Gratitude is a magical opportunity to change the way you look at your life.  When you focus on your blessings, you enhance your life and change your perspective.  Sometimes all you need to do is change the way you look at your life to see your life change.  Ask yourself what is it in your life that you are thankful for.  Place your focus there and do not let it waver.  Soak in it.  Soak in the Sea of Gratitude.  Gratitude can be most effectively used during times of struggle or stress or when it feels like you have nothing else to lose.  Gratitude is the gate keeper to Divine Spirit’s love and adoration.  It brings you back to your higher-self that is always connected to Divine Spirit and the undying and never-ending pure love that flows from this Source.  Breathe.  Be grateful.  Find gratitude even in the simplest things in your life.  Sometimes you have to look harder than other times to find the gratitude you seek.  Sometimes it comes easier.  Daily practice first thing in the morning is the best way to use gratitude to your highest good.  Be thankful every day in every way.  Amen.


Live life to the fullest.  Live life as if you never know when it will end.  You never do know when it will end.  Appreciate life.  Appreciation of the gifts in life will give you more gifts to appreciate.  Life is a never-ending circle.  Birth – Growth – Death – Rebirth – Growth – Death – Rebirth – Growth – Death and so on it goes.  All components are interconnected.  One passes over and returns to the spiritual realm and another enters the physical world.  It is a never-ending circle of life.  Each person can break their life down into the same equation.  You are born.  You grow.  You die.  You are born again.  Break it down into a smaller equation.  You are born.  You grow through your experiences in life and then some come along that force you to end one phase or style of your life and then you are reborn again to start a new avenue on your journey.  Listen for the messages along your journey that lead you to your resurrection.  There is redemption in your growth.  Breathe.  Listen.  Learn.  Acknowledge.  Be thankful.  Breathe.  Amen.


Look to your Angels in times of worry, anxiety, sadness or grief.  They are always silently by your side ready to intervene when you need them to.  They are your protectors.  They are your spiritual warriors.  They are your connection to Divine Spirit.  They are pure love and understanding.  They are a direct extension of Divine Spirit that works magic and miracles in your life.  You must listen for their soft musical voices to extend into your physical being.  You must listen closely, because they whisper softly and gently, almost like a light breeze against your skin.  You can feel them in your tears and hear them in your laughter.  They cry with you.  They laugh with you.  They protect you.  They strengthen you.  Talk to them and they will listen.  They want to intervene in your life, but cannot until they are given direct permission to by your command.  Ask them to come and be an active part of your daily life and watch as things change for the better.  Your will feel lighter.  You will feel happier.  You will feel more at peace.  You will be reminded of your great Spiritual Father that awaits for you to come home.  Your Angels are pure love and Divine orchestration.  He plays his music through them.  Listen.  Listen and be heard.  Amen

Listen to your Intuition

Listen.  Listen to your heart.  Listen to your soul.  Really listen.  What are the messages that your higher spirit wants you to know?  The messages lie in waiting for you.  All you have to do is go there.  Go there through meditation.  Go there through prayer.  All you have to do is go there.  Your higher self is always connected to Divine spirit.  This is your eternal link to the spiritual realm.  You are a spirit residing in a physical body.  The physical body is merely a vehicle to get you through the journey of life.  Be good to it.  Be respectful to it.  Treat it with care and compassion, as you would another.  This is the vehicle that will carry you long and far if you maintain and respect it.  Listen.  Breathe.  Hope.  Dream.  Understand that you are all on the physical plane for growth and expansion – for learning and understanding – for renewal and resurrection.  Listen.  Listen to the voices that tell you where to go and what to do next.  This is your higher-self delivering messages through your intuition.  Respect it.  Trust it.  Believe it.  Amen

Take Action

Take notice.  Take action.  Notice your surroundings – your environment.  Do not sleepwalk through life.  You have the opportunity to make great strides in the physical world.  Take advantage.  Don’t go through life waiting for something to happen.  You need to MAKE something happen through your unresisted action and pure energy flow.  Don’t allow self-limiting thoughts to hold you back.  Those thoughts are lower vibrating thoughts that keep you from excelling and being all that you want to be.  Cling to the higher vibrational thoughts that uplift you and bring you to greatness.  The journey is unwritten.  You have the power to create your own destiny.  It takes standing up off your laurels and rising above to greatness.  You can do it.  It is in all of you.  Conscious evolution, continual self-improvement and awareness, proper attitude that uplifts, and faith and belief are the tools to your success.  Amen.

The Avenue of Acceptance

Acceptance isn’t always easy, but it can be worthwhile.  You need to look at your life experiences and see how acceptance can ease tension, stress and release the flow of energy.  Acceptance is the hardest when you are experiencing a life instance that doesn’t agree with your higher self.  The lower vibrations make you feel uncomfortable and you will tend to put up resistance in an attempt to control situations.  The only control that you have is through the avenue of acceptance.  Acceptance releases the resistance and makes the energy begin to flow again.  Remain at peace when you are faced with difficult situations.  Adopt an everything will work out attitude, because everything does work out.  It all depends on your perspective and acceptance of the situation.   Grow.  Learn.  Adopt.  Accept.  Release.  Growth.  Amen.


Appreciation makes the world a more beautiful place.  It brightens the darkest areas, because the focus in on the areas that are illuminated.  During times that are stressful, fearful, worrisome, any lower negative emotional vibrations will be lightened and raised by seeking appreciation in the moment.  Reaching for the higher vibrational equivalent of each lower vibration will cause your spirit to be uplifted and lightened.  All it takes is a switch in your attitude through the avenue of appreciation.  Practice this on a regular basis to fine tune your vibration and life experience.  Amen.