Worry gets you no where.  The only thing worrying does is rob you of the happiness of NOW.  Your reality is NOW.  Be mindful in your NOW.  The past is gone.  The only thing that you need to bring from the past are the lessons learned so that you can apply them to your present and future.  The future is before you and you aren’t promised it.  You never know when the tide of life will change.  Live in the present moment.  Live in the NOW.  Now is when your dreams come true.  Now is when you live your life….This very moment.  Now.  There is so much to experience in the now.  Make a goal for the future, but live in the NOW.  Consciously evolve and improve as an individual each day of your life.  Meditate and focus daily.  Allow the peace of the meditation permeate throughout your day.  Now is the time to live your life.  Be mindful of the NOW.  Let go of your fears and your worries and let God take them over.

A Beacon of Hope

Guidance ~

Allow yourself to be guided and allow yourself to guide others. There are many things that each person can offer the world – their world. Each individual is unique and has talents that are uniquely theirs. You must trust in your abilities and talents. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt that you can make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how big or how small. Nothing is impossible and the skies and the heavens are the limits! Go forth this day and find someone in your world to help and guide. There is always someone in need, looking for direction or guidance. It may be simple; it may be more complex. Either way, trust that you have the skills to lead and guide. Go forth this day and guide. Be a beacon, a light to illuminate the path of another. You won’t believe how you will feel after you do. Keep the circle of life going.

Peace Love Happiness Amen Forever