Follow your dreams

Your dreams are not a fantasy.  Your dreams are a reality that can come true if you don’t let them float away.  Dream big.  Dream daily.  Dream of how you want your life to be.  Dreams of your lover.  Dream of your children.  Dream of your parents.  Dream of travel. Dream of bettering your life.  Dream of bettering the lives of others.  Dream often.  Don’t look at your dreams as “what-ifs”.  Look at your dreams as reality – potential reality of the near future.  Look at your dreams as stepping stones to get you to where you want to be.  Dreams will keep you alive when you feel hopeless.  Dreams will keep you excited when you feel discouraged.  Dreams will lift you up when you fall down.  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Anything you can do, have or want will be yours if you follow your dreams.  Focus on what you want and DREAM. Amen