What is Faith?  Faith is the ability to believe that something will come even when you see no evidence of it coming.  Have faith and you will go far.  Listen.  Believe.  Do everything with faith and optimism.  Look at things in a positive way, rather than a negative way.  Believe.  Faith is the sister to belief.  They go hand in hand, complimenting and connecting each other.  Without one, there cannot be the other.   In the moments when you feel like you want to give up, that is when you must hold on and have faith and believe that what you desire is coming to you.  It is easy to lose patience and give up on your hopes and your dreams, but if you allow faith to direct your life, you will be able to wait it out until your hopes and dreams come to fruition.  You never know what waits around the next corner.  That is the excitement of life.  When one segment of your life comes to an end, have faith that a bright new beginning is on the way.  Do not live in regret or sorrow for the ending, but live in faith and hope for a new beginning.  There will always be a chance to grow with each ending.  Learn your lessons and move on.  Faith will carry you to your new destination and belief will be your companion.

The Compass Within

It is important to listen to your inner voice.  Your inner voice is the voice of Spirit and your higher-self, connected to Spirit, that guides you.  This is your navigator.  Your compass.  Your means of travel through this physical space.  It is also your means of travel through the spiritual space.  You are always connected.  When you feel disconnected, it is then when you must go within through meditation and prayer and ground yourself.  Daily habits will keep your connection strong.  You will feel this connection if you open yourself up to it.   Developing a daily routine of meditation, preferably first thing in the morning, will allow you to keep in touch with your higher self.  You will find direction and guidance waiting to be downloaded to you.   Listen for the messages that will guide you and protect you.  Do not let ego get in the way and keep you from receiving your messages.  Stay open.  Stay faithful.  Stay hopeful and….listen.

Heaven on Earth

Your life is what you make of it.  Heaven or Hell.  It’s all about perspective, and your view is the ruler of your life.  Keeping thoughts positive and viewing experiences from an optimistic perspective rather than a negative perspective, will create the life that you want.  The nuisances of life occur to help you learn and grow.  Choosing to see the lesson in each nuisance will help you to improve yourself and in turn your life.  Make the conscious decision to choose to focus on the positive in every situation.  If you look deep enough, you will always be able to find something positive.  It takes practice, but with time you will be able to do so effortlessly.  Keep an open mind – one that allows for ease of expansion and an ease of what you want in your life.  Change the way you look at your life and watch your life change.