How to get what you want

Manifestation is easier than you think.  You can do be or have whatever you want in this life.  The secret to manifesting this is through belief.  You must believe that it is so.  It is that simple.  Belief is a strong action.  It is the knowing that something is going to happen or that something is a certain way.  It is the magic that will create whatever you want in your life.  Belief with doubt will cause what you want to be delayed, possibly indefinitely.  The doubt is what puts a wrench in the whole scenario.  Once doubt is introduced the belief ceases to exist.  Everything starts to go backwards and unravel at this point.  Don’t look at what is.  What is will only create more doubt.  Focus on what can be and what will be through your belief.  Envision what you want.  Place your sights firmly on this vision.  Believe that it will be.  Use anticipation as a tool for your benefit like belief.  Anticipation is the expectation of the arrival of something.  You believe it is coming so you are anticipating its arrival.  The belief is the meat of the magic.  The belief is what makes it come.  Belief is a powerful tool.  Anticipation works hand in hand with belief and creates an even stronger power to create.  Try to avoid the anticipation of something that is coming that you don’t want.  An example of this is focusing on something unwanted that you believe will arrive.  When you find yourself doing this, change the subject and focus on something more pleasant that you are anticipating to arrive.  With goal setting, the anticipation helps to bring the arrival of a goal to fruition.  One such example would be the goal of weight loss.  Believing that you will lose weight is an important facet, because it keeps you from quitting and from procrastinating.  You anticipate the weight loss and as you lose weight, you keep the belief alive.  Through this process you need to keep your mind from drifting.  You need to keep your mind from focusing on the negative outcome such as failure.  When doubt is introduced, it is important to interject positive focus here that will keep you on your path to success.  Focus on the positive aspects of your goal.  Pay attention to your achievements.  If you are allowing doubt into your goal from the beginning and have a hard time finding a positive aspect because there has been no noticeable achievement yet, then this is the time to focus on the goal itself.  Make it as simple as possible.  Trust that what you want will come.  Anticipate the arrival with excitement and hope and believe that it will come.  It is as easy as that.  You will soon see the manifestation of your belief.  Don’t waver in your belief.  This is the simplicity of manifestation.  You can do be or have whatever you want in this world if you believe.  Amen.

Author: Sacred Aura

I am a Spiritual Guide, Ordained Minister and Clairaudient who heard my spiritual calling in January 2014. I do guidance readings through automatic writing and cards. I offer spiritual guidance and upliftment. My blogs are spiritually delivered and inspired. Life is a journey. If you can change the way you look at your life, your life will change. Stay calm. Stay centered. Stay in faith. Believe.

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