Use the power of the full moon to get what you want

The full moon is a time when you can release all that no longer serves you to make room for new energy.  The full moon’s energy is very strong and commanding.  You can feel it in the tide of the sea, the habits of the creatures, the moonshine upon your skin.  It is magical and powerful. 

Take the opportunity to release all that no longer serves you for your highest good.  Take a long hard look within yourself and do an assessment on the areas that need improvement and release.  Release bad habits, old thought patterns, anger you have been holding on to, grudges, sadness and anguish and allow it to make room for new brighter energy such as happiness, lightness, positivity, healthy habits, etc. 

Use the power of the full moon to manifest with you to get you what you want in life.  Write down all that you desire to bring into your life and ask the full moon to co-create with you.  Burn the list under the full moon at night.  Give thanks to the Universe for all its gifts – wanted or unwanted. 

You get what you give.  Give positive energy and receive positive energy.  Give negative energy and receive negative energy.  Put on a smile.  Walk lighter today.  Be faithful.  Be hopeful.  Look to the sky and give thanks.  Amen.



Make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself and forgive others for things that happened in the past.

Make peace with yourself.  If there is anything that you are holding on to from the past that is affecting your present then you need to let go of this. 

Forgive.  Forgive yourself and forgive others for things that happened in the past.  The past is over.  It was once lived as the present moment, but now it is the past.  It cannot be changed.  All you can do is forgive and release the events of the past that shaped you.  It is ok to forgive yourself.

Whether the experiences were negative or positive, every experience of the past has shaped who you are today.  The negative experiences helped you to learn and grow and the positive experiences reinforced your pattern of behavior. 

Do not live a present life of regret.  Everything happened for a reason to get you to the point where you are today.  Embrace and rejoice in this knowledge.  Every human being is placed in the physical world to grow, learn, improve and uplift.  Like a butterfly, you are here to manifest through transformation into something greater than you started out to be. 

This is the process of LIFE.  Grow.  Learn.  Evolve.  Manifest.  Transform.  Conscious Evolution will allow you the opportunity to be conscious of your growth and evolution and allow you the opportunity to create the life that you want to live.  Amen.


Don’t allow fear and worry to be the leaders of your life

Worrying is an emotion that vibrates on a lower energy level.  Worry comes from a lack of control, fear of outcome, and fear of the unknown. Worry joins hands with fear and they make a strong couple that can cripple you and control you. 

Don’t allow fear and worry to be the leader of your life.  Take back control in these times by focusing on your breath to calm yourself and then place your focus on something that brings you peace and calmness.  Let go of the fact that you are not in control of anything more than your emotions and your vibration. 

You have control over your emotions and vibration even though at times it feels like you do not.  You can control them and change them by focusing on your breath, then turning your focus to something positive and learning how to control thought. 

It is not impossible, but it may not come easily.  You need to practice this process so that each time you are faced with worry and fear, the amount of time switching from a lower vibration to a higher vibration becomes less and less until it is almost or becomes nonexistent. 

The only thing that worry and fear are good for is robbing you of this moment’s happiness.  It doesn’t change anything.  Go with the flow.  Have faith.  Believe.  Be happy. Be positive.  Be optimistic.  Have faith that everything is always working out for you.  Amen.


Make today one of the best days of your life!

Be at peace.  Be calm and loving today.  Go with the flow.  Don’t offer or allow any resistance in your day.  It will flow smoothly if you allow it to.  Don’t try to control it too much.  Be organic about it.  Natural. 

There will be some road blocks throughout your day, but you can drive effortlessly around them if you stay calm and focused.  Focus on your breath when you find yourself getting worked up or stressed.  It is OK.  Remember that everything is working out EXACTLY the way it is supposed to, so to lead you to the next part of your journey. 

You may not know why things happen when they do, but you can look back and piece together why things led you to the places you arrived.  Have faith.  Trust.  Believe.  Don’t second guess.  Be unwavering in your faith.  Divine Spirit is interested in what is for your highest good and the Love and Light permeates to your Higher Self.  Tap in and consciously receive this Love and Light and make today one of the best days of your life!  Amen. 


The Season of Giving

During this special season, it is important to focus on gratitude and charity.  Give thanks for the blessings in your life.  Taken notice of what they are and write them down as a reminder.  Read the list every day, especially upon waking, and give thanks for all that you have in your precious life. 

Be charitable with your time and energy.  Reach out to those less fortunate in your eyes and offer your time and energy.  Give advice.  Be a shoulder to cry on.  Watch their children so they can take a break.  Comfort them.  Love them.  Lift them up. 

You are all natural Uplifters, but often times you allow life experiences and Ego to get in the way.  Move past this by tapping into your Higher Spirit and allowing the Love and Light of Divine Spirit to come forward and permeate every action you make.  Give love.  Give comfort.  Give hope.  Give positivity.  Give light.  Amen.


How to manifest the life that you want

How can you manifest the life that you want?  Don’t worry.  Let it flow.  Focus on the positive and ignore the negative.  Give thanks and appreciation for all the blessings in your life every day.  Place your focus on what you have in your life and you will receive more. 

Be specific about what you want.  Write the wish down on a piece of paper and be as specific as possible.  Don’t put a time limit on its arrival, because there is no time in the spirit realm.  You will receive all that you want in Divine timing. 

Many times when you desire something, you receive it, but it does not come exactly the way you hoped for it to.  For example, it may come in the form of a breakup that opens the door to a new relationship that you had been wishing for.  It could also come as an unpleasant experience that leads you to what you truly want. 

Divine Spirit can be mysterious, but is VERY generous.  Divine Spirit knows the best path for you to receive all that you want and desire in life.  You must have a strong desire, belief, knowing, anticipation, excitement and no conflicting thoughts to create the life that you want.  Conflicting thoughts are resistance added that slow down the process temporarily or indefinitely if you do not remove the resistance. 

Think of resistance as a rock in the river.  As the water rushes up to it, the rock in the way of the river’s path won’t let the water pass, so the water rushes to it and backs up.  A small amount may escape around the sides, but the majority of it remains backed up, rushing against the rock and causing energy to build. 

Remove the rock and the river rushes through until it maintains a steady flow again.  This is what happens with your dreams when you want something, but add resistant thoughts like: ‘I won’t get it.’ or ‘I don’t deserve it.’,etc.  Keep resistance out of the equation and let your wishes flow to you.  Amen.


Focus on the fluidity of life

Time and space are endless, as are the Universe and Spiritual realm.  Thus, there is no physical time in space or spiritual realm.  Time is a manufactured creation of the physical world created as a guideline to follow to give you a sense of schedule in life. 

In the spiritual world, everything is fluid.  Everything flows along continuously and this eliminates stress and unease.  There is no place to be at a certain time.  There is no rush.  There is no perceived slow down.  There is only continuous rotation of being. 

The closest feeling to the spiritual world that you can comprehend is when you are asleep.  There is no consciousness of time at all.  There is just a never ending flow that continues until you come back to consciousness and your waiting alarm clock.  Use time in the physical world wisely.  Don’t let it control you or stress you out.  Look at it as a guide to schedule, but not as something that controls you. 

Be conscious of the fluidity of the space around you and, like a revolving world, how it continues to revolve.  Place your attention on the fluidity of life rather than the scheduled parts of life.  In nature, there is no time that is focused on like it is in the human world.  You witness a much calmer and streamlined world.  Take away the pressure of time by not allowing it to stress you out.  Focus on the fluidity of life as it passes by.  Amen.


Transition from sleep state to meditative state daily

Calm your mind on a regular basis.  You humans tend to overthink too much, worry too much, feel too much, see too much, strategize too much.  This tires out your mind, your body, your immune system, and your spirit.  You need to give your mind a rest on a daily basis. 

It may sound counterintuitive, but you need to do this first thing after you wake up.  Your mind is already in a quieted state from sleep.  It has not had a chance to get to a full revolution of thoughts and worries.  Yes, you may awaken with worry on your mind and you may have marinated all night long in worry, but your unconsciousness diluted it and it weakened.  When you awaken, whether you have worry or overthinking on your mind or not, it is in a weakened state. 

Awaken and go directly into a meditative state.  Focus on a sound or on a guided meditation that concentrates on your situation of worry, anxiety, overthinking, etc.  Spend at least 10-15 minutes in this state.  It will ground you.  It will keep the momentum at a slower pace.  It will make you see things in a different and not so dire perspective.  It will calm your respiratory and circulatory systems. 

You can turn to meditation at any time during the day – when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety or overproduction of thoughts – simply focus on your breath.  Close your eyes and focus on the rhythm of your breath until you feel a calmness overcome you.   Focus on its rhythmic pattern of deep inhalation in, holding for three moments, then slow deep exhalation out.  Repeat as often as necessary.  Amen.


Make the most of every day

Every day is a blessing and a gift and you should use each day to improve yourself.  Take the time to become familiar with the areas of yourself that need improvement. 

Write these areas down on a piece of paper so that it is easy to focus on one at a time.  Think of ways that you can improve the areas that need it and write out a game plan in step by step instructions to achieve your goal.  Begin the improvement process at the beginning of every week. 

On Sundays, take the time to do a self-assessment and create the self-improvement list. On Monday mornings, choose one area to begin to improve.  Follow the game plan you created. Each day of the week choose one area to improve that day.  You may find that you have to work on an area for multiple days.  That decision is up to you and what your Intuition tells you to do.  Follow your Intuition.

You are spiritual beings in physical form.  Your journey through Life is to return home to the spiritual world.  While you travel down your path of Life in the physical form, it is your duty to grow and expand and improve your physical self.  You can do it.  Amen.


Allow your Spirituality to come forward

Spirituality is your personal connection to Divine Spirit.   It is not something that should be bragged about or ashamed of.  Spirituality is being able to reach inside yourself and connect with your Higher Self that is always connected to Divine Spirit to receive guidance and messages.  When you choose to allow the stream to flow to you, you will feel the Love and Light of Divine Spirit permeate your being and bring you a calming comfort, peace, and serenity. 

Cutting off the stream allows lower vibrations that are dominated by Ego to take over.  They most often cause you to feel negative physical world emotions and then they influence your thoughts, emotions, experience, and decisions.  They only serve in the physical world and often influence your life in a negative way. 

Allow your spirituality to come forward and regularly practice coming from a place of Light and Love in all situations.  This will be difficult at first when you are faced with highly emotional situations that bring up negative emotions and reactions.  Take a moment to step back from the intensity and close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Reach inside yourself to connect to your Higher Self and you will find that you are able to defuse and eliminate the intensity and come from a place of Light and Love that will completely eradicate the negative situation altogether.  With time and practice, this habit will become second nature and you will witness the drastic and beautiful change in your life experience.  Amen.


Mistakes are opportunities for GROWTH

Go easy on yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes or wrong choices in life.  Every mistake and every wrong choice have led you to where you are today. 

Life is all about trial and error.  There is NEVER any failure: NEVER ANY FAILURE.  YOU most certainly are NOT a failure.  Life is about learning and growing and improving.  When you stop doing that, you have entered back into the spiritual form and spiritual world. 

Follow your mistakes and wrong choices like stepping stones and allow them to guide you to the next part of your life experience.  Look at these moments as opportunities to grow and learn. 

Don’t allow your Ego to chastise you or belittle you.  Make sure that you learn from your mistakes and wrong choices so that you can overcome them and prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Everyone, and We mean EVERYONE, makes mistakes and often times what looks like a mistake becomes the greatest teacher of all.  Have faith.  Hope.  Desire.  Trust.  Belief.  Tenacity.  Willingness to grow.   Desire to learn.  Amen.


Your greatest teacher is LIFE

You know by now, through the amount of life that you have lived, that life isn’t all roses and rainbows.  There are stormy times and there are times when there are dark clouds looming before you that cause uncertainty and fear.  It is important to look at those times with the proper perspective. 

Fear is almost always caused by the unknown.  You don’t know what will happen so you fear what will happen.  You fear not having control.  You fear what you will experience.  Push fear aside.  Look with hope at any impending experiences that may bring fear to the surface.  There is hope for growth and for lessons to be learned.  There is hope for self-improvement and mindfulness. 

Lessons in life come in the form of unsettling events.  These events spur growth and learning.  The greatest teaching moments are the moments that have the greatest impact.  Most often these are the moments that make you the most unpleasant.  They make you take notice.  They make you take a step back.  They make you think.  They make you strategize.  They make you second guess.  They make you notice.  Do not be afraid of the unsettling moments.  Do not shy away.  Go boldly forward to these moments and live them courageously with open eyes and open minds and look at them for growth and lessons.  Analyze the situation and see the lessons that you can learn from.  You will grow the most through moments of trials. 

Nothing is ever the end.  Nothing is ever final, because there is no finality.  Life is eternal.  It is an eternal circle that continues to go around and around and around.  No matter how bad things get in life, you can be assured that they will get better.  It is the yin and yang of life.  It is the fluidity of the circle of life that continues to rotate around and around.  In moments of trials, look hopefully ahead to the peace that awaits there.  During the moments, reach into your Higher Spirit for comfort and peace.  Allow the Light and Love of Divine Spirit to permeate your physical being in a noticeable way.  Amen.


Manifest the life that you want

Manifestation is easier than you think.  You need to focus on what you want and don’t waver from it.  Don’t allow resistance to be introduced which will place your focus in the opposite direction. 

You can do, be or have whatever you want, but you have to believe it.  Belief is what makes it becomes a reality.  We will tell you that it is not easy.  If it was, there would be millions of people walking around as millionaires in the bodies of their dreams. 

What happens is, when resistance is introduced through negative self-chatter that comes from Ego telling you it won’t happen or you aren’t deserving of it, this prevents what you want from arriving.  If you can tune into your Higher Spirit, it will tell you that you are worthy and capable of anything that you want. 

It takes belief, determination and unwavering anticipation.  Anticipate what is coming.  Believe what is coming and don’t give up.  It really is that simple.  Amen.


Ignorance is Bliss

Ignore that which you do not like and that which brings your emotions and your vibrations to a lower level.  Place your focus instead on things that are more pleasing to your psyche that will put you in a higher emotional state and higher vibration.  Placing your focus on things that make you happy and excited or satisfied and thankful will allow you to reach a state that will help all the areas of your life be peaceful and satisfactory. 

Be conscious and recognize when you are experiencing something that is causing you to feel a lower vibration and make a conscious effort to change your vibration by choosing to focus on something more pleasant.  This is not a habit that will come automatically. You will have to hone the skill and be aware in each and every moment.  It will call for you to recognize and control your actions before you make any.  It will call for you to have to recognize what is causing the negative emotion to form and to pull from your library of thoughts a contradictory positive moment that will pull your vibration up.  With practice, this can become second nature, to the point that your lower vibrating thoughts will become nonexistent.  Amen


Life through rose colored glasses

Look at your life through rose colored glasses.  There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.  No matter how in much of a disarray your life may be at times, it can always come back to a peaceful stream. 

Life is like a river and there are always going to be rapids and smooth currents.  Change is inevitable.  Nothing stays the same.  You would not want it to anyways, because that would be mundane.  Human beings do not like when things are routine and boring.  They long for excitement.  Change can bring the excitement that you crave if you look at it as such. 

You need to recognize that the river of life won’t always be calm and serene.  You will surely come upon some rapids and these rapids are opportunities for growth and expansion.  You need the growth and expansion to move along in life.  Embrace it rather than offer resistance against it. 

Look at your life through rose colored glasses and choose to see the beauty that it possesses.  Give thanks every single day for your life and all the blessings that reside there.  Take a hard look at the parts that you perceive as less favorable and find blessings within them as well.  Amen.


Look at your life as a work in progress

Life is about choices.  You can choose to be sad or happy.  You can choose to be pleased or displeased.  You can choose to be positive or negative.  You can choose to be angry or satisfied.  You have control over every emotion that you choose to feel.  Everything is within your power and you have more control than you give yourself credit for. 

Of course, you will automatically feel an emotion that is tied to an experience.  The experience will bring up emotions based on other experiences and emotions such as loss, peace, excitement, past memories, etc.  Once you feel the initial emotion, whether it is positive or negative, you have the choice to continue to feel the initial emotion or move past it and feel better. 

When you are experiencing a negative emotion, you have the power to move beyond it.  Believe it or not.  The question is:  How do you move beyond a negative emotion?  The answer is simple:  by focusing on a positive aspect of the experience.  If you cannot find a positive aspect of the experience to focus on, then you will need to pull another experience/memory forward that easily brings you positive emotions and place your focus there.   This will result in you dousing the fire of the negative emotion as the positive emotion takes over. 

It will take long, hard practice for this action to become automatic, but it is not impossible.  Look at your life as a work in progress.  Take every opportunity to improve.  Improve your emotions and you will improve your life immediately.  Amen


Love yourself as much as you love others

Honor yourself.  Respect yourself.  Love yourself.  Change negative thought patterns that have developed over time and turn them into positive thought patterns. 

Your Ego is an expert at bullying.  Your Ego is an expert at talking you out of many things that your Intuition tells you to do and that your Higher Spirit wants you to do.  Your Ego is a master manipulator.  Don’t allow your Ego to run your life. 

You can overcome the habits and patterns of talking down to yourself.  You need to practice positive lessons to overcome and to turn your habits around.  Affirmations are a good start.  Every day recite Affirmations.  Make a list of loving Affirmations and post to your bathroom mirror.  After you wake up, recite the Affirmations.  Repeat multiple times during the day.

Talk to yourself in a positive and loving way.  Talk to yourself as you would a lover or best friend.  Boost yourself up;  don’t tear yourself down.  Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively and immediately look at yourself or situation in a positive way.  You can always find something positive to focus on.  No matter how small the positive insight is, it will be magnificent to your psyche.  With time you will train your brain to speak lovingly and positive to yourself. 

Allow your Higher Spirit to guide you.  Push Ego aside.  Meditate daily and ground yourself.  Ask the Angels to intervene.  Call upon Archangel Chamuel and ask for the power of self-love and improvement.  Amen.


Allow your Intuition to guide your life

Listen to your heart and listen to your intuition.  Your Intuition is pure and honest.  It is the guiding light and love that is directly sent information and guidance from Divine Spirit and your spirit guides.  Allow your Intuition to come forward and guide your life.  

Don’t allow your Ego to mute the sound of your Intuition.  Ego is self-serving and false.  Disregard Ego.  Ego is perceived armor for the physical world, but it is false armor.  It does more harm than good.  Take a moment to recognize the emotions that surround Ego.  Ego is selfish, jealous, over-zealous, protective, harsh, judgmental, insecure and false.  Recognize when Ego is used.  Is it used for self-serving opportunities or does it serve all?  

Intuition is loving, positive, confident, assured, honest and true.  Your Intuition is the little voice inside of you that guides you and protects you.  Don’t let Ego overshadow and quiet the voice of your Intuition.  Allow Intuition to lead the way and your life will be greatly improved for it.  Amen.


Make the most of the present moment

Every new day is a blessing.  Find appreciation for each and every day.  Take advantage of each new day to improve yourself.  Strive to be a better version of you than you were yesterday. 

Live in the NOW.  The present moment that you are experiencing is your reality.  Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow is merely a dream.  Today and this moment in time is your reality.  Memories are no longer realities.  Hopes for tomorrow are merely hopes that haven’t come true yet.  Listen and stay present in the NOW. 

Be mindful.  Don’t allow your mind to wander and get lost in memories of yesterday.  Don’t allow your mind to wander and get lost in dreams of tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  Make the most of the present moment and the gifts it has to offer:  the gift of mindfulness, the gift of presence, the gift of improvement, the gift of attention and focus, the gift of stillness.  Capture this moment in time and make the best use of it as possible.  Be present.  Amen.


Detox to Refresh

Take time every week to detox your body.  One day a week minimum, set aside for a complete detox day.  Only eat natural and organic items.  Eliminate sugar, alcohol, tobacco and preservatives.  You will feel energized and your body will feel in tune and refreshed when completed.  Repeat at least once a week for optimum results. 

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  When you want something sweet, eat some fruit.  It will fulfill your sweet tooth cravings: apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes.  You can eat a small amount of lean chicken, if desired.  Make sure that it is cooked in the oven with few spices.  Squeeze lemons over it after it is completed.  

Drink lots of lemon water all day long.  Drink at least 8 glasses of lemon water to flush out your system.   Drink fresh orange juice three times a day.  Use fresh oranges and make your own juice.  Don’t forget to drink Water – Water – Water – Water – Water.   

Exercise.  Walk a lot.  Walk at least three times during the day.  Make each walking interval 30 minutes.  This will help your blood flow and help to further push the toxins out of your body.  Take multiple deep breaths often throughout the day to push out any stale air that is trapped in the lower part of your lungs.

Wash your face with an exfoliator.  Clean your nasal passages with a saline solution.  The Netipot nasal irrigation system is a good system to use. 

Give thanks for the wonder of your body.  Ask Archangel Raphael to heal any areas that need to be repaired Amen.


Don’t give up on your dreams

Stay true to yourself.  Honor yourself.  Love yourself.  You have a gift to give the world.  This gift is the thing that you are most passionate about.  It is what resonates the most with you.  Don’t give up on your hopes and your dreams. 

Don’t allow negative self-chatter to tell you that you will be a failure.  Follow through anyways!  Work past the voice of Ego in your head that tries to convince you that you don’t know enough or you aren’t smart enough or you can’t do it or you will fail.  Move past the voice of Ego that always wants to keep you down. 

The voice of Ego comes across as the great protector, but really it is the great bully.  Who can bully you better than your Ego?  Your Ego can falsely build you up or realistically tear you down. 

Reach deep inside and connect with your Higher Spirit which is all loving, pure and positive. Your Higher Spirit receives a constant stream of Love and Light from Divine Spirit.  This is where peace lies.  Close your eyes.  Focus on your breath.  Go deep within and find the peace and the confidence that will lead you to your dreams.  Amen.


Compassion is the key

It is important that you are sensitive to the needs and emotions of others; this includes yourself.  Show yourself the same love and compassion that you would show another.  Be conscious and be sensitive to what your spirit needs. 

Listen to your Higher Spirit for guidance and direction to help you effectively and positively navigate the river of life.  Compassion for yourself will allow you to be more compassionate to others.  Train your brain to speak lovingly instead of harshly to yourself.  Give yourself a break.  The meaning of life is to learn and grow. 

When you are talking to others, listen compassionately.  Put yourself in their shoes and allow yourself to feel what they are relaying to you.  This approach will ease any anger or disagreements and it will help you understand each other better, which will, in turn, deepen the relationship. 

Remember that everyone has their own perspective.  No perspective is right or wrong, but it is right to the person who is perceiving.  Be respectful and appreciate each other.  Show gratitude for each other.  Listen.  Communicate effectively.  Understand.  Love yourself.  Respect yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Do something for yourself today.  Amen.


Be the light in the darkness

Be charitable in your life.  Give your time and your advice to others that need it.  Look for ways to help your fellow man who is struggling.  You are here to support each other and lift each other up. 

Gratitude can open your eyes to the blessings in your life and can help you to extend your gifts to others.  In your day to day life, find ways to offer support and strength to others.  You can be a support system to others who need it.  Give your advice.  Give your time.  Give your energy.  Give your outlook. 

Uplift with your words.  Lift others up when they are down.  Be a source of wellbeing.  Be a source of love.  Be a lighthouse in the darkness. 

Often times you never know what someone is struggling with.  Many people hide it well.  A kind word, a smile, or a generous action can change a person’s mood, a person’s day, or even a person’s life. 

Uplift.  Be the light in the darkness that leads the way.  Amen.


The Magic of Meditation

Meditate daily.  Relax your mind and your body for a brief time every day and allow your Higher Spirit and Divine Spirit to permeate your body in a conscious way to you.  Breathe in pure positive light and breathe out all negativity and any negative self-chatter that you speak to yourself on a regular basis. 

Ask the Archangels and Divine Spirit to cleanse your body of any toxins – physical or psychological – that harm your body and your psyche.  Allow your body to be cleansed of all negativity. 

Breathe.  Release.  Breathe.  Release.  Breathe.  Release.  Find a calm regularity with your breath as you inhale in deeply and exhale out deeply.  Follow this rhythm and clear your mind of all thought.  Silence. 

Find a sound to concentrate on to put you in a zone – a zone of awareness to the sound and a zone that will dispel all other noise and thoughts.  Focus on this sound and do not let your focus stray.  When it does, which it will surely in the beginning of each session, gently bring your awareness back to the sound.  Focus once again. 

With repetition, with practice, with time, this process will become automatic and the times that you have to reel your focus back in will be less and less. Meditate for your higher good.  Allow your Higher Spirit and Divine Spirit to permeate you, heal you, guide you and fully become you during the moment of meditation that you endure.  Amen.


Use the power of your thoughts to get you what you want

Greet each new day with a thankful heart.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in your physical life.  You just need to believe. 

You are a creator.  You came to the physical realm to create and to use your connection to Divine Spirit, through your Higher Spirit, to guide you, protect you, love you and light the way.  Use this connection to bring you what you want in your life. 

The secret is that your Higher Spirit always has your best interest at heart.  Your Higher Spirit does not see anything negative or egotistical about you.  Your Higher Spirit only emits Love and Light that is directly sent from Divine Spirit.  In the eyes of your Higher Spirit, you can only achieve.   You can only excel in the eyes of your Higher Spirit.  You are perfect, in the perfect creation of Spirit, and this is how your Higher Spirit views you. 

Your imperfections are earthly.  Your emotions, your experiences, your perspective, all come from an earthly place – the physical plane.  This is not how the spiritual realm perceives your true, bare soul/spirit.  Look past your imperfections and look at your greatness to propel you through your physical life. 

It comes down to mind over matter.  Your mind is so strong that you can overcome anything with will, determination and belief.  It can also work in the opposite for you – bringing you down, being defeated and lost.  Use the power of your thoughts to get you what you want.  Think positively.  Believe.  Be determined.  Be tenacious.  Don’t give up.  Perceived failures are only lessons on the physical path of life.  View them as such and your perceived failures will turn into successes.  Have faith.  Believe.  Don’t give up.  Amen.


A New Day ~ A New YOU

Every day is another chance to improve yourself.  Take the opportunity every day to work on yourself.  Focus on the areas that need improvement such as patience, anger, stress, unhappiness, frustration, lack of focus, procrastination, jealousy, greed.  Find the areas of yourself that need improvement and place your focus here.  Ask Archangel Michael to come forward and assist you with improving the areas of yourself that need it. 

Wake up every morning with a grateful heart and a positive outlook about the day.  The beauty of a new day is that it offers you a clean slate, a new beginning, another opportunity to be a better you than you were yesterday.  Look towards the future with great anticipation as you recognize that with each passing day you are improving yourself. 

Make a list.  Do a self-assessment.  Be open honest and raw.  Don’t ignore areas that you don’t want to look at.  Those are the areas that need the most improving.  You can be a better version of you than you were yesterday.  You will be if you follow these guidelines.  Write down the areas that need improvement. 

Each new, day take one item from the list and work on it.  Be mindful during the day of the area you are working on and practice improving the area.  For instance, if patience is one of the areas that you want improvement, then you will simply be mindful during the day of every time impatience creeps in.  When you find yourself getting frustrated and fidgety, take a moment to focus on your breath.  Remove your focus from the impatience and place it on your breath.  Take a few deep breaths in, hold and slowly release.  Bringing your attention to your breath will help you to overcome the impatience. 

With daily practice you will become automatic until it gets to the point of non-existence.  You will need different routines for different areas that you are improving, but this is a simple example of one way to overcome and improve.  Amen.


Choose a positive perspective

Perspective is a very personal experience.  Every human and being on the planet has a perspective that is unique unto themselves.  No two beings will look at the same experience the same way.  Each perspective is created by past experiences and by nature.  No one perspective is right over another.  We need to respect each perspective, because each perspective is unique to each individual. 

You can use your perspective to guide your life in a positive way or a negative way.  Choosing to see the good in situations over the bad is a start.  Having a positive perspective about every experience will lead you down a path of more positive experiences.  Focusing on the negative of an experience will take you down a darker path and your life experience will reflect this.  You have the power to change your life through your perspective.  For some it will take practice.  For others it will come naturally.  For all it will be beneficial.

Your perspective of situations can bring you to a peaceful place.  Peace comes in different forms – happiness, gratitude, patience, solitude.  When you focus on the moments that bring you happiness or solitude or gratitude or patience, you can analyze those moments and witness the peace that you felt in those moments. 

A restless soul is a restless soul.  It longs for the moments that will settle it down and make it rest and be at peace.  Don’t allow your soul to be restless with impatience or over anticipation or hurriedness or business.  Quiet your mind and your soul through meditation and connect with your Higher spirit.  Your Higher Spirit is in direct and constant connection with Divine Spirit and the stream of pure love and light that streams from it.  This is pure peace as well, and you will feel it when you reach this place. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Give yourself a break.  The purpose of living a human life is trial and error.  It is making mistakes and learning from them.  It is growing and expanding.  It is creating and changing.  Go through these moments with hope and optimism.  Life is supposed to be fun.  If it doesn’t seem fun to you then change your perspective.  Amen.


Patience is a virtue

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of patience. Patience is the ability to stay calm and in quiet anticipation.  It keeps the energy flowing smoothly instead of in the fragmented way that impatience does.  When you are impatient, it causes resistance.  Your impatience causes you to want time and energy to speed up so you try to force it to with your impatient energy.  This actually works in reverse. It causes a resistance and a slow-down that builds up more resistance through your frustration because it stops the natural flow of energy.  You cannot force things or people in life.  You cannot hurry things.  Everything happens in Divine timing.  When you find yourself becoming impatient about a situation or a subject, it is best to back away from it and place your focus elsewhere.  Distract yourself to slow down your impatience.  Place your focus on a subject that causes you no impatience or frustration.  This will keep the energy flowing in a natural and smooth way and it will affect all areas of your life.  It is important to practice patience every day.  This is something that will need to be honed with most people.  Practice through periods of meditation where you quiet your mind.  Sit still in silence and observe nature.  Be grateful for all the blessings in your life and write them down in a gratitude journal.  Observe a young child playing or interacting with another child.  Make a pact with yourself to practice becoming more patient in life and watch how your life blossoms.  Amen.


A few kinds words can change the world

Illuminate your love out unto the world.  You have the power to make a difference in the world.  You can bring people together for the good of the world.  Create happiness not misery.  Light the way for others who are walking in the darkness. 

There are many people in the world who need gentle guidance and love.  Spread your love upon those that need it.  The ones that struggle, the quiet ones, the angry ones, the confused ones, the lost ones are the ones that need your light to help them on their journey.  A few kinds words can change another person’s mood.  A few kind words can change another person’s life.  A few kind words can change the world.

Understand each other.  Respect each other.  Love each other.  Appreciate each other.  Recognize and respect the differences in each and every person.  These differences are what make each person unique and special.  Celebrate the differences.   Don’t ostracize the differences. 

Look at the population as a puzzle and each person a puzzle piece with a gift to give to the world.  Learn from the differences each of you represent.  Let it make you closer together not further apart.  Celebrate the diversity amongst you.  Be thankful that everyone is different.  Think of how boring and monotone the world would be if everyone were the same. 

Focus on the Love and Light you receive from Divine Spirit through your Higher Spirit and spread that Love and Light out unto the world.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how loved and light your psyche becomes, as well. Amen


Allow your Angels to show you the way

Listen to your inner voice that tries to guide you all the time.  Pay attention to the messages.  These messages are directly sent from Divine Spirit to your Higher Self/Higher Spirit/Intuition.  These messages are always loving and for your best interest.  If you ever hear messages that are negative, then you can be 100% sure that these messages come from Ego.  Ego is a false protector and guide. 

Society has created Ego to help you to fit in.  Your Higher Spirit is the true Love and Light that you seek.  This is where the peace resides – the Heaven.  If there is a heaven that you can believe in, this is that Heaven -Your Higher Spirit.  Tune into it when you are feeling down, bleak, negative, impatient, worried, sullen.  Tuning into your Higher Self tunes you in to Divine Spirit. 

Ask to speak to your Angels.  There are thousands of Angels and Spirit Guides that surround you and they wait patiently to help guide you.  They are always with you.  They cannot intervene until asked so you must ask for their assistance.  Every morning, ask for Archangel Raphael to heal any areas of your body and psyche that need it.  Ask Archangel Michael to help you with any problems that arise during the day that you are having difficulty with.  Ask Archangel Ariel to help you love yourself and love others unconditionally looking past the physical earthly qualities and seeing the higher spirit of yourself and others. 

Ask for the assistance of your Spirit Guides and Archangels to release all that no longer serves you.  Call upon Archangel Chamuel to give you the courage and strength to release the familiar things you cling to because their familiarity brings you comfort.  Let go of all the outdated ideas, memories, people and things that tie up your energy.  Once you release, you will feel a real shift in your energy flow. 

Like rocks in a river, when you cling to things that no longer serve you, it adds resistance.  When resistance is added, it slows everything down and it creates a backup of energy.  This backup of energy actually drains you because it is backing up and has nowhere to go.  Release the energy by releasing all that no longer serves you.  You may be afraid to let go.  Afraid of change.  Afraid of the unknown.  Breathe and move through the fear.  Don’t let fear stop you.  Don’t let the unknown keep you from releasing the dead energy that holds you back. 

Archangel Chamuel will help you to find the strength and courage you need.  He will help you to look at the unknown as a great surprise – a gift.  The unknown holds many surprises for you but you must have the courage to walk towards it.  When one door closes another one opens.  Take the first step into the unknown.  Feel the fear.  Release it.  Move beyond it.  Live your life effortlessly.  Don’t make it complicated.  Rely on your Higher Spirit, Angels and Spirit Guides to show you the way. Amen.


Why are you in a hurry?

Don’t be so hurried through life.  Life is not a race.  The finish line is the ending.  The ending is the return to the spiritual realm.  You aren’t ready for the return until you say you are ready so, why rush?  What are you in a hurry for? 

Everyone is always in a hurry and they want everything NOW.  They want more money NOW.  They want a better life NOW.  They want a lover NOW.  They want more time NOW.  Everyone wants time to stand still when it comes to getting older and when it comes to children growing up and when it comes to moments that are incredible to them.  This is the philosophy you need to use in your day to day life. 

Long for time to stand still.  Drink in every moment with fervor and longing.  Of course, life becomes mundane.  It becomes so routine.  The monotony of life makes it boring at times, but if you change your perspective you can look at it as giving you something to look forward to – Change.  Change in life is inevitable.  It is the one constant truth like birth and death.  There are three major phases of life.  Birth – Change – Death. 

Enjoy the Change – the transformation – because you are transforming every second of every day as you grow older.  Use change to your advantage for self-improvement and growth.  Be conscious of change and how you can use it to your benefit.  You can be a better “you” than you were yesterday.  You have the power through choice and consciousness.  Be aware.  Be alert.  Be strong-willed.  Be determined.  Be brave. Be thoughtful.  Be unique in your actions.  Be the true YOU.  Amen.


Who loves you, baby?

Self-Love is the act of loving one’s self.  You cannot truly love another fully until you learn to love yourself.  Cherish your body and your spirit and treat it like a temple.  Put yourself on a pedestal like you would put any other admired person.  You are just as important as anyone else in the physical world. 

Your thoughts are created and your psyche is trained over years of experiences that shape you.  Negative self-chatter is created and most often repeated to the point that it is believed.  You learn to tell yourself things that are detrimental to your psyche and that are not true.  These untruths are driven by Ego, but your Higher Spirit never believes the lower vibrational reflection of yourself that the Ego does.  You can undo the negative self-chatter and you can reverse it.  It is not impossible.   It is also not something that will be quickly unraveled.  It took a long time for the negative self-chatter to become a natural reflex, so it will take some time to reverse. 

The daily recitation of Affirmations is the avenue that you will use to reverse the negative self-chatter and negative self-reflection.  Daily affirmations, especially upon waking, will be instrumental in reversing the negative pattern and creating a new positive pattern.  Another element that will be needed is consciousness.  You will need to be very conscious of when the negative self-chatter is welling up so that you can replace it with positive self-chatter.  This practice needs to be repeated every day for as many times during the day as necessary until you witness a shift in your psyche.  The pendulum WILL swing.  Start today.  Amen.


Stay true to YOU

Stay true to yourself.  Don’t let society or the opinions of others make you deviate from your true desires.  What are you passionate about?  What completes your soul?  What do you care most about?  Place your focus on those things that bring you peace and happiness.  Those areas of yourself and your interests are what will complete you. 

Don’t allow society to tell you that you are not good enough.  Don’t allow your Ego to beat you down and keep you from your dreams.  Your Ego is present to naively guide you through the sea of society.  Each human’s Ego is developed over time through experience and societal norms.  The Ego of your ancestors was built on strength and overcoming adversity.  Through the ages, as society evolved, so did Ego.  It evolved through different time periods and what was trendy during that time period.  It became more narcissistic and self-serving over time.  Ego became a popularity contest and a self-serving guide. 

You may think that your Ego is there to protect you like the shell of a turtle, but in reality, it is your Higher self, your Higher Spirit, your Intuition, that is the true protector.  Your Higher Spirit is directly connected to Divine Spirit.  Your Higher Spirit receives pure Love and Light from Divine Spirit and this Light is shining within you.  Your Intuition is led by your Higher Spirit.  Intuition does not serve the self selfishly, but rather it is designed to guide the self to the most positive life experiences one can have.  It is driven by Divine Spirit who delivers a constant stream of Love and Light to your Higher Spirit.  The guidance that you receive is always positive and loving. 

The guidance from your Higher Spirit/Intuition is the light that leads you through the darkness.  It is the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is the lighthouse up on the hill standing sturdily above the tumultuous waters.  It is hope in a dark storm and the rainbow when the storm has passed.  When your Ego tries to convince you that you are not good enough, allow your Intuition to convince you that you are.  Your Intuition allows you to shine a light on your life and the lives of others.  It is pure Love and it allows you to love unconditionally.  Your Higher Self reminds you that you are good enough.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in your life.  You just have to believe.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Don’t give up EVER.  There is a tug of war between your Ego and your Intuition.   Ego will always try to stick its nose in and take over, but with practice you can push Ego away and allow your Intuition to remain in the driver’s seat.  Which one are you going to let be the winner?  Choose to live an Intuitive driven life over an Ego driven life.  Amen.


A chance to start over again

Each new day is a new beginning. It is another chance to improve, to grow, to learn, to appreciate, to rejoice.  You always have a restart button to push with each new day.  A new chance to get it done better than yesterday.  This is the beauty of life.  Your reality is in this present moment –  NOW. The reality of yesterday has expired, because yesterday is gone.  Yesterday holds your memories and the energy that you choose to remain attached to those memories.  Hold on to the uplifting and positive memories and release any unwanted ones.  The reality of tomorrow is just a dream because tomorrow has not arrived yet.  Your hopes and your dreams anticipate the arrival of tomorrow.  Don’t allow them to rob you of your present moment with constant focus on tomorrow.  When tomorrow arrives, then it will be the new NOW and then it will become your reality.  Until then, it is only a dream.  This moment you are living right NOW is your reality and you can move your way through it effortlessly if you allow your Intuition/Higher Spirit to guide you.  It is important to stay in tune with your Higher Self.  Connect through periods of daily meditation in the morning upon or shortly after waking.  Quiet your mind to reach deep inside of you and listen to the messages from your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self/Spirit is always directly connected to Divine Spirit and its constant stream of Love and Light.  The guidance you receive from your Higher Spirit will always be pure and positive.  There is no Ego involved.  When Ego gets involved it muddies the water and throws negativity into it.  Ego will give you a false sense of security. Intuition will give you pure Love and Light.  Keep it simple.  Let your intuition guide you today and for all your days.  Come from a place of Love and Light when observing and interacting with others.  Witness how this changes your experiences.  Then, if you like what you see, do it all over again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next. Amen.


What you are searching for is within YOU

Perspective is a very personal experience.  Every human and every being on the planet have a perspective that is unique unto themselves.  No two beings will look at the same experience the same way.  Each perspective is created by past experience and by nature.  No one perspective is right over another.  Each perspective is to be respected because each perspective is unique to each individual.  You can use your perspective to guide your life in a positive way or a negative way.  Choosing to see the good over the bad in situations is a start.  Having a positive perspective about every experience will lead you down a path of more positive experiences.  Focusing on the negative of an experience will take you down a darker path and your life experience will reflect this.  You have the power to change your life through your perspective.  For some it will take practice.  For others it will come naturally.  For all it will be beneficial.  Choosing a positive perspective will help you to achieve peace on a regular basis.  Peace comes in different forms – happiness, gratitude, patience, solitude.  When you focus on the moments that bring you happiness, solitude, gratitude or patience you can analyze the moments and witness the peace that you felt in those moments.  A restless soul is a restless soul.  It longs for the moments that will settle it down and bring it to rest and ultimately to peace.  Don’t allow your soul to be restless with impatience or over anticipation or hurriedness or busyness.  Quiet your mind and your soul through meditation and connect with your Higher Spirit.  Your Higher Spirit is in direct and constant connection with Divine Spirit and the stream of pure Love and Light that streams from it.  This is pure peace and you will feel it when you reach this place.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Give yourself a break.  The purpose of living a human life is trial and error.  It is about making mistakes and learning from them.  It is growing and expanding.  It is creating and changing.  Move through these moments with hope and optimism.  Life is supposed to be fun.  If it doesn’t seem fun to you then change your perspective.  Aside from choosing an optimistic perspective to focus on, loving yourself is another element that is needed to bring peace.  There is no one that can love you more than yourself.  You are the only person that will ever have a direct connection with your Higher Self.  Your self-love flows from Divine Spirit.  Your Higher Self is connected to Divine Spirit through an eternal spiritual connection, because part of your soul has remained connected to the spiritual realm.  The rest of your soul is in the physical realm.  Once you believe this, your life will be so much more magnificent, positive and loving.  Your Higher Self is pure Divinity.  Your Higher Self is purity, light and love.  It has no ego attached to it.  It is your intuition.  It is your pure love in spiritual form.  Your Higher Self sees nothing that the physical world has created.  It sees no hate.  It sees no race.  No gender. No suffering.  No poverty.  No social status.  No ugliness.  No greed.  No jealousy.  Your higher self only sees pure Love and Light in yourself and in everything that it perceives in the physical world.  You will come from a place of Love and Light when you tap into your Higher Self.  Love yourself as your Higher Spirit loves you.  Give yourself a break in the physical world.  Nobody is perfect in physical form.  You are all perfect in spiritual form where the Love and Light of Divine Spirit shines upon you.  Focus on this part of yourself and you will always feel the love, acceptance and peace that you yearn for.  Amen.


How to get what you want

Manifestation is easier than you think.  You can do be or have whatever you want in this life.  The secret to manifesting this is through belief.  You must believe that it is so.  It is that simple.  Belief is a strong action.  It is the knowing that something is going to happen or that something is a certain way.  It is the magic that will create whatever you want in your life.  Belief with doubt will cause what you want to be delayed, possibly indefinitely.  The doubt is what puts a wrench in the whole scenario.  Once doubt is introduced the belief ceases to exist.  Everything starts to go backwards and unravel at this point.  Don’t look at what is.  What is will only create more doubt.  Focus on what can be and what will be through your belief.  Envision what you want.  Place your sights firmly on this vision.  Believe that it will be.  Use anticipation as a tool for your benefit like belief.  Anticipation is the expectation of the arrival of something.  You believe it is coming so you are anticipating its arrival.  The belief is the meat of the magic.  The belief is what makes it come.  Belief is a powerful tool.  Anticipation works hand in hand with belief and creates an even stronger power to create.  Try to avoid the anticipation of something that is coming that you don’t want.  An example of this is focusing on something unwanted that you believe will arrive.  When you find yourself doing this, change the subject and focus on something more pleasant that you are anticipating to arrive.  With goal setting, the anticipation helps to bring the arrival of a goal to fruition.  One such example would be the goal of weight loss.  Believing that you will lose weight is an important facet, because it keeps you from quitting and from procrastinating.  You anticipate the weight loss and as you lose weight, you keep the belief alive.  Through this process you need to keep your mind from drifting.  You need to keep your mind from focusing on the negative outcome such as failure.  When doubt is introduced, it is important to interject positive focus here that will keep you on your path to success.  Focus on the positive aspects of your goal.  Pay attention to your achievements.  If you are allowing doubt into your goal from the beginning and have a hard time finding a positive aspect because there has been no noticeable achievement yet, then this is the time to focus on the goal itself.  Make it as simple as possible.  Trust that what you want will come.  Anticipate the arrival with excitement and hope and believe that it will come.  It is as easy as that.  You will soon see the manifestation of your belief.  Don’t waver in your belief.  This is the simplicity of manifestation.  You can do be or have whatever you want in this world if you believe.  Amen.



Clinging to things and people that you have outgrown keeps powerful energy tied up.  Release all that no longer serves you in your life.  Release the people, items, and memories that you cling to for comfort or familiarity. They only serve to deplete valuable energy.  Once you release you will open up energy and it will flow and you will feel renewed.  Memories serve as reminders of moments long gone.  These moments are in the past and they are not reality at this point.  Unwanted memories that are unpleasant in nature rob you of precious energy that could be used to create new memories.  Your reality is in your NOW.  It is as simple as that.  The life you are living at this very moment is your reality.  Purge all the things from your life that don’t serve you so that you can open up the pathway for renewed energy to flow and you can create new beginnings in your life.


Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels?  Spirit Guides?  Every human being walking the Earth has Angels and Spirit Guides walking beside them.  Your Angels and Spirit Guides have been designated to assist you throughout your physical life experience.  These beings have not and will not ever be in human form.  They are forever spiritual like Divine Spirit.  They are the silent and invisible forces that create miracles.  They teach and prompt growth when you need it.  They comfort and support when asked.  These silent spiritual entities are there and waiting to intervene but they cannot intervene until they are directly asked by you.  Talk to your Angels and Spirit Guides on a daily basis.  If you need help then ask for assistance.  Ask for protection.  Ask for guidance.  You will receive messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides when you connect with your higher self through meditation and quiet your mind.  You can trust that the messages you receive are Divinely sent from your Angels and your Spirit Guides.  Hone in and reach your Angels and Spirit guides and ask them to be an active part of your daily life and watch as the miracles appear.  Amen.


Together you win

Help others and let others help you.  You are brothers and sisters, all of you on the journey of life together.  Hold hands as you travel down the river of life.  Cling tightly to each other as you ride the turbulent rapids.  There are many experiences in life and knowing that you are not alone in the experiences is of great comfort.  People need each other.  Seclusion is only beneficial for so long.  It is important to be alone to meditate, pray, contemplate, prepare and grow.  But togetherness is so important for growth, union, love, upliftment and hope.  Help each other up; don’t push each other down.  Lift up one another with kind words, gentle smiles and loving gestures.  Each individual is on their own journey in life, but together you can overcome anything you come up against along the way.  Live. Laugh. Love. Togetherness. Amen.


Resistance slows everything down

Resistance is like rocks in a flowing river.  Resistance backs up energy and keeps it from flowing smoothly.  Resistance slows everything down.  Resistance backs up the energy and it grows and it grows but it has no where to go so all it does is build tension and stress until finally it breaks free.  Allow the resistance on any subject to dissipate.  Release it and let it go and then the energy will flow and you will start to see the difference and improvement in the subject.  This is Universal Law and this is physical law.  Physics so to speak.  This is an easy thing to prove because you can see it with your physical eyes.  Study it and then you will be able to adapt the idea to your life and the experiences you have.  See how it affects others.  Remove the resistance from your life and you will see how the energy flows.  Things will begin to flow easier to you.  There will be a smoother natural rhythm to your life.  Everything will fall into place.  You will need to catch yourself when you offer up resistance and then consciously remove the resistance and open up the pathway for the energy to flow.  This will take practice on a daily basis but with practice it will soon become automatic like the resistance became automatic over your years of experience in life.  Amen.


Communication is Key

Good communication habits are key to any relationship.  It does not matter what type of relationship you are thinking of.  Communication needs to flow and grow with each relationship.  When you hold back and don’t express yourself out of fear of rejection, distrust, isolation or insecurity, then you are not allowing the relationship to grow in a healthy way.  Be open with your thoughts and choose your words carefully and thoughtfully.  Come from a place of compassion and sensitivity, especially when discussing something that is aimed at the other person.  No judgments.  Each person is on their own journey through life and each person has their own experiences that are unique unto them, because of their perspective.  No two people perceive an experience the same, even if they each shared the same experience.  Perspective is what causes the person to digest the experience and look at it their way based on previous experiences that make up their psyche.  Be kind.  Love unconditionally.  Offer forgiveness.  Stay calm.  Respect others.  Don’t judge.  Appreciate life.  Love one another.  Stay kind.  Breathe.  Amen.


Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason.  That old adage is so true.  You can find meaning in every experience in your life.  Your perspective is key in navigating the experience.  Coming from a place of victimhood will only serve you in a negative way.  It will keep you swimming in a lower vibration and make the experience more uncomfortable, while in turn, it will add to your suffering.  Lift yourself up.  If there is ever a time that you should connect to your Higher Spirit it is in times of turmoil and desperation.  What do you have to lose?  You have everything to gain.  Change your perspective to a higher frequency.  Focus on the positive that can come from a frightening life experience – growth – expansion – learning – navigating – creating – ACTION.  Moving forward is important in the physical world.  Do not be stuck in the past clinging to things and people that have remained there.  Set your sights squarely on the horizon of the future and live in the NOW.  This is your reality.  Your reality is NOW.  Make the most of it.  Navigate through turbulent waters by dropping the oars and allowing Divine Spirit to guide the way.  Amen.


Make your Higher Self your co-pilot

If you let your intuition guide you, you will live a far richer physical experience than if you allow Ego to be your co-pilot.  Your Ego is a manifestation of the physical world.  It was created by society and most people use it as a protective shell of their Higher Self.  The Ego causes more harm than it does good because it makes you falsely believe in things of a physical nature and place importance on them rather than recognizing the presence of pure Love and Light.  The whole physical existence is showered with the Love and Light of Divine Spirit, but when Ego is present and dominant it places a cloud in the way of the steady stream of Love and Light.  Remove the Ego and you will have a clear stream.  Your Intuition is your navigational system and can be your co-pilot if you allow it.  Reach your Higher Self on a daily basis, preferably in the morning through meditation, and allow it to be your co-pilot as you carry on your life.  You will see the difference when you choose to allow your Higher Self to be your co-pilot rather than your Ego.  Amen.


River of Uncertainty

Fear can lead you into the darkness.  You can reject fear and allow the Light of Divine Spirit to illuminate your way.  Fear is like the rapids of a river.  You don’t know what is going to happen.  It looks scary.  The unknown scares you and fills you with dreaded uncertainty.  Breathe.  Don’t allow the fear to navigate your vessel.  Drop the oars and allow the Light and Love of Divine Spirit to navigate you down the river.  There are always going to be moments of uncertainty on the river of life.  That is what makes it exciting, if you look at it from that perspective.  It offers you opportunities to grow, evolve and expand in areas that you may be stagnant and have to overcome.  Allow the rush of the river to take you and exhilarate you.  Look positively ahead to what is coming next and co-navigate the course with your higher self and Divine Spirit.  When you are ready, take the oars and navigate the river.  You will learn so much about yourself and about life when you change your perspective to positivity and hopefulness.  The river is not meant to drown you and overcome you.  The river is meant to uplift you and strengthen you.  Amen.


Rainbow of Life

The world is full of many colors.  The colors represent differences in every shade they possess.  Together they create a vibrant spectrum.  Individually, they represent uniqueness.  Each color is unique upon itself and to others.  These colors are seen in the people, nature, environment, species of planet, and wonders of the world.  Together this spectrum of color beautifies the world.  It connects the world with beauty.  It is your duty to see the beauty in the world individually and as a whole spectrum.  Each individual has beauty to bring to the world.  Recognize it in others.  Allow them and encourage them to bring their beauty forth and to recognize it.  Great things can be achieved when a person recognizes their beauty and what they bring to the world.  Have everyone you encounter today recognize their beauty and you will see their color shine brightly before you.  Amen.



Satisfaction comes from within.  It is a Spiritual emotion not an Ego emotion.  Do not look to your Ego for satisfaction.  You will never find it there.  You may think that you do, but that is a false truth that you find living in the Ego.  Satisfaction is a higher vibration and it is created and is marinating in your Higher Self – your Spiritual Self.  Look within for this vibration that will help you to achieve all that you want to achieve.  Find this vibration and the rest will fall into place.  Plainly stated:  Be happy where you are now, because now is reality.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has yet to arrive.  The present moment is your reality at any given moment.  Don’t allow the memories of the past to lower your vibration when you wish for things to be like they used to be.  Be happy and find satisfaction with where you are now.  This is what you have to work with.  Satisfaction is the key to your happiness and your success.  Amen.


Grow, Thrive, Bloom, Repeat

Have faith in yourself.  Have faith that you can do, be or have whatever you want in this life.  It takes trust, belief, determination and persistence.  Don’t let setbacks hold you back.  Fall down and stand back up.  Do this over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.  Don’t compare yourself to others and their seemingly easy stroke of good luck of success.  You don’t know what their back story is.  You don’t know how they may have struggled.  Everyone in the physical world has some sort of struggle in life.  This is Divine Spirit and the Universe’s way to gently prod or aggressively nudge you to move, grow, evolve and learn.  The struggles are teaching moments.  Embrace them.  Do not offer resistance against them.  Grow.  Thrive.  Bloom.  Repeat.  In all areas of your life this should be the conscious cycle.  Live your life consciously, not unconsciously.  You will achieve greatness and, more importantly, you will achieve satisfaction.  Amen.


Opportunities not obstacles

Life is not meant to be easy. Physical life is meant to offer experiences that help one grow and evolve. Don’t view any setbacks or any negative experiences as obstacles. These moments are opportunities for growth and evolution. Embrace them rather than fight them. Flow through them instead of flowing against them. The more often that you drop the oars and let the river of life take you, the more often the outcome will be reached sooner and you will be through the challenging times. Breathe. Focus on your breath. Allow your spiritual self – higher self – to come to the forefront and navigate you through the turbulent seas of intense life experiences. Lean on the Love and Light that expands to your higher self and radiates to your physical self. Allow your Ego to fall to the wayside. You don’t need it for protection or judgment. You need your higher self to navigate you. Allow your Co-captain to stand next to you during your times of trials so that you may be led to jubilation. Amen.


Direct Connection to Spirit

I AM THE WAY – THE LIGHT – THE SAVIOR – THE LOVE – THE PEACE that you are always seeking.  Go within to the continuous connector to fully feel this love and light.  Go within to your higher self.  It is always connected to the Divine Spirit and the love and the light which flows strongly through this eternal connection.  Your higher self is the piece that was left behind in the spiritual realm and it is always directly connected.  This connection can be tapped into at any time that you want it or need it.  It is pure love and light that extends from the spiritual realm and Divine Spirit.  You are a spiritual being in a physical body.  Your spiritual side is led by your higher self/intuition.  Your physical body is led by your Ego.  You have the option to lead your physical body with your spiritual self.  All you have to do is let your higher self come forward in your daily life.  Tap into your higher self through daily meditation.  Quiet your mind and allow the connection to come forward.  In daily experience, tap into your higher self by thinking of how your higher self would react or move through the experience rather than the knee jerk reaction of Ego.  It takes practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, but it is not impossible and will eventually become the default program.  Amen.


Peace and Love are the answer

Peace is the way. Peace and Love are the ingredients of a happy life.  Look at life like a river.  The river is filled with many curves and you never know what is around the river bend.  There are rapids smooth parts of the river and there are rapids.  You must learn to navigate the rapids with peace and ease.  Do not offer up any resistance.  Let the river flow.  When you get angry or impatient, that offers resistance and causes a backflow much like the water in the river when it is blocked by a rock.  The backflow slows down the flow and creates a resistance.  This resistance is stress.  It needs to be released in order for the river to flow with ease.  Peace and Love are the solutions to the resistance.  Find the peace within yourself buy focusing on your breath and reaching deep down inside of yourself for your higher self.  Once you contact your higher self, you are in direct contact with Divine Source and you will feel the overwhelming Love, Light and Peace flowing to you.  This will cause the stress and resistance to dissipate.   Peace will overcome you and you will feel calm and loved.  Peace and Love is the answer to all.  Amen

Uplift others and you uplift yourself

Listen to your heart, but lead with your mind.  Allow yourself to do everything through LOVE.  Experience life coming from a place of Love and Light.  When you approach life experiences in a loving way, it cause a smooth transition from one life experience to another.

Feel with your heart.  Metaphorically speaking, this is where the Love comes from.  Ultimately, the Love and Light comes from your Higher Self which is connected to and directed by Divine Spirit.  Divine Spirit is constantly streaming Love and Light to your Higher Self through a continuous connection. 

The connection to Divine Spirit can be defined like this.  A baby in the mother’s womb is connected to an umbilical cord and receives continuous nutrition through this pathway.  Your Higher Self receives continuous Love and Light from Divine Spirit in the same way.

You need to mindfully share the Love and Light from your Higher Self to others.  This is where “listen to your mind” comes in to play.  Consciously make the effort to lead with Love over Anger, Fear, Impatience, Frustration or any other lower vibrations.  Uplift others and you uplift yourself.  Take note of the times that you allowed Love to come to the forefront and remember how you were uplifted as well. Amen.