Life is a journey. If you can change the way you look at your life, your life will change. Stay calm. Stay centered. Stay in faith. Believe.

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