Humility and Grace

Message for the week of June 19, 2017.  Grace. Grace and Humility. It is important to stay humble. Humble in your day to day dealings with life. Graceful like a ballet dancer. Fluid and agile. Have faith that your life is working out for you. Don’t second guess what happens in your life. Everything happens for a reason and if you look back, you will see the web that was woven together with the experiences in your life. Your reaction to the experiences are just as important as the experience. Try to come from a place of humility and grace no matter what the situation is. Ease and Flow. Ebb and Tide. Wax and Wane. Yin and Yang. New moon/Full moon. Opposites attract. Polar opposites attract like a magnet. If you want positive in your life, think and act positive. If not, negativity will ensue. Keep your thoughts positive. Have faith in Divine Spirit and the Angels. Call on the Angels when you need them. They cannot intervene until called upon. Have faith. Amen. Manifestation. Meditation. Clarity. Grounding. Amen.