Discouragement is your Ego’s way of letting you know you that you aren’t getting what you want fast enough.  The Ego is impatient and selfish.  The Ego is self-serving and wants instant gratification in everything it endeavors.  Be patient.  Everything comes in Diving timing.  Everything comes when you are ready to accept it on a soul level.  You need to remember this when you feel discouragement.

You can turn discouragement into excited anticipation.  Change your perspective on the situation.  Focus on your achievements thus far, no matter how little they may be.  They will help you to be patient as the bigger fruition comes.  Stay positive.  Focus on high vibrating thoughts about the situation.  Focus on how it will affect your life once it arrives.  Focus on how you will maintain it and not let it float away.  Focus on how it will make you feel.  Focus on what you want from it.  Focus on the higher vibrational outcome rather than any Egotistical lower vibrational outcomes. 

You are You.  You are not in a competition with others.  Everyone in the world is unique and has a gift to give the world.  Do not do things from a place of Ego.  Come from the place of love and light that is transmitted from your Higher Spirit.  Amen.



It is ok and actually beneficial to feel frustrated or angry.  In the moment that you do, you will most likely find that it just shows up and you have no way of stopping it and this is ok. 

You were born with emotions.  Your emotions are on two spectrums of the scale: lower vibrating emotions and higher vibrating emotions.  Some examples of lower vibrating emotions are frustration, anger, impatience.  Some of the higher vibrating emotions are happiness, peace, contentment.  It is important to recognize when you have entered the lower vibrational field.  Recognize it.  Move through it as quickly as possible and reach for a higher vibration to pull you from the hole that you are in. 

Sure, you are thinking this is easier said than done, but with consistent practice, you will master switching from a lower vibration to a higher vibration in no time.  You will find how this move to a more consistent higher vibration in your daily life will show you how much easier life can be when you are living a higher vibrating existence.  So, the next time you are feeling frustrated, fearful or angry, recognize the emotion as soon as you can.  Focus on it.  Feel it.  Then place your focus on something that is pleasurable and uplifting so that you can move from the lower vibration to the higher vibrating field as quickly as possible.  Amen.


Your Higher Self holds the Peace you seek

When you find yourself uncomfortable about a situation, it is important to look within and reach your Higher self.  Your Higher Self/Intuition will come forward and give you the loving reassurance you need to move forward courageously through any situation.  Follow your Intuition.

When you are listening to your Ego, failure is the biggest threat.  Your Ego is the one that tells you that you aren’t good enough, or you aren’t prepared enough, or you don’t know enough.  Your Ego is good at feeding into your insecurities. It claims to ground you, but, in reality, it is your Higher Self that grounds you and keeps you at peace. 

Whenever you are upset, uncertain, afraid, or stressed, look inward to your Higher Self for the peace you seek.  The Love and Light of your Higher Self will uplift you with words of encouragement and strength. Within your Higher Self, you will find peace quietly waiting there for you to receive.  Amen.



How can you get what you want in life?  Focus.  Focus.  Focus.  Focus on what you want.  Be specific.  Write down every aspect about your goal on a piece of paper.  Be detailed and specific. 

Envision in your mind what your goal looks like.  Then, focus on your emotions while you envision the vision in your mind.  Pay attention to how you feel. Allow your vibration to raise to the level of your emotions as you are envisioning your goal and hold it there. 

Keep the goal setting simplistic.  Don’t muddy the waters with too many goals or details.  Create a list of about 10 items that detail your goal and don’t exceed past that.  Every day, upon awaking and before you go to bed, go over your list and read it.  Allow your mind to marinate in the vision.  Then wait with expected anticipation. 

Go about your life, but look for the synchronicities and the opportunities that will lead you to your goal.  You will soon recognize how as these instances occur you are being lead closer to the manifestation of your goal.  Amen.



Fear based thinking is the Ego’s creation.  The Ego is concerned with making sure that you stay at a lower vibration, even though it doesn’t come across that way.  It comes across falsely, as your protector, as it creates a false sense of identity that needs to be stroked in order for it to feel better. 

In today’s technological age, there is an abundance of narcissism that has been created due to the technology that is used.  Applications such as Facebook and Instagram place the person in the position of wanting or needing to be accepted.  Posts are always dependent upon how likeable they are.  This causes happiness and satisfaction for some and frustration and disappointment for others.  Life is not a popularity contest. 

Each person is individual and unique and each person is special.  There is no one person that is better than another even if society, which is heavily Ego driven, tries to make you think differently.  When you consciously realize and remember this, then you are able to live a more satisfied and fulfilling life. 

Your Ego needs the acceptance of others to make it feel good.  Your Higher Self does not.  Your Higher Self is constantly connected to Divine Spirit.  It is constantly receiving a steady stream of Love and Light from Divine Spirit.  If you tune into your Higher Self, you can consciously receive this stream. 

You are always receiving the stream of Love and Light, but when you allow Ego to take the lead, you don’t realize the stream is there.  You place your focus on Ego and what it can and cannot do for your psyche.  Let go of the Ego centered way of living and focus on the Intuitively driven way of living.  The Fear will dissipate and will be replaced with HOPE.  There is nothing you cannot do, be or have in this world.  Allow your Higher Self to take you to your dreams.  Amen.



Removing stress from your life can make your life flow easier, but it is easier said than done.  Life is filled with all kinds of stress.  As you get older and your responsibilities increase it causes stress.  Maintaining possessions that you have acquired causes stress.  Financial instability causes stress.  Unwanted life experiences cause stress. 

So, you would think that eliminating stress is impossible.  It is not impossible.  The way that you view and perceive the stress in your life is your weapon to combat the stress.  You need to flow through all of the stressful situations.  It is your inherent reflex to go against any situation that is uncomfortable.  You automatically put up resistance.  When you do this, it makes the situation more stressful and harder to deal with.  If you change your action and come from a place of understanding and strategy then you can make any stressful situation less stressful or non-existent. 

You need to strategize.  You need to dissect the stressor and look for ways to work through it rather than allowing it to work through you.  Ignoring it won’t make it go away.  It just pushes the subject down into your subconscious and then you begin to worry and fret on a subconscious level.  It reminds you of its presence every time it shows up again in a different manner.  Face every stressful situation head on.  Dissect the situation.  Strategize and plan for a way to move past it.  It is not impossible.  This will make you feel powerful and hopeful and the stress will disappear.  Amen.



Lessons repeated over and over again are the Universe’s way of letting you know that you need to grow in a certain area.  You are not learning the lesson completely, thus repeating the mistake.  You will continue to encounter the lesson until you have fully learned it and then the Universe will allow you to move on. 

Look at your life and the areas that continue to creep up and haunt you.  What are they trying to teach you?  Go consciously into the lesson and look at the area that you need to learn so that you can move forward.  You may have to come up with a game plan and a goal to get past the lesson and keep it from being repeated for a lifetime.

 For instance, let’s say that you have money troubles on a frequent basis.  You are always struggling to make ends meet.  You live paycheck to paycheck.  You come up short sometimes for bills and you have to pay them late which incurs another charge to be added.  Look at the situation closely.  What can you do to solve the problem and get past it?  The answer would be to cut back on frivolous spending and put that money aside as a savings to use when needed. 

Starting the process may take some time, but as you do, the cycle will begin to rotate away from the problem and towards the solution until the problem completely dissipates.  Try this with any lesson that is repeatedly showing itself in your life. Amen.


Love is one of the greatest manifesting tools

Come from a place of love in all that you do.  Love is a high vibration.  It is the highest vibration that you can feel.  It is pure Divine Love and Light that comes from Divine Spirit directly to your Higher Self.  This love is magical.  It can change relationships.  It can make things happen.  Love can uplift the world. 

The act of love is so simple and it is so natural.  Everyone feels the stream of love flowing through them.  Some people prefer to allow Ego to take the wheel and to push love away when they are angry or frustrated.  This is the wrong approach during these situations.  This is when love is needed the most – to get you past the situation. 

We are not saying that you have to ignore feelings of anger or frustration.  To do so would allow it to build up inside of you until it eventually causes an explosion.  What we are asking you to do is to learn to pivot quickly from a place of anger and frustration to a place of love. 

Take yourself out of the situation that is causing the lower vibrations to continue.  Take yourself out mentally or physically.  Focus on something that brings you joy and peace in the moment that you are feeling these emotions.  Focus on your breath.  Give yourself a few moments and control your emotions so that you do not erupt with lower vibrating emotions.  Clear the air.  Walk away if you must.  In the early training stages this may be highly necessary. 

Pull the love and light from your Higher Self forward into your conscious reality.  You will feel it wash over you and bring you peace.  Then, apply it to the situation.  If another person is involved and they seem to be dug in with their heels and not responding with love to your attempts, it is ok.  Give it time.  Don’t force it.  Let your anger and frustration dissipate with the presence of love and light.  With time, they will come around.  Fear not.  Love is magical.  Love is one of the greatest manifesting tools there is.  Amen.



Begin each day with a conversation with your Higher self.  Go within through Meditation and/or Prayer and connect with your Higher Self. 

Have a conversation and ask questions.  Ask for guidance or clarity about a situation that you may be worried or unsure about.  Ask your Higher Self to be a conduit and to pass along messages from Divine Spirit and ask your Higher Self to co-navigate your life with you, guiding you throughout your day to the next experience you are to have. 

Your Higher Self is your navigational system and it automatically, by default, speaks to you as your Intuition.  Any time you get a “gut feeling” of any sort, this is your Intuition automatically speaking to you.  This is your Higher Self attempting to navigate your life.  Whether you follow it or not is up to you.  The little voice inside your head is often Ego driven. 

Your Higher Self can be contacted and you can ask questions and ask for guidance.  When you do this, you are consciously connecting with your Intuition rather than it happening automatically.  The information that you receive is Divinely sent through your Higher Self.  The voice from your Higher Self is never negative.  It is always pure Love and Peace.  Trust it.  Rely on it.  Amen.



Physical life is a work in progress.  It is never finished; it only transforms back into spiritual form.  The connection between physical and spiritual life is made through your Higher Self, your soul to speak, and it is a never-ending union.  You carry part of your spiritual form inside of your physical body. 

This spiritual form is directly connected to Divine Spirit, the strongest spiritual force in eternity.  You are here on this physical plane to experience the physical world – to grow, learn, suffer, improve, lead, guide, teach, nurture and love.  You are here to improve on a daily basis.  You are a work in progress and you will never find completion. 

There is always another day that will come that will be another opportunity for growth and evolution.  If you choose to consciously evolve, you will live life awake with awareness and mindfulness.  You will live in the NOW.  You will realize that the past is the past and the future is unwritten.  You will realize that your reality is NOW and this is where your power lies – in the present moment.  Look at your life as a blank canvas.  You can color it any way that you want.  You have the power to create a beautiful masterpiece.  Amen.


The Power of Positive Thinking

The Art of Positive Thinking is very powerful and it is the ultimate way to live your life.  You can train yourself to see the best in all situations, but you will need to practice on a continual basis until it becomes an automatic way of thinking. 

Many times, often times, a human will learn a negative way of thinking beginning in the early stages of life.  These negative thought patterns are ingrained in the brain by repeated experiences and words from others that continuously drum into the brain until the thoughts become beliefs.  Once they become beliefs, they become an integral part of the psyche and it affects every aspect of life.  Thus, it is harder to create a positive mindset, because you will have to break an old thought pattern and create a new one.  It is not impossible.  It will take time.  It is 100% possible, but you will have to catch yourself many, many times thinking a negative thought, and then you will have to turn it into a positive thought. 

The process for improvement goes like this:  Number One:  Be aware of your thoughts and your feelings at all times.  When you notice that your thought or feeling is negative – when that little voice inside of you that is called Ego starts to talk negatively to you – you need to recognize this.  Number Two:  Pause.  Stop what you are doing and pause.  Number Three:  Place your focus to your breath for a few moments.  This will ground you and raise your focus level to a new height.  Number Four:  You will then place your focus on something positive and happy to think about.  It would help in the beginning to have a pre-written list of things, moments and experiences, or people that make you happy and refer to this list when you feel the negative thought creeping in.  Keep your focus on this list until you notice a great shift into a positive thought that creates a positive, happy and peaceful feeling inside of you.  Number Five:  Repeat this as often and as necessary throughout your day.  This process can also be practiced in times of anger, stress and frustration.  Follow the same protocol. 

All it takes is patience, time and practice to achieve a positive thought process.  It is not impossible.  You will notice a great light shining upon your life when you turn your thoughts and your actions to positive ones.  Amen.


Raise your vibration with positive thoughts

The only thing that worry is good for is to make you feel bad.  Worry lowers your vibration to such emotions as fear, anxiety, discomfort, and hopelessness and makes you feel like you are a failure.  Worry is driven by Ego. 

When you are in situations that are causing you worry and fear, it is best to acknowledge the feelings and then try to turn your attention, your focus, to a higher vibrating emotion such as hope, peace, positivity, and happiness.  You can do this by placing your focus on something that puts you in that higher vibrating place. 

Think of visions and memories that can put you in a higher vibrating position immediately.  Have this vision or memory on hand.  Write it down and carry it with you.  Then, when the negative emotion strikes, pull out the piece of paper and read the words of encouragement that you have written on the paper.  Read the memory that will trigger you into a higher vibrating position. 

Envision the memory in your mind and focus on it until you feel your vibration begin to rise.  Do this as often as you must to keep from dwelling in the lower vibration of worry and fear. 

With time, everything passes.  With time, everything works out.  Sometimes at the moment it doesn’t seem like it has worked out in the way you want it to, but if you wait and then look back, you will see that it worked out exactly as it needed to for you to grow and learn.  Amen.



Sympathy and understanding come in many forms.  They come in the form of time spent with someone.  They come in the form of advice.  They come in the form of a shoulder to cry on.  They come in the form of putting yourself in another person’s shoes.  It is important to show compassion for everyone that you encounter in life. 

Every person is enduring their own journey with their own perspective and no two journeys or perspectives are the same.  Everyone has a different perspective that is created from their own life experiences.  This perspective is built upon and created through continuous life experiences that make a person believe something is a certain way.  Another person’s life experiences will lead them to a different perspective on the same subject. 

Show sympathy and understanding to each person and their perspective.  There is no right perspective.  Each perspective is indicative of personal life experiences.  The more often that you are able to understand and accept another person’s actions and thoughts and feelings, the more harmonious your life will be. 

In circumstances where you do not morally or ethically agree with someone’s actions or thoughts, then it is your option to wish them well and move on.  Always come from a place of Love.  Amen.



Opportunities present themselves every day to you.  You have to learn to recognize the opportunities and seize them.  They may not always lead you directly where you are headed, but they will lead you to where you need to go for the next part of your journey.  Keep your eyes and your ears open. 

When you receive information, directly or indirectly, that resonates with you or causes a light bulb to go off, seize it.  You may not see immediate results, but rest assured that you will gain something from seizing the opportunity.  This could be more information to lead you to the next opportunity.  This could be information that will help you to grow and understand and learn.  This could be meeting someone who introduces you to someone else who is the opportunity. 

Don’t question it.  Follow your Intuition and allow your Higher Self to lead you from one opportunity to the next.  Don’t fear.  Believe that you are being led by your Higher Self to the destination that is intended for you.  Don’t allow your Ego to sidetrack you.  This will only slow down the journey.   

Go boldly.  Head high.  Eyes forward.  Ears open.  Arms outspread.  Follow your Intuition and allow it to take you to your dreams.  Amen.



Being aware of the direction you are heading in will offer you much peace and understanding.  When you float through life like a bird on the wind, you need to make sure that you are honing in on what it is that you want in life and not just floating along as opportunities go by. 

Every day, wake up and make a list of what you want to accomplish in that day.  If there is a goal that you want to accomplish that will take a long time to bring to fruition, then every day, take the time to strategize and to write down the steps you will take that day to make you one step closer to your goal coming to life.  It isn’t hard.  It just takes patience, persistence, and tenacity. 

You must have a game plan.  You must know what you want and carry the belief that it will come true.  Don’t allow negative self-chatter of Ego to talk you out of anything.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that it will never come to life.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that you are not worthy. 

Reach deep inside to your Higher Self to receive the words of encouragement you need to keep going when you feel like giving up.  Listen to the words of your Intuition to tell you which direction to head in.  Listen to the loving words of Divine Spirit that are being transmitted to your Higher Self to build you up and give you substance.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Believe.  Amen.



Do not worry so much about the things that you cannot control.  There are many things in life that you can’t control but there are also some important things that you can control. 

You can control your emotions.  You can control your reaction to situations.  It takes practice.  It does not come automatically.  It takes conscious awareness of your emotions at all times to control and direct them. 

Avoid knee jerk reactions to situations.  Rather pause.  Pause and focus on your breath for a few moments before allowing your emotions to spiral out of control.  Center and ground yourself through your breath.  You can always come back to a place of peace and control when you place your focus on your breath. 

The physical world places a lot of stressors on its beings.  These stressors are to help you navigate and help you to grow through your physical experience of Life.  It would be wise to learn as much as you can from every experience that will help you to improve and navigate to the next experience.  Control what you can and let go of the rest.  Give it up to Divine Spirit.  You will find instant peace when you do this.  Amen.


Slow down your life

Take time to be at peace.  Take time to be still – to rest.  The art of constant motion is tiring and you need to recharge yourself on a regular and daily basis many times during the day.  Focus on meditation.  Meditate when you wake up first thing in the morning.  Focus on your breath.  Study its natural rhythm of in and out.  This rhythm will be similar to a rocking sensation that you used to be soothed by as a child.  Go back to your breath in any and all moments of stress and anxiety – frustration or hurriedness.  Why must you hurry through life?  What is it you are in a hurry about?  Give yourself ample time in every scheduled situation so that you do not feel the anxiety of hurriedness.  You will feel more at peace and grounded when you follow this principle.  Slow down.  Smell the roses.  Take in the nature.  Watch children at play.  Slow down your life.  Appreciate more.  Give more.  Time is a precious commodity.  Every person in the world has a limited amount.  Use your time to your advantage and best interest.  Fill it with peaceful thoughts, positivity, hopefulness and grace.  Amen.


Look for the lighthouse to lead you

Life is easier than many of you make it out to be.  You need to learn to be at ease and go with the flow. Be patient.  Everything comes around.  Life is like a neverending circle that goes around and around and around.  View it as such and it will bring you peace and solace.  Do not put up resistance when things aren’t going your way.  These are the times when you must be the most fluid.  Allow yourself the opportunity to flow with every situation.  Do not fear.   Do not rush.  Do not lose hope.  Believe.  have faith.  Wait for the storm to end when you are in the middle of it.  Look for the lighthouse to lead you out of the fog.  Be brave.  be fearless. Be bold.  Look inward and you will find the light you seek.  Amen


Come from a place of LOVE

This year come from a place of love instead of fear.  Do all things in love.  Surround love around every situation.  This is a good time to practice. Control the lower vibrating emotions such as fear, anger and impatience.  Breathe.  Focus on your breathing during the stressful times that cause anxiety.  Keep the notion: Everything always works out for my best interest.  It does.  Everything happens to carry you onto your next phase in life – your next path on the journey.  Stay mindful.  Stay hopeful.  Focus on the blessings in your life.  Give attention to the things that bring you peace and happiness and stay in this element as often as possible.  It will help you to attract more “like experiences” to increase this higher vibration.  Have faith.  Believe.   You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Amen.


Allow Appreciation to guide your day

When you are feeling that you do not have enough, this is the time to focus on what you have.  Place your attention to the blessings in your life and more blessings will come.  It really is that simple. 

The Art of Gratitude is vital in receiving more of what you are thankful for.  In your days, come from a place of appreciation, instead of a place of frustration.   Recognize when you are frustrated and pause.  Bring your attention to something that pleases you that you are grateful for.  This will change the emotion from frustration to appreciation immediately and you will notice your whole demeanor and wellbeing shift to the positive end of the spectrum. 

At that moment, you will begin attracting situations and people that are on the positive end of the spectrum rather than the negative.  You will feel an immediate sense of peace as you appreciate.  How can you make today better than yesterday?  Focus on your blessings in times of frustration and allow your appreciation to guide you through the day.  Amen.



Peace comes from within.  The peace that you seek during times of frustration or stress will be found residing within your Higher Self that is directly connected to Divine Spirit.  Reach inward and connect with your Higher Self.  Make the conscious connection.  You are always connected, but in the physical world, Ego gets in the way. 

Ego is the King of lower vibrations: false self-worth, conceitedness, superiority, frustration, anger, jealousy, poor self-confidence, etc.  Ego brings you down.   Your Higher Self lifts you up.  Your Higher Self is love, peace, contentment, satisfaction, patience, ease and gratitude. 

When you are reeling out of control, or are emotional, go within through meditation or prayer and quiet your mind and listen for your Higher Self to come forth.  The messages you receive from your Higher Self are Divine Spirit’s loving words.  The Love and Light from Divine Spirit shines brightly upon your Higher Self which is your illuminating Soul.  Find the peace that you search for waiting quietly for you in your Higher Self. Amen.


Time spent with others is sacred

Do not allow technology to separate you as a society.  Do not let technology isolate you.  It causes separation, isolation, misunderstandings, lack of sensitivity and confusion.  Technology is good for many things, but it is also a detriment to many things. 

Time spent with others should be a time that is uninterrupted.  There are sacred moments that you share when you are together and they should be treated as such.  Allowing technology to get in the way of these moments causes a divide between two people.  There needs to be understanding. 

There is a time for everything and everything a time.  Keep this idea as you travel through life.  Everything has its place and its time.  Choose to limit technology to times when you are alone and are in the working mindset.  This is the time that you should dedicate to answering emails and checking messages.  The times spent with family and friends need to be reserved as sacred moments that will never happen the same way again.  Remove the technology and connect with the people who are in your presence while they are there.  Connection will lead to greater understanding and intimacy.  Amen.


Quiet your mind and gain control

Your mind is like a merry go round turning around and around and around.  There are simple strategies you can follow to remove stress from your life and let you have a sense of control.  When you find yourself feeling this way, you need some control and this can be achieved by making lists of things that you need to do.  This will keep your mind from scrambling to try to remember all that you need to do that is overwhelming you. 

As humans, you tend to put a lot on your plate.  This, in turn, causes you to be overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed.  Take a moment and pull yourself out of the equation and look at it from a broader perspective.  Focus on your breath.  Ground yourself.  Breathe.  Relax.  Write down all that you need to do and want to do, short term and long term, and then follow the list.  Merely writing down what needs to be done will be enough to make you feel relaxed.   

Everything you want to complete can be completed and it can be completed in the time frame that you desire.  All it takes is patience and tenacity.  Bringing your attention to a list that you have created will give you an overall view of all that needs to be done and allows you to estimate the time that is needed.  You can shuffle things around on the list, prioritizing based on items that need immediate completion and based on the estimated time to complete the task.  This strategy will give you control, overall perspective and a direction to begin completing your list.  Amen


Choose to live a Consciously Evolving life

Conscious Evolution is the ability to consciously evolve through living your life mindfully and open-eyed.  There are so many humans who are going through life on automatic.  They are not paying attention to their emotions.  They are allowing their emotional system to run wild and they are not trying to control them.  This is Automatic Living.  This is living without a purpose. 

There must be control and mindfulness if you are going to live a Consciously Evolving life.  You must be aware at all times of your emotions.  You must be aware at all times of the lessons of your experiences so that you may use the lessons for further growth.  You must remain mindful in the NOW and ignore the past and future. 

The present time is your reality.  The NOW is your reality.  The past is gone and the future is before you.  All that you live is here and now.  Make a pact with yourself to be mindful and act accordingly.  Make a pact with yourself to Consciously Evolve every moment of the day.  Choose your reactions to situations wisely.  Don’t live on automatic mode. 

Control your emotions and come from a higher vibrating emotion in all situations.  When you are feeling a lower emotion such as anger or impatience, make the choice to stop and focus on your breath for a few moments to center yourself, become mindful and gain composure.  Then, when you are feeling the peace of your Higher Self, move forward, returning to the experience that is causing a lower vibration reaction.  Come from a place of Love and Peace.  It will diffuse the situation and anyone else involved in the situation.  The peace will flow to you through your Higher Self from Divine Spirit.  This is Conscious Evolution.  Begin today.  Amen.


Release repeated lessons

Follow the path that you are given to travel down.  As you come across areas that are crossroads, make the decision to follow the path that brings you the most excitement and anticipation.  Look forward and never look behind you.  The past is over.  Take the lessons learned with you so that you can apply them to the present and future experiences.  Allow them to help you not repeat the same lessons over again.  You only need to learn a lesson once. 

If you find throughout your past, present or future life that you are experiencing situations that teach you the same lesson over and over again, it is merely the Universe trying to get you past a subject that your spirit is clinging to.  The reason for clinging to a situation may never be known.  It is possibly carried over from past lives.  Until you learn the lesson, it will be repeated.  Until your soul wants to release it, it will be repeated. 

Go within to your Higher Self and talk to Divine Spirit about the repeated lesson.  Ask for clarity and ask for release.  You surely learned the lesson the first time around.  You don’t need continuous reinforcement.  Release it.  Ask Divine Spirit to release the experience from your physical and spiritual existence. 

Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to navigate your life with you and ask them what you want to create in your life.  Rely on the different Archangels that will help you in areas of communication, protection, self-love, and growth.  They cannot intervene until asked, but they are surely always walking beside you throughout your journey of Life.  Lean upon them for understanding and insight.  Listen for their messages.  They come to you with a high pitch whisper.  Listen closely to the messages they deliver.  Amen.



Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.  This is physically and mentally speaking.  Fill your body with peaceful thoughts not thoughts that are driven by Ego such as jealousy, fear, anger, insensitivity, lack of self-confidence. 

Turn to your Higher Self and listen to the messages that Divine Spirit sends you through your higher self.  These are messages of love, compassion, peace, sensitivity, charity, generosity, improvement, growth, conscious evolution, self-improvement, mindfulness, stillness, peace, charity.  These higher vibrations will uplift your psyche and you will notice a lighter spring to your step.  Things that you may have once looked at in a negative way will suddenly be seen in a new perspective. 

Do not judge.  Everyone has their own life and their own plight and nobody is better than anyone else.  Have compassion for your fellow man.  You never know exactly what is going on in someone’s life or their psyche. 

Stay in tune with your body and feed it nutritional food and drink that will improve its function, not wear it down.  Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, sugar, salt, and other chemicals that are unnatural and cause your body to work against itself as it tries to repair the damage caused by these elements. 

Meditate daily and pray often.  You can combine meditation with prayer, if you so choose.  Believe.  Have faith.  Understand.  Respect.  Listen.  Show compassion.  Gain insight to the lives of others and guide them as needed.  Listen.  Breathe.  Be mindful and live in the NOW.  Amen.



Where there is a will there is a way.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  You must decide what you want and have the will to go after it.  Don’t give up.  Have faith and determination.  Have confidence and belief. 

The obstacles that you will surely encounter are there to help navigate you on the journey.  Do not put up resistance.  Let it flow.  The obstacles are to be used as stepping stones in the creation of all that you desire. 

What is it you want?  What do you truly desire?  Where do you want to go in life?  What does this vision look like?  Focus on the vision.  Focus on what you want your life to look like and all that you desire.  Keep your focus on this image and idea.  Spend at least 5 minutes a day, at the beginning of the day before you get distracted with the action of the day, to focus on this image.  Create a list that you can read to further affirm all that you desire.  Continue daily.  Amen.


Live your best life by eliminating stress

Stress is something that will keep you from who you truly are.  Stress is what will keep you from having all that you desire.  Stress is propelled by lower vibrations of frustration, impatience, feeling overwhelmed, discouragement, hurriedness, pressure, etc.  Stress affects your body and your mind in so many negative ways that it ages you much quicker than nature does.  If you can learn to control your stress through anti-stress procedures then you can greatly improve your life and gain the ability to focus on how you really want your life to be.

In moments of stress, it is important to take a moment to focus on your breath.  Focusing on your breath is one of the easiest and quickest ways to calm yourself.  It makes you have to take your attention from what is stressing you out and place it firmly on a simple and natural action that you do automatically. 

Being mindful in the moment and placing your focus on your breath, noticing the action of taking a long deep breath in and a slow long deep breath out while maintaining a rhythmic pattern, will very quickly lower blood pressure, calm the frenzy of your mind and slow the blood flow in your body.  You will achieve a calmness very quickly if you can focus on your breath until you come to the place of calmness.  It is important that you do this procedure for at least 2-3 minutes.  The longer the better. 

Once you have quieted your mind and your body, return to the physical world and place your focus again on the situation that had you stressed out.  You will be more clear minded and calm and this will allow you to move forward through the experience calmly rather than in a stressed out and frenzied manner.  Repeat focusing on your breath as many times as you need to.  It may bring added comfort, depending on the circumstances, to add a prayer or words of gratitude focusing on the blessings in your life while you are focusing on your breath.  Amen


Use the power of the full moon to get what you want

The full moon is a time when you can release all that no longer serves you to make room for new energy.  The full moon’s energy is very strong and commanding.  You can feel it in the tide of the sea, the habits of the creatures, the moonshine upon your skin.  It is magical and powerful. 

Take the opportunity to release all that no longer serves you for your highest good.  Take a long hard look within yourself and do an assessment on the areas that need improvement and release.  Release bad habits, old thought patterns, anger you have been holding on to, grudges, sadness and anguish and allow it to make room for new brighter energy such as happiness, lightness, positivity, healthy habits, etc. 

Use the power of the full moon to manifest with you to get you what you want in life.  Write down all that you desire to bring into your life and ask the full moon to co-create with you.  Burn the list under the full moon at night.  Give thanks to the Universe for all its gifts – wanted or unwanted. 

You get what you give.  Give positive energy and receive positive energy.  Give negative energy and receive negative energy.  Put on a smile.  Walk lighter today.  Be faithful.  Be hopeful.  Look to the sky and give thanks.  Amen.



Make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself and forgive others for things that happened in the past.

Make peace with yourself.  If there is anything that you are holding on to from the past that is affecting your present then you need to let go of this. 

Forgive.  Forgive yourself and forgive others for things that happened in the past.  The past is over.  It was once lived as the present moment, but now it is the past.  It cannot be changed.  All you can do is forgive and release the events of the past that shaped you.  It is ok to forgive yourself.

Whether the experiences were negative or positive, every experience of the past has shaped who you are today.  The negative experiences helped you to learn and grow and the positive experiences reinforced your pattern of behavior. 

Do not live a present life of regret.  Everything happened for a reason to get you to the point where you are today.  Embrace and rejoice in this knowledge.  Every human being is placed in the physical world to grow, learn, improve and uplift.  Like a butterfly, you are here to manifest through transformation into something greater than you started out to be. 

This is the process of LIFE.  Grow.  Learn.  Evolve.  Manifest.  Transform.  Conscious Evolution will allow you the opportunity to be conscious of your growth and evolution and allow you the opportunity to create the life that you want to live.  Amen.


Don’t allow fear and worry to be the leaders of your life

Worrying is an emotion that vibrates on a lower energy level.  Worry comes from a lack of control, fear of outcome, and fear of the unknown. Worry joins hands with fear and they make a strong couple that can cripple you and control you. 

Don’t allow fear and worry to be the leader of your life.  Take back control in these times by focusing on your breath to calm yourself and then place your focus on something that brings you peace and calmness.  Let go of the fact that you are not in control of anything more than your emotions and your vibration. 

You have control over your emotions and vibration even though at times it feels like you do not.  You can control them and change them by focusing on your breath, then turning your focus to something positive and learning how to control thought. 

It is not impossible, but it may not come easily.  You need to practice this process so that each time you are faced with worry and fear, the amount of time switching from a lower vibration to a higher vibration becomes less and less until it is almost or becomes nonexistent. 

The only thing that worry and fear are good for is robbing you of this moment’s happiness.  It doesn’t change anything.  Go with the flow.  Have faith.  Believe.  Be happy. Be positive.  Be optimistic.  Have faith that everything is always working out for you.  Amen.


Make today one of the best days of your life!

Be at peace.  Be calm and loving today.  Go with the flow.  Don’t offer or allow any resistance in your day.  It will flow smoothly if you allow it to.  Don’t try to control it too much.  Be organic about it.  Natural. 

There will be some road blocks throughout your day, but you can drive effortlessly around them if you stay calm and focused.  Focus on your breath when you find yourself getting worked up or stressed.  It is OK.  Remember that everything is working out EXACTLY the way it is supposed to, so to lead you to the next part of your journey. 

You may not know why things happen when they do, but you can look back and piece together why things led you to the places you arrived.  Have faith.  Trust.  Believe.  Don’t second guess.  Be unwavering in your faith.  Divine Spirit is interested in what is for your highest good and the Love and Light permeates to your Higher Self.  Tap in and consciously receive this Love and Light and make today one of the best days of your life!  Amen. 


The Season of Giving

During this special season, it is important to focus on gratitude and charity.  Give thanks for the blessings in your life.  Taken notice of what they are and write them down as a reminder.  Read the list every day, especially upon waking, and give thanks for all that you have in your precious life. 

Be charitable with your time and energy.  Reach out to those less fortunate in your eyes and offer your time and energy.  Give advice.  Be a shoulder to cry on.  Watch their children so they can take a break.  Comfort them.  Love them.  Lift them up. 

You are all natural Uplifters, but often times you allow life experiences and Ego to get in the way.  Move past this by tapping into your Higher Spirit and allowing the Love and Light of Divine Spirit to come forward and permeate every action you make.  Give love.  Give comfort.  Give hope.  Give positivity.  Give light.  Amen.


How to manifest the life that you want

How can you manifest the life that you want?  Don’t worry.  Let it flow.  Focus on the positive and ignore the negative.  Give thanks and appreciation for all the blessings in your life every day.  Place your focus on what you have in your life and you will receive more. 

Be specific about what you want.  Write the wish down on a piece of paper and be as specific as possible.  Don’t put a time limit on its arrival, because there is no time in the spirit realm.  You will receive all that you want in Divine timing. 

Many times when you desire something, you receive it, but it does not come exactly the way you hoped for it to.  For example, it may come in the form of a breakup that opens the door to a new relationship that you had been wishing for.  It could also come as an unpleasant experience that leads you to what you truly want. 

Divine Spirit can be mysterious, but is VERY generous.  Divine Spirit knows the best path for you to receive all that you want and desire in life.  You must have a strong desire, belief, knowing, anticipation, excitement and no conflicting thoughts to create the life that you want.  Conflicting thoughts are resistance added that slow down the process temporarily or indefinitely if you do not remove the resistance. 

Think of resistance as a rock in the river.  As the water rushes up to it, the rock in the way of the river’s path won’t let the water pass, so the water rushes to it and backs up.  A small amount may escape around the sides, but the majority of it remains backed up, rushing against the rock and causing energy to build. 

Remove the rock and the river rushes through until it maintains a steady flow again.  This is what happens with your dreams when you want something, but add resistant thoughts like: ‘I won’t get it.’ or ‘I don’t deserve it.’,etc.  Keep resistance out of the equation and let your wishes flow to you.  Amen.


Focus on the fluidity of life

Time and space are endless, as are the Universe and Spiritual realm.  Thus, there is no physical time in space or spiritual realm.  Time is a manufactured creation of the physical world created as a guideline to follow to give you a sense of schedule in life. 

In the spiritual world, everything is fluid.  Everything flows along continuously and this eliminates stress and unease.  There is no place to be at a certain time.  There is no rush.  There is no perceived slow down.  There is only continuous rotation of being. 

The closest feeling to the spiritual world that you can comprehend is when you are asleep.  There is no consciousness of time at all.  There is just a never ending flow that continues until you come back to consciousness and your waiting alarm clock.  Use time in the physical world wisely.  Don’t let it control you or stress you out.  Look at it as a guide to schedule, but not as something that controls you. 

Be conscious of the fluidity of the space around you and, like a revolving world, how it continues to revolve.  Place your attention on the fluidity of life rather than the scheduled parts of life.  In nature, there is no time that is focused on like it is in the human world.  You witness a much calmer and streamlined world.  Take away the pressure of time by not allowing it to stress you out.  Focus on the fluidity of life as it passes by.  Amen.


Transition from sleep state to meditative state daily

Calm your mind on a regular basis.  You humans tend to overthink too much, worry too much, feel too much, see too much, strategize too much.  This tires out your mind, your body, your immune system, and your spirit.  You need to give your mind a rest on a daily basis. 

It may sound counterintuitive, but you need to do this first thing after you wake up.  Your mind is already in a quieted state from sleep.  It has not had a chance to get to a full revolution of thoughts and worries.  Yes, you may awaken with worry on your mind and you may have marinated all night long in worry, but your unconsciousness diluted it and it weakened.  When you awaken, whether you have worry or overthinking on your mind or not, it is in a weakened state. 

Awaken and go directly into a meditative state.  Focus on a sound or on a guided meditation that concentrates on your situation of worry, anxiety, overthinking, etc.  Spend at least 10-15 minutes in this state.  It will ground you.  It will keep the momentum at a slower pace.  It will make you see things in a different and not so dire perspective.  It will calm your respiratory and circulatory systems. 

You can turn to meditation at any time during the day – when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety or overproduction of thoughts – simply focus on your breath.  Close your eyes and focus on the rhythm of your breath until you feel a calmness overcome you.   Focus on its rhythmic pattern of deep inhalation in, holding for three moments, then slow deep exhalation out.  Repeat as often as necessary.  Amen.


Make the most of every day

Every day is a blessing and a gift and you should use each day to improve yourself.  Take the time to become familiar with the areas of yourself that need improvement. 

Write these areas down on a piece of paper so that it is easy to focus on one at a time.  Think of ways that you can improve the areas that need it and write out a game plan in step by step instructions to achieve your goal.  Begin the improvement process at the beginning of every week. 

On Sundays, take the time to do a self-assessment and create the self-improvement list. On Monday mornings, choose one area to begin to improve.  Follow the game plan you created. Each day of the week choose one area to improve that day.  You may find that you have to work on an area for multiple days.  That decision is up to you and what your Intuition tells you to do.  Follow your Intuition.

You are spiritual beings in physical form.  Your journey through Life is to return home to the spiritual world.  While you travel down your path of Life in the physical form, it is your duty to grow and expand and improve your physical self.  You can do it.  Amen.


Allow your Spirituality to come forward

Spirituality is your personal connection to Divine Spirit.   It is not something that should be bragged about or ashamed of.  Spirituality is being able to reach inside yourself and connect with your Higher Self that is always connected to Divine Spirit to receive guidance and messages.  When you choose to allow the stream to flow to you, you will feel the Love and Light of Divine Spirit permeate your being and bring you a calming comfort, peace, and serenity. 

Cutting off the stream allows lower vibrations that are dominated by Ego to take over.  They most often cause you to feel negative physical world emotions and then they influence your thoughts, emotions, experience, and decisions.  They only serve in the physical world and often influence your life in a negative way. 

Allow your spirituality to come forward and regularly practice coming from a place of Light and Love in all situations.  This will be difficult at first when you are faced with highly emotional situations that bring up negative emotions and reactions.  Take a moment to step back from the intensity and close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Reach inside yourself to connect to your Higher Self and you will find that you are able to defuse and eliminate the intensity and come from a place of Light and Love that will completely eradicate the negative situation altogether.  With time and practice, this habit will become second nature and you will witness the drastic and beautiful change in your life experience.  Amen.


Mistakes are opportunities for GROWTH

Go easy on yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes or wrong choices in life.  Every mistake and every wrong choice have led you to where you are today. 

Life is all about trial and error.  There is NEVER any failure: NEVER ANY FAILURE.  YOU most certainly are NOT a failure.  Life is about learning and growing and improving.  When you stop doing that, you have entered back into the spiritual form and spiritual world. 

Follow your mistakes and wrong choices like stepping stones and allow them to guide you to the next part of your life experience.  Look at these moments as opportunities to grow and learn. 

Don’t allow your Ego to chastise you or belittle you.  Make sure that you learn from your mistakes and wrong choices so that you can overcome them and prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Everyone, and We mean EVERYONE, makes mistakes and often times what looks like a mistake becomes the greatest teacher of all.  Have faith.  Hope.  Desire.  Trust.  Belief.  Tenacity.  Willingness to grow.   Desire to learn.  Amen.


Your greatest teacher is LIFE

You know by now, through the amount of life that you have lived, that life isn’t all roses and rainbows.  There are stormy times and there are times when there are dark clouds looming before you that cause uncertainty and fear.  It is important to look at those times with the proper perspective. 

Fear is almost always caused by the unknown.  You don’t know what will happen so you fear what will happen.  You fear not having control.  You fear what you will experience.  Push fear aside.  Look with hope at any impending experiences that may bring fear to the surface.  There is hope for growth and for lessons to be learned.  There is hope for self-improvement and mindfulness. 

Lessons in life come in the form of unsettling events.  These events spur growth and learning.  The greatest teaching moments are the moments that have the greatest impact.  Most often these are the moments that make you the most unpleasant.  They make you take notice.  They make you take a step back.  They make you think.  They make you strategize.  They make you second guess.  They make you notice.  Do not be afraid of the unsettling moments.  Do not shy away.  Go boldly forward to these moments and live them courageously with open eyes and open minds and look at them for growth and lessons.  Analyze the situation and see the lessons that you can learn from.  You will grow the most through moments of trials. 

Nothing is ever the end.  Nothing is ever final, because there is no finality.  Life is eternal.  It is an eternal circle that continues to go around and around and around.  No matter how bad things get in life, you can be assured that they will get better.  It is the yin and yang of life.  It is the fluidity of the circle of life that continues to rotate around and around.  In moments of trials, look hopefully ahead to the peace that awaits there.  During the moments, reach into your Higher Spirit for comfort and peace.  Allow the Light and Love of Divine Spirit to permeate your physical being in a noticeable way.  Amen.


Manifest the life that you want

Manifestation is easier than you think.  You need to focus on what you want and don’t waver from it.  Don’t allow resistance to be introduced which will place your focus in the opposite direction. 

You can do, be or have whatever you want, but you have to believe it.  Belief is what makes it becomes a reality.  We will tell you that it is not easy.  If it was, there would be millions of people walking around as millionaires in the bodies of their dreams. 

What happens is, when resistance is introduced through negative self-chatter that comes from Ego telling you it won’t happen or you aren’t deserving of it, this prevents what you want from arriving.  If you can tune into your Higher Spirit, it will tell you that you are worthy and capable of anything that you want. 

It takes belief, determination and unwavering anticipation.  Anticipate what is coming.  Believe what is coming and don’t give up.  It really is that simple.  Amen.


Ignorance is Bliss

Ignore that which you do not like and that which brings your emotions and your vibrations to a lower level.  Place your focus instead on things that are more pleasing to your psyche that will put you in a higher emotional state and higher vibration.  Placing your focus on things that make you happy and excited or satisfied and thankful will allow you to reach a state that will help all the areas of your life be peaceful and satisfactory. 

Be conscious and recognize when you are experiencing something that is causing you to feel a lower vibration and make a conscious effort to change your vibration by choosing to focus on something more pleasant.  This is not a habit that will come automatically. You will have to hone the skill and be aware in each and every moment.  It will call for you to recognize and control your actions before you make any.  It will call for you to have to recognize what is causing the negative emotion to form and to pull from your library of thoughts a contradictory positive moment that will pull your vibration up.  With practice, this can become second nature, to the point that your lower vibrating thoughts will become nonexistent.  Amen


Life through rose colored glasses

Look at your life through rose colored glasses.  There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.  No matter how in much of a disarray your life may be at times, it can always come back to a peaceful stream. 

Life is like a river and there are always going to be rapids and smooth currents.  Change is inevitable.  Nothing stays the same.  You would not want it to anyways, because that would be mundane.  Human beings do not like when things are routine and boring.  They long for excitement.  Change can bring the excitement that you crave if you look at it as such. 

You need to recognize that the river of life won’t always be calm and serene.  You will surely come upon some rapids and these rapids are opportunities for growth and expansion.  You need the growth and expansion to move along in life.  Embrace it rather than offer resistance against it. 

Look at your life through rose colored glasses and choose to see the beauty that it possesses.  Give thanks every single day for your life and all the blessings that reside there.  Take a hard look at the parts that you perceive as less favorable and find blessings within them as well.  Amen.


Look at your life as a work in progress

Life is about choices.  You can choose to be sad or happy.  You can choose to be pleased or displeased.  You can choose to be positive or negative.  You can choose to be angry or satisfied.  You have control over every emotion that you choose to feel.  Everything is within your power and you have more control than you give yourself credit for. 

Of course, you will automatically feel an emotion that is tied to an experience.  The experience will bring up emotions based on other experiences and emotions such as loss, peace, excitement, past memories, etc.  Once you feel the initial emotion, whether it is positive or negative, you have the choice to continue to feel the initial emotion or move past it and feel better. 

When you are experiencing a negative emotion, you have the power to move beyond it.  Believe it or not.  The question is:  How do you move beyond a negative emotion?  The answer is simple:  by focusing on a positive aspect of the experience.  If you cannot find a positive aspect of the experience to focus on, then you will need to pull another experience/memory forward that easily brings you positive emotions and place your focus there.   This will result in you dousing the fire of the negative emotion as the positive emotion takes over. 

It will take long, hard practice for this action to become automatic, but it is not impossible.  Look at your life as a work in progress.  Take every opportunity to improve.  Improve your emotions and you will improve your life immediately.  Amen


Love yourself as much as you love others

Honor yourself.  Respect yourself.  Love yourself.  Change negative thought patterns that have developed over time and turn them into positive thought patterns. 

Your Ego is an expert at bullying.  Your Ego is an expert at talking you out of many things that your Intuition tells you to do and that your Higher Spirit wants you to do.  Your Ego is a master manipulator.  Don’t allow your Ego to run your life. 

You can overcome the habits and patterns of talking down to yourself.  You need to practice positive lessons to overcome and to turn your habits around.  Affirmations are a good start.  Every day recite Affirmations.  Make a list of loving Affirmations and post to your bathroom mirror.  After you wake up, recite the Affirmations.  Repeat multiple times during the day.

Talk to yourself in a positive and loving way.  Talk to yourself as you would a lover or best friend.  Boost yourself up;  don’t tear yourself down.  Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively and immediately look at yourself or situation in a positive way.  You can always find something positive to focus on.  No matter how small the positive insight is, it will be magnificent to your psyche.  With time you will train your brain to speak lovingly and positive to yourself. 

Allow your Higher Spirit to guide you.  Push Ego aside.  Meditate daily and ground yourself.  Ask the Angels to intervene.  Call upon Archangel Chamuel and ask for the power of self-love and improvement.  Amen.


Allow your Intuition to guide your life

Listen to your heart and listen to your intuition.  Your Intuition is pure and honest.  It is the guiding light and love that is directly sent information and guidance from Divine Spirit and your spirit guides.  Allow your Intuition to come forward and guide your life.  

Don’t allow your Ego to mute the sound of your Intuition.  Ego is self-serving and false.  Disregard Ego.  Ego is perceived armor for the physical world, but it is false armor.  It does more harm than good.  Take a moment to recognize the emotions that surround Ego.  Ego is selfish, jealous, over-zealous, protective, harsh, judgmental, insecure and false.  Recognize when Ego is used.  Is it used for self-serving opportunities or does it serve all?  

Intuition is loving, positive, confident, assured, honest and true.  Your Intuition is the little voice inside of you that guides you and protects you.  Don’t let Ego overshadow and quiet the voice of your Intuition.  Allow Intuition to lead the way and your life will be greatly improved for it.  Amen.


Make the most of the present moment

Every new day is a blessing.  Find appreciation for each and every day.  Take advantage of each new day to improve yourself.  Strive to be a better version of you than you were yesterday. 

Live in the NOW.  The present moment that you are experiencing is your reality.  Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow is merely a dream.  Today and this moment in time is your reality.  Memories are no longer realities.  Hopes for tomorrow are merely hopes that haven’t come true yet.  Listen and stay present in the NOW. 

Be mindful.  Don’t allow your mind to wander and get lost in memories of yesterday.  Don’t allow your mind to wander and get lost in dreams of tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  Make the most of the present moment and the gifts it has to offer:  the gift of mindfulness, the gift of presence, the gift of improvement, the gift of attention and focus, the gift of stillness.  Capture this moment in time and make the best use of it as possible.  Be present.  Amen.


Detox to Refresh

Take time every week to detox your body.  One day a week minimum, set aside for a complete detox day.  Only eat natural and organic items.  Eliminate sugar, alcohol, tobacco and preservatives.  You will feel energized and your body will feel in tune and refreshed when completed.  Repeat at least once a week for optimum results. 

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  When you want something sweet, eat some fruit.  It will fulfill your sweet tooth cravings: apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes.  You can eat a small amount of lean chicken, if desired.  Make sure that it is cooked in the oven with few spices.  Squeeze lemons over it after it is completed.  

Drink lots of lemon water all day long.  Drink at least 8 glasses of lemon water to flush out your system.   Drink fresh orange juice three times a day.  Use fresh oranges and make your own juice.  Don’t forget to drink Water – Water – Water – Water – Water.   

Exercise.  Walk a lot.  Walk at least three times during the day.  Make each walking interval 30 minutes.  This will help your blood flow and help to further push the toxins out of your body.  Take multiple deep breaths often throughout the day to push out any stale air that is trapped in the lower part of your lungs.

Wash your face with an exfoliator.  Clean your nasal passages with a saline solution.  The Netipot nasal irrigation system is a good system to use. 

Give thanks for the wonder of your body.  Ask Archangel Raphael to heal any areas that need to be repaired Amen.


Don’t give up on your dreams

Stay true to yourself.  Honor yourself.  Love yourself.  You have a gift to give the world.  This gift is the thing that you are most passionate about.  It is what resonates the most with you.  Don’t give up on your hopes and your dreams. 

Don’t allow negative self-chatter to tell you that you will be a failure.  Follow through anyways!  Work past the voice of Ego in your head that tries to convince you that you don’t know enough or you aren’t smart enough or you can’t do it or you will fail.  Move past the voice of Ego that always wants to keep you down. 

The voice of Ego comes across as the great protector, but really it is the great bully.  Who can bully you better than your Ego?  Your Ego can falsely build you up or realistically tear you down. 

Reach deep inside and connect with your Higher Spirit which is all loving, pure and positive. Your Higher Spirit receives a constant stream of Love and Light from Divine Spirit.  This is where peace lies.  Close your eyes.  Focus on your breath.  Go deep within and find the peace and the confidence that will lead you to your dreams.  Amen.


Compassion is the key

It is important that you are sensitive to the needs and emotions of others; this includes yourself.  Show yourself the same love and compassion that you would show another.  Be conscious and be sensitive to what your spirit needs. 

Listen to your Higher Spirit for guidance and direction to help you effectively and positively navigate the river of life.  Compassion for yourself will allow you to be more compassionate to others.  Train your brain to speak lovingly instead of harshly to yourself.  Give yourself a break.  The meaning of life is to learn and grow. 

When you are talking to others, listen compassionately.  Put yourself in their shoes and allow yourself to feel what they are relaying to you.  This approach will ease any anger or disagreements and it will help you understand each other better, which will, in turn, deepen the relationship. 

Remember that everyone has their own perspective.  No perspective is right or wrong, but it is right to the person who is perceiving.  Be respectful and appreciate each other.  Show gratitude for each other.  Listen.  Communicate effectively.  Understand.  Love yourself.  Respect yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Do something for yourself today.  Amen.