Family – Not just the tribe you are born in to, but who you choose to share your life with

Family is not just the tribe you were born in to.   Family is the friends that you meet on your journey who share life with you – your experiences, your ups, your downs, your trials, your triumphs.  Family is the person who lifts you up to be the best version of yourself you can be;  not the one that pulls you down to keep you from living your life to the highest degree.

Family is much more than what is given to you.  Family is chosen.  You choose who you let in to your life.  Choose the people who bring you the most happiness and peace.  Choose the ones that are there for you when you need them as much as when you don’t need them.  It is true that when life gets tough, you find out who your true friends or “family” are.

Just because you are of the same blood, doesn’t mean that you are any more tied to than to a person who doesn’t share the same blood in their veins as you.  The beauty of life is the ability to surround yourself with like minded and like spirited people who uplift you.

We are all on a journey.  Choose the members of your tribe that will sprinkle your journey with stardust and sunbeams.

All you need is Love ~ Love is all you need


Love is the healer of everything.  Love is the universal language that allows us to speak to others who don’t speak our language.  Love is the connector to us all.  Love is an energy that flows through every living creature and can turn ordinary situations into miraculous ones.  Focus on possessing and projecting more love into your day to day life. 

Begin by looking at others through the eyes of Divine Spirit who does not judge, discriminate, rate, think bad about, talk down to, harass, bully, ridicule.  Divine Spirit builds up, protects, guides, acknowledges, respects, and LOVES. 

Bring more love into your life and release any actions or feelings that do not stem from a place of LOVE.  Take a moment before reacting.  Take a moment before impulsively speaking.  Take a moment and center yourself and surround yourself with love and then act,  then talk.  You will soon see the miraculous change in your life when love is injected constantly.

Happy Valentines Day ~  Make every day a way to show your LOVE.


Freedom is just another word for Release

Freedom.  What do you think of when you read that word?  Release from bondage?  Chains removed?  Carefree living?  The ability to do or think or be what you want?  Freedom starts from within.  Freedom is a gift that we all possess, yet most do not realize they hold the keys to release themselves and be free.

If you are struggling with freedom and wish that there was a way to release the bondage that holds you back, it is time to meditate and focus on the areas and issues of your life that are holding you back.  Look at the areas of your life and personality that need releasing.  Once you let go of the ideas, beliefs, experiences of the past that are holding you back, you will experience freedom and release.

The full moon on February 10, 2017 is a good time to release all that no longer serves you.  Make a list of all the things that you want to release from your life.  Perform the following full moon ritual:  Light a white candle.  Go outside under the full moon and stand barefoot on the grass.  Close your eyes and envision a white light coming down from the heavens above and surrounding you and entering your crown chakra, traveling all the way down your body and out the soles of your feet into the center of the Earth where it grounds you.  Burn the list that you created and ask the Universe to release the things from your life that no longer serve you.  Give thanks for all that you have.

Free yourself from the things that are holding you back from the life that you want.  Don’t be afraid to release.  Freedom will be liberating.