The Power of Numerology

I am a big fan of Numerology. I believe in the power of numbers – in their combinations – and I believe that when you see recurring numbers such as 11:11 or 12:12 or 1:11 that your Angels and Spirit Guides are sending you messages to reassure you that they are always there with you.

Numerology is a system that studies the numerical value of letters and numbers. There is a belief that every deduced number has a meaning and mystical association with the Divine and Spirit World. You can use the meanings of different numbers as a guide to help you in life.

To start off, it is good to know what your Life Path number is. Your Life Path Number is a deduced number that will give you a better understanding of who you are and the challenges you may face on your life path. This number can help you to navigate through the challenges or help you to avoid them altogether. To calculate your Life Path Number you need to add your Birth Month + Birth Day + Birth Year together and then deduce to a single number.

For Example, my birthday is April 15, 1966. My birth month is the number 4. My birth day is 15. My birth year is 1966. The birth month is already a single number so I will just keep the number 4. Add together my birth day and you get 1+5 = 6. Add together my birth year and you get 1+9+6+6 = 22. Deduce the number 22 = 2+2 = 4. Now, I am left with a single digit for month, day and year.
Month 4 + Day 6 +Year 4 = 14 Deduce this number to a single number 1+4 = 5
My Life Number is 5.

So, what does a 5 Life Path Number mean?? My Life Path Number describes me as unpredictable, always in motion and in need of change. I would say that is a pretty accurate assessment of a part of my personality. I am ALWAYS going. I LOVE change and always have! I remember as a teenager, I would frequently totally rearrange my bedroom, moving the bed and furniture to different areas to give me a new look when I walked in the door.

Another description of a 5 Life Path is an independent mind and soul, adventurer and risk-taker. Anyone who knows me can surely say that I am “unconventional”. I have always walked to the beat of my own drum and never apologized for it. I couldn’t imagine life any other way! I have always been a risk-taker which can be a good thing but also a negative thing. I have taken many risks that were not for my own good, but luckily I am here to tell about it.

I have ALWAYS been an Adventurer. I grew up in the country in Virginia and we had a gravel road next to our house that led to a neighbor’s house and extended beyond a couple of miles to the train tracks. I remember many times my little sister and neighbor friend going off on adventures walking down to the train tracks and making up scenarios on the way. I have always loved walking in the woods. I am always looking for an adventurer and the excitement that comes with it.

If you want to find out the meaning of your Life Path number, all you have to do is google Life Path Number meanings. You will find tons of blogs about it. It will be interesting for you to find out how your Life Path number describes yourself.

Now….on to your Personal Year Number. Y our Personal Year Number will let you know the quality of the next 12 months. You calculate this number similar to your Life Path number but use the current year in place of your birth year. You need to add your birth month, birth day and current year together and deduce to a single number. For Example, My birth month is a 4. My birth day is 1+5 = 6. The current year is 2020 which is a 4 year. Now I add Month 4 + Day 6 + Year 4 = 14 and deduce that to a single number = 5. So I am in a number 5 Personal Year. What does that mean for me?

This year has a lot of freedom and change in store for me. Yay! You know I LOVE change and my adventurous spirit loves freedom! When I see a bird floating high in the sky looking down upon the earth, I wish I could be doing that, too. Change is inevitable and I look at is as an opportunity for growth.

This year also has uncertainty in store for me, but I already know life is uncertain so I will be hopeful for the surprises coming my way! In the uncertainty, there will be opportunities to face my fears. Well, knowing this brings up some fearfulness in me, but I just push that aside and embrace the opportunity to grow and improve while I am facing and tackling my fear-based thoughts and emotions.

If you are interested in finding out your Personal Year number so that you know what to expect and use this year to your maximum benefit, calculate your number and jump on google and search up Personal Year number. I’m sure you will be surprised at what is in store for you!

Finally, you can use Numerology on a daily basis to navigate the day effectively and get a glimpse of what to expect. To find the number of the day, you take the current month, day and year and add together and then deduce to a single number. Then get back on google and look up the meaning of the number. Numerology can be a fun and informative way to enhance your life.



There are many times in your day to day life where you will beat yourself up over situations that you label mistakes.  These “mistakes” are actually opportunities to grow and learn, if you allow them to be. 

Do not be in denial. Don’t stick your head in the sand and ignore the significance of learning from your mistakes and do not allow the mistakes to affect your self-worth.  It has nothing to do with your self-worth and everything to do with growing and learning.  Don’t beat yourself up over these opportunities to grow. 

Growing is a cyclical part of life.  It occurs from the first breath you take at birth to the last breath you take at death.  It is important, however, to grow consciously to obtain the greatest benefit of the inevitable growth.  This can be easily done through learning from your mistakes. 

Rather than looking at a mistake from a negative perspective, look at it from a positive perspective.  You don’t stand over someone when they have fallen and just stare at them do you?  No.  You instinctively hold out your hand to help them stand back up again.  They, in turn, learn from their fall and will hopefully take necessary precautions in the future not to repeat the mistake. This allows them ultimately to consciously grow in that very moment. 

So, the next time you want to beat yourself up over a mistake, pause for a moment and look at the opportunity for growth and remember your self-worth. 



Be thankful for all that you have in your life.  When what you want in life isn’t coming to you, place your focus on what you already have.  Do not come from a lack based perspective; come from an abundant perspective. 

There is always something to be thankful for in your life.  It usually doesn’t have too take long to see that.  You can start with the simple fact that you are ALIVE and then go from there!  Take note of all the wonderful things in your life.

Start a gratitude journal and write in it every evening.  Write about the day and all that you had to be thankful for during the day.  You can even make it a living journal and carry it with you to write in as your day unfolds.  This will help you to maintain an attitude of gratitude and be mindful in the NOW. 

Change the way you look at your life and watch your life change.  It really is as simple as that.  Place your focus on the positive and more positive will come and the best thing about it is you will notice the good things coming rather being oblivious to it. 



What do you do when you doubt yourself?  Do you allow the little voice inside your head referred to as EGO to dominate and control your life?  Or, do you rely on your Higher Spirit to lead you? 

When you find yourself doubting yourself or your journey, it is then that you need to rely on your Higher Self to change those thoughts.  Turn your doubts into beliefs.  Your Higher Spirit always believes that you can do, be or have whatever you want. 

Your Higher Spirit knows the journey you are on and the path to get you there, but when you allow your Ego and its fears and insecurities to guide you, you go off on a detour and the journey to your destination is slowed down.  Replace the thoughts of doubt with thoughts of belief. 

It is just as easy to believe in yourself as it is to doubt yourself.  Choose belief over doubt because your reality is what you believe.  Amen.



Listen to the song of your heart.  What does it sing to you?  What are your hopes and your dreams?  What does your dream life look like?  What do you want to achieve in your life? 

Imagine.  Focus.  Envision.  Let your dreams come to life in your mind.  Spend a few minutes every day meditating.  Calm your mind and allow it to quiet.  Once you come out of meditation, spend a few minutes envisioning your dream life.  What does it look like?  Where are you living?  What are you doing for your career?  Who is in your life with you?  Be specific about your vision.  Allow the vision to come to life in your mind. 

Every day perform this activity.  Your beliefs become your reality.  Make your dream life come to true in the physical world. Amen.



Negative self-chatter keeps you from what you want in life.  Any negative words that you say to yourself slow down the arrival of your dreams: “I am not ready.”  “I am not prepared.”  “I am not worthy.”  These words hold you back or cause you to throw away your dreams altogether.

You are stronger than you believe.  You are smarter than you believe.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  You can have anything that you want.  The only thing standing in your way is your negative self-chatter.  Do you want to give these words power over your life or do you want to take control?

You can change your negative self-chatter by developing a habit that turns your negative into a positive. The first step is to become mindful of your thoughts and what you are saying to yourself.  The habit is probably so automatic that it may take some practice to become mindful enough to notice the negative self-chatter.  You will need to catch the negative statement as quickly as possible and turn it into a positive one.  This will take practice and repetition, but soon you will get into a rhythm that will eventually become a positive habit that will replace the negative one. 

The second step is to start practicing.  The next time you say to yourself a negative statement such as: “I can’t do this”, change it to “I am learning and I am growing and I with time I will be able to do this.”  If you have some negative phrases you say to yourself on a regular basis, you can help yourself by writing them down and then writing the positive counterpart next to the negative ones.  Read the list daily, repeating the negative phrases and then positive counter phrases, at least three times, to memorize them.  This will help you to become automatic with your positive responses when the negative phrases creep up.

You CAN change a negative thought process with practice, determination and belief.  Believe in yourself! Amen.



In numerology, the number 8 stands for balance.  If you turn the number on its side, it creates the infinity symbol which symbolizes eternity.  This is a reminder that there is no beginning and no end, just an endless cycle of birth and rebirth, spiritual existence and physical existence. 

This should bring comfort, especially if you have loved ones that have moved back into their spiritual form, and you are missing them and wondering if they are ok.  THEY ARE OK.  They are better than OK.  They are feeling the Divine stream of Light and Love much stronger than when they were on the physical plane because they have no distractions in the spiritual world.  Release any fears or worries that you have been clinging to and rest assured that your spiritual loved ones are peaceful and pure light and love. 

It is important to find balance in your home and work lives.  Do not put emphasis on one more than the other.  Imagine a teeter totter with the word Home on one side and the word Work on the other.  You are standing in the middle and you are balancing both sides to be equal.  Look at your life that way.  Set some short and long term goals.  Write down a few that you want to accomplish in the next few months and a few that you want to accomplish in the next five years.  Create a game plan to bring them to fruition.  Amen.



It isn’t always easy waiting for your dreams to come true.  Motivation, Hard Work and Not Giving UP will get you to where you want to be.  The journey is unwritten and unforeseen.  At times, you may feel like you are walking blindly through the forest of your dreams not knowing which direction to go in or when you will be out of the forest.  Follow your intuition and let it lead the way. 

Where does your passion lie?  What makes you excited?  What does your dream look like?  What is a reasonable amount of time you think it would take to come to fruition?  What do you need to do to bring it to fruition?  These are questions you need to ask and write down the answers. 

Don’t let your Ego talk you out of your passions.  It will immediately want to take over when you start to dream and imagine.  Push the forceful negativity of your Ego aside and focus on the vision of your passion, your dream.  Let your Intuition take over and join your imagination in showing you the vision that is waiting for you if you allow it to come. 

Don’t waiver with your passion and your belief.  Everything you believe becomes your reality.  Believe what you want and ignore the belief of what you don’t want.  It is that simple.  Then wait.  Everything comes in Divine timing and it’s never too late.  Everything has lead you to this point.  Amen.



Whenever something shows up as a problem, it is trying to get your attention.  If you direct your energy and attention to the problem and view it as an opportunity instead of an obstacle, you will soon see it transform.  You can imagine it like a child who is doing behaving badly to get attention.

First, you want to approach the subject from a positive perspective.  Once you are able to look at the subject from a different perspective, it will immediately begin to change.  Repeating words  such as “Everything happens for a reason” and “This too shall pass” are good things to say when you are facing unwanted situations. 

Take a closer look at the situation and see where you can improve it.  You will need to make a game plan and move towards it head on.  Don’t fear it and don’t ignore it.  This will end up becoming one of your greatest blessings and life changing events if you allow it.  You have to navigate it from a place of positivity and love, not fear and intimidation.  Allow your Intuition to take the lead.

Nothing is impossible.  You can conquer and improve anything.  All it takes is desire and the tenacity to follow through.  Change your perspective and don’t look at your problems as problems.  Change the description from problem to possibility and from obstacle to opportunity.  Look at these moments as exciting opportunities to grow and strategize.  Follow your Intuition and let it lead the way.  Amen.



We know that it gets frustrating waiting for your “proverbial ship” to come in.  You want your dreams to come true NOW.  We get it, but there is much preparation to be made before your dreams can come to fruition. 

You need to change your perspective if you are feeling frustrated or impatient.  You need to focus on the moment you are living – look at it as a great crescendo to the arrival of your dreams.  Each moment is building and building anticipation.  There is excitement in the surprise of what is to come.  Take it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.

Focus on your dream and what you want to bring to life.  It is alive and well in your subconscious mind.  Focus on the image and how you can bring it to life in the physical world.  Get involved and map out a strategy to help make it come true in the physical realm.  Define every detail right down to the mundane areas.  Set a goal and a timeline to achieve it. 

Enjoy the journey.  Once you reach the destination, the enjoyment of the journey is over and a new beginning awaits.  Don’t lose focus.  Don’t be discouraged.  Keep your thoughts positive and hopeful.  Enjoy the anticipation of the arrival.  Amen.



Creating a guide for your life will get you to where you want to go.  You are never too old to create and start following your life guide.  There are a few things you need to do.

First, you will need to write down your goals.  Be specific about what you want to accomplish.  Next, you need to be specific about how to get there.  Thirdly, you have to be patient and persistent. 

There will be times where you will be guided in a different direction then you had been headed.  This is your Intuition/Higher Self guiding you down a different path that will lead you back to your original path.  You will have experiences that will help you with your journey.  Be willing to leave the map and go off on a different path that will lead you back to the map further down the road. 

You can create your own life by following your own life guide.  You will need to believe that you can do, be or have anything you want in life.  Nothing is out of reach.   You have to have faith and persistence and determination. 

There will be times when you will have to try something different over and over again.  Perhaps your whole life up until now has been a series of starts and restarts.  Don’t give up on your dreams.  Allow yourself to dream and write down your dreams.   Start following the path and watch your dreams come true.  Amen.



Allow love to permeate every situation.  It will lessen the intensity of the situation, open lines of communication and promote understanding. 

Love runs through each and every person.  It is the underlying current that courses through your veins.  Love is honest and open-eyed.  It does not live in denial or misunderstanding.  Love is bold and courageous.  It is not afraid to show its energy and force. 

Love can change a life.  Love can unite two lives.  Love can heal.  Love can destroy hate.  Love can give strength.  Love is the unifying force of the world.  Love is its own language.  It defies language barriers.  Love is sweet and gentle.  Love is patient and kind.  Love always wants the best.  Love can rule the world.  Amen.



Indecisiveness is a tool that you can use to become decisive.  If and when you have a decision that needs to be made, allowing yourself to pause and reflect upon the decision will get you ready for action to make the decision. 

You may find that your mind goes back and forth on the pros and cons of the decision.  This could become never ending.  But, sooner or later, you have to make the decision, like it or not.  The decision, once made, will spur action.  The action will spur growth and soon you will see how the decision making was a positive thing for your life no matter how difficult it may have been. 

Take the leap and the net will appear.  Don’t allow fear to freeze you like a deer caught in headlights.  Don’t let “what is” drive you crazy as you replay scenarios over and over in your mind.  Don’t let insecurities rule your mind.  Be faithful.  Be determined.  Be precise.  Be decisive and allow the growth to come.  Amen.



LOVE is the purest form of respect that you can give someone.  Love is pure.  Love is light.  Love is ever flowing.  Love does not judge, condemn, disrespect, disapprove, worry or hate.  Love flows through each and every person. 

It is a choice to love or not.  Although love is a natural flowing energy, it is also a choice to allow the energy to flow or to stop it.  Many people decide to stop it and then they allow negative energies to guide their actions and their lives.  They live a life that is less full and positive than someone who allows the flow of love to lead their actions and life. 

There is nothing vulnerable about love, although it is misconceived as that way.  Love is openness.  Love is like a blooming flower that goes from a tight bud to an openly bloomed flower.  Love is an energy that can be felt coursing through your veins – an excitement, a feeling of invincibility.  With love EVERYTHING is possible.  Without love, there is no possibility for peace.  Amen



Motivation = One part desire and one part determination.  Focus on what you want and be determined until you receive it. 

Imagine what life is like as you live it in your mind.  What do you feel?  What does it look like?  Really focus on it until you can actually feel the effects of living your dream life. 

Nothing is impossible.  The only thing that can get in your way and keep your dream from coming is your disbelief.  Throwing any negative resistance on to the image will slow it down, perhaps indefinitely, depending on if you can rise above and beyond the resistance. 

You will need to catch yourself when you are beginning to doubt your desires. You need to change your perspective to a positive one as soon as you notice the resistant thoughts creeping in. This will take mindfulness and persistence. Your dream life is being lived in your dreams, so why not live it in your physical reality?

Stay positive.  Stay hopeful.  Stay motivated.  Stay determined.  Dream big.  Amen.



Allow your Intuition to guide you.  You may wonder where you are headed as you follow your Intuition and the maze that it leads you down, but trust that this is the journey you are supposed to follow.  When you ignore your Intuition, your Ego leads you and the path that you follow is not as quick to get you to your destination.  Follow your passion.  Follow your heart’s desire.  Don’t doubt that you are right where you are supposed to be at this moment. 

Your Intuition is the voice of your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self can be referred to as your Spirit or Soul.  When you are tuning in to your soul’s passion, you are tuning in to what resonates with you and what you are supposed to be doing in this physical life.  Do not deny it by allowing Ego to talk you down out of it.  Don’t push it out of the way because Ego doesn’t think it’s possible. 

Follow your dreams.  Chase your dreams.  Live your dream.  Be faithful.  Be determined.  Believe. Amen.



You will never stay in the same place in life.  Every second of every day you are changing and evolving.  Life is a cycle of change.  That is the nature of life. 

It is natural.  It occurs without needing any action.  It is a living organism within itself.  Life will never stay the same.  You will have ups and downs.  The river of life will be calm and smooth one moment and alive and rapid the next.  The rapids are there to help spur growth.  They move you out of your comfort zone and force you to take action. 

Don’t fear these moments.  Look at them as opportunities to grow and improve – to move forward – with you as the captain.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in life.  Don’t be discouraged.  All that does is slow your ship down.  Be hopeful when you find yourself discouraged.  Don’t be rushed. 

Take your time and savor every moment.  This time won’t come again.  Don’t fear change.  It is coming whether you like it or not.  Go with the flow rather than fighting it.  The change is coming whether you want it to or not.  Amen



Life experiences create your inner psyche that the Ego enjoys feeding.  This inner psyche is controlled by the Ego and often acts like a great bully.  The Ego is good at putting you down better than anyone else, because it is an extension of your consciousness.  Your Ego is brilliant at making you feel insecure, unworthy, unprepared or nervous and scared. 

The life experiences that you live shape your thoughts about yourself and Ego helps to remind you of these thoughts that become inherent and personality molding.  Your memories can easily conjure up an experience that made you feel less than or scared or ill prepared, etc.  This image, thought, memory can replay over and over in your mind until it becomes a belief.  The words that you keep repeating to yourself become beliefs after continuous repetition.  Affirmations are a great way to uplift yourself and to retrain your brain. 

Affirmations can allow you to retrain your brain with the positive equivalent of the negative thought or word.  It takes daily practice, often times during the day, until your brain is rewired to think positive thoughts about yourself rather than negative.  For many, it will be a life-long process, but not an impossibility.  Let your thoughts grow flowers in your mind’s garden, not weeds.  Amen.



Life is short and it comes in fleeting moments.  These moments are shared with loved ones, with strangers, with people who can help you and sometimes people who can hurt you.  These moments are to be cherished because they lend meaning to life. 

Your life experiences help to shape who you become.  Rise up when tragedy strikes.  Uplift when adversity affects another.  Join together; do not break apart.  You are far stronger together than you are alone.  A life of solitude is most often lead by Ego.  A life of union is often led by the Higher Self that is directly connected to Divine Spirit. 

Embrace each other.   Respect your differences.  Have faith in one another.  Have faith in love.  Love can conquer all.  Look brightly towards the future together.  Listen to one another.  Show compassion and understanding.  Appreciate each other.  Give thanks daily for your blessings.  Enjoy life.  Don’t squander it away.  Make the most of this fleeting moment.  Amen.



Appreciate and respect each and every day that is given to you.  This time will never come again so make the most of it.  When life gets mundane, as it certainly does, don’t try to drum up excitement in a negative manner. 

Find positive ways to use your energy and improve yourself.  Doing a self-assessment will help you to find areas of yourself that need improvement and help to spur growth.  Be honest with yourself.  Don’t be in denial.  Don’t ignore the areas that need to be improved.  You need to work at improving the areas that hold you back from your greatest potential.  These areas get in your way of success. 

Most often it is your Ego that is telling you negative things about yourself that you believe and it causes you to subconsciously give up on a dream or procrastinate.  Don’t allow your Ego to take over.  Focus on the positive aspects of yourself.  Focus on the areas that you want to improve, but do so in a positive way.  Strategize and outline how you are going to improve these areas and begin to make the necessary changes.  Start today. 



Every ending you encounter, opens the door for a new beginning.  When you change your perspective and look at an ending as a new beginning to come, then you will change your vibration and it will raise. 

People do not like goodbyes.  Most people do not like the conclusion of things unless the conclusion is a relief.  Most people don’t like change.  They fear change.  They fear the unknown.  They fear uncertainty.  It upsets their natural balance and rhythm like a monkey wrench as it is thrown into the mix. 

Endings are change that open the way for new beginnings.  New beginnings are a restart.  New beginnings are a chance to start over again.  New beginnings begin with hope, quiet anticipation, excitement, wonder.  The unknown seems more exciting and less feared when new beginnings are welcomed. 

In every situation, focus on the positive side of it.  No matter how bleak the situation may be, you can find something positive within it to focus on.  Don’t fear endings.  Embrace beginnings.  Embrace the opportunity to improve, grow, learn, soar and believe that bright experiences are on their way.  Amen.



Be excited about the unknown.  Be excited about what life is going to offer you.  The excitement combined with a quiet anticipation will keep your vibration high and allow all that you want to gravitate towards you.  Keep your thoughts positive. 

It is just as easy to think a negative thought as it is a positive thought.  The positive thought may need more effort if you have a lot of negative momentum, but with practice you can equal out the balance.  Soon you will be able to think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts.  You will just need to retrain your thought process through affirmations and through mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is key.  You must be aware of the negative thought once it arrives so that you can then push it aside and replace it with its positive counterpart.  This will take practice and always being in the NOW.  In the beginning, it may feel a little daunting to have to pay attention to your thoughts as they creep up, but with time and practice it will become automatic.

Do not be afraid of the unknown.  Be excited for the unknown.  Life is a series of lessons and moments that help you to grow and evolve.  Be a conscious evolver and allow positivity, quiet anticipation and excitement shape your journey of life.  Amen.



Have faith in yourself.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  It is as simple as that.  Don’t allow your Ego to get in the way of your dreams.  All it will do is talk you out of taking a leap. 

Your Ego will convince you that you don’t have the skills or you aren’t prepared or you aren’t good enough.  All your Ego will do is show you the dark side of yourself that likes to slap you back into reality.  But reality is only what you see and believe.  It is nothing more than that. 

Choose to look BEYOND reality and see your dreams and your fantasies.  Look BEYOND reality and see your life how you want it to be.  Then, through your belief, you can make it become your reality. Allow your Higher Self to be your guide. 

Allow your Higher Self to convince you that you are good enough.  Let your Higher Self convince you that you can do, be or have whatever you want in this world if you are willing to take the leap and trust that the net will appear.  It is just as easy to listen to your Higher Self as it to listen to your Ego.  Push aside the negative and limiting thoughts of your Ego and allow your Higher Self to boost you up so that you can soar.  Amen.



Never give up.  Never give up.  Giving up is equal to failure.  You can only fail by not trying or by giving up.  Keep chasing your dreams.  Keep following the path that life leads you down.  It may twist and turn many times.  It may start out in one direction and then make an abrupt turn in another direction that you never thought was possible. 

Life is full of opportunities.  You need to be able to recognize them when they come along and trust your Intuition to lead you to where you need to go next.  Your Higher Self, which speaks through your Intuition, is always guiding you.  You have to allow your Higher Self to come forward and listen for the messages it is sending you. 

You need to learn to push Ego aside and not let it drown out the messages.  Your Ego is good at putting out fires.  Your Ego makes you think that you aren’t good enough or you don’t know enough or you aren’t ready.  Your Higher Self boosts you up and reminds you that you CAN do, be or have whatever you want in life.  You must trust and you must believe and you must NEVER give up.  Amen.



Each person is unique and special.  Each person has a gift to give the world.  When it comes to relationships, whether it is a parent/child relationship, sibling relationship, lover relationship, or friend relationship, each one is different and unique like the people involved.  There is no one size fits all.

There are dynamics that are unique with each relationship based upon life experience, life influence, age, etc.  You must remember the uniqueness that each individual and relationship holds.  When you do, it allows the relationship to flourish.  Misunderstandings become more non-existent, because you remember that everyone is different with a different perspective that was created through their own unique life experience. 

Everyone deserves respect.  Everyone deserves love.  Everyone deserves appreciation.  Show gratitude for your relationships.  Let those in your life know how much they mean to you.  Shower them with love not judgment.  Think of how you want to be treated from others and treat others that way. 

Relationships can be difficult at times, especially when the other person is not behaving in the way you may be.  It is OK to walk away for some time and allow the dust to settle.  Wrap the relationship with love.  Soon you will see that love will prevail.  Amen.


Life like Love is ETERNAL

There is no intellectual rhyme or reason for leaving the physical world.  It comes down to nature.  Everyone in the physical world is connected.  There is an invisible, intricate, almost spider web like connection that joins each living organism together on the physical plane and connects to the divine spiritual realm. 

Even when a living being ceases to exist in living form on the physical plane, the connection is still very much alive in the spiritual realm.  The memory and the love never disappear.  It is always held tightly by those that were touched by the life now gone from the physical realm.  You ask yourself why, when there seems to be so much life left in a being, so much to give to the physical world, why this being is chosen to be brought back to the spiritual realm?  The answer is not easy to give.  It is complex and complete understanding to those in the physical realm is not possible. 

There are still connections to the one that has crossed over and there are still influences that the life of the person will continue to make even from the spiritual realm.  Sometimes the influence is greater in the spiritual realm then in the physical realm.  There are pacts made on a soul level and each individual organism that chooses to come to the physical plane, makes this soul pact in deciding when they will return to the spiritual realm.  It is not an easy thing to describe. 

The spiritual existence does not hold the same emotional and hormonal elements that the physical body holds, so you cannot look at it from an emotional perspective.  Love exists.  Love is an emotion, but it is also an energy, and the love that exists in the spiritual realm and that is present when a being makes a soul pact, is much different than the love that is felt emotionally in the physical realm.  Love and light exist everywhere in the entire existence and through the connection between both the physical and spiritual realms.  It is never ending.  It is infinite.  It is Divine.  Amen.



Ignorance is bliss.  If you can ignore the subjects that bother you or bring you down, you will find your bliss.  It is ok to be blissfully ignorant.  We want you to be, because that means that you will be vibrating on the highest level possible at all times. 

You need to train yourself to ignore negative feelings and pivot quickly to a positive feeling every time a negative feeling creeps up.  It takes practice, but it is not impossible.  It also doesn’t take that long to train your brain to be this way.  Really, it comes down to seeing the best in every situation.  It is expecting the best in every situation.   It is positive thinking.  It is vibrating at the highest level at all times.  It is using a negative emotion to spark you to focus on a positive emotion. 

It is normal to have a wide range of emotions in your day to day life experiences.  That is the essence of Life, but you don’t have to allow the negative emotions to take over.  You can teach yourself to allow positive emotions to take over whenever you feel negative emotion.  It will require attention, mindfulness and self-control.  It will require making a conscious choice and effort to allow the negative emotion to be recognized and then snuffed out with a positive emotion. 

When you find yourself feeling a negative emotion or thinking a negative thought, immediately turn your focus to something positive.  If you can find the positive alternative on the same subject, that is optimal.  If you cannot, then think of something else that will pull your vibration up to a higher level and stay focused there.  Practice and soon it will become second nature.  You will find the time switching between a negative and a positive emotion will become almost non-existent.  Amen.



How can you stay hopeful while you are waiting for something to come? 

Keep your thoughts positive. Your positive thoughts will allow you to remain in a high vibration and stay hopeful.  Be patient.  Remember that everything happens in Divine Timing.  Prepare for the arrival. 

Stay calm.  Like impatience, when you are not calm it creates anxiety which will cause your thoughts to spiral into a downward cycle.  Don’t allow your mind to think any negative or resistance thoughts on the subject.  When you catch yourself doubting the arrival, reassure yourself that nothing happens overnight.  The journey is long in most cases. 

Don’t despair.  Desperation causes anxiety which allows lower vibrations to take over.  Don’t get discouraged.  Hold on to the vision of your desire already being here.  Use that vision to raise your vibration whenever you are feeling discouraged.  Expect.  Anticipate.  Hope.  Dream.  Believe.  Amen.


You are a Butterfly

Look at yourself as you would a butterfly.  Your whole life is a great metamorphosis in the same vein as a butterfly.  Your younger child years you were growing and evolving physically every minute, day, and year that passed.  You could see the visible changes as you shifted from a baby to a toddler to an adolescent to a tween to a teenager and then to an adult.  The changes were great and monumental when you consider it happened in the span of about 20 years. 

Your growth and your evolution – your transformation – doesn’t end there.  The physical clues may subside, but the psychological and spiritual clues reside within you.  These are the areas that you need to grow, cultivate and transform for the rest of your physical life.  If you make a conscious effort to consciously evolve rather than naturally evolve, you will benefit far greater, because you will be in charge of your transformation. 

Your metamorphosis comes whether you want it to or not.  Navigating and being the pilot of the journey provides you the opportunity to make conscious changes that affect your life and the lives of others.  Be mindful.  Be open and honest with the areas that need growth.  Be willing to focus and put in the work to guide the transformation.  Be hopeful.  Be determined.  Make goals.  Do not be in denial. Continue consciously evolving for all the years of your life.  Take it one day at a time and remember that you can always be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.  Believe.  Amen.



Expectation is a useful tool when you are manifesting.  You must expect it to happen in order for it to happen.  You must have an unwavering belief and expectation followed by a quiet, patient anticipation.  That is it. 

Be thoughtful and specific about what it is that you want to manifest whether it be a relationship, career goal, more money, better health, etc.  Then, be specific as you focus on what you want.  Write down your goal and be specific about what it is that you want.  Allow the image of already having it materialized permeate in your mind and focus intently as you marinate on the image.  Notice every detail in your mind’s eye and notice the feeling that it gives you. 

If you feel any emotions like apprehension, insecurity, hopelessness, or feelings that it won’t come true, then pull yourself back from focusing on it so specifically.  Only focus as far as the feelings allow you to remain on a higher vibration. Once you feel any bit of resistance, pull back and shift your focus, even if that means shifting to a different subject that makes you happy.  When you are ready, you can place your focus back on the subject of what you want to manifest. 

It is very likely that you will have to see some results of your manifestation beginning to materialize before you can get to a comfortable and believing spot.  That is ok.  You can take baby steps.  Or, if you are feeling confident, you can take a leap.  Follow your emotional vibration and allow that to set the pace.  Amen.



Discouragement is your Ego’s way of letting you know you that you aren’t getting what you want fast enough.  The Ego is impatient and selfish.  The Ego is self-serving and wants instant gratification in everything it endeavors.  Be patient.  Everything comes in Diving timing.  Everything comes when you are ready to accept it on a soul level.  You need to remember this when you feel discouragement.

You can turn discouragement into excited anticipation.  Change your perspective on the situation.  Focus on your achievements thus far, no matter how little they may be.  They will help you to be patient as the bigger fruition comes.  Stay positive.  Focus on high vibrating thoughts about the situation.  Focus on how it will affect your life once it arrives.  Focus on how you will maintain it and not let it float away.  Focus on how it will make you feel.  Focus on what you want from it.  Focus on the higher vibrational outcome rather than any Egotistical lower vibrational outcomes. 

You are You.  You are not in a competition with others.  Everyone in the world is unique and has a gift to give the world.  Do not do things from a place of Ego.  Come from the place of love and light that is transmitted from your Higher Spirit.  Amen.



It is ok and actually beneficial to feel frustrated or angry.  In the moment that you do, you will most likely find that it just shows up and you have no way of stopping it and this is ok. 

You were born with emotions.  Your emotions are on two spectrums of the scale: lower vibrating emotions and higher vibrating emotions.  Some examples of lower vibrating emotions are frustration, anger, impatience.  Some of the higher vibrating emotions are happiness, peace, contentment.  It is important to recognize when you have entered the lower vibrational field.  Recognize it.  Move through it as quickly as possible and reach for a higher vibration to pull you from the hole that you are in. 

Sure, you are thinking this is easier said than done, but with consistent practice, you will master switching from a lower vibration to a higher vibration in no time.  You will find how this move to a more consistent higher vibration in your daily life will show you how much easier life can be when you are living a higher vibrating existence.  So, the next time you are feeling frustrated, fearful or angry, recognize the emotion as soon as you can.  Focus on it.  Feel it.  Then place your focus on something that is pleasurable and uplifting so that you can move from the lower vibration to the higher vibrating field as quickly as possible.  Amen.


Your Higher Self holds the Peace you seek

When you find yourself uncomfortable about a situation, it is important to look within and reach your Higher self.  Your Higher Self/Intuition will come forward and give you the loving reassurance you need to move forward courageously through any situation.  Follow your Intuition.

When you are listening to your Ego, failure is the biggest threat.  Your Ego is the one that tells you that you aren’t good enough, or you aren’t prepared enough, or you don’t know enough.  Your Ego is good at feeding into your insecurities. It claims to ground you, but, in reality, it is your Higher Self that grounds you and keeps you at peace. 

Whenever you are upset, uncertain, afraid, or stressed, look inward to your Higher Self for the peace you seek.  The Love and Light of your Higher Self will uplift you with words of encouragement and strength. Within your Higher Self, you will find peace quietly waiting there for you to receive.  Amen.



How can you get what you want in life?  Focus.  Focus.  Focus.  Focus on what you want.  Be specific.  Write down every aspect about your goal on a piece of paper.  Be detailed and specific. 

Envision in your mind what your goal looks like.  Then, focus on your emotions while you envision the vision in your mind.  Pay attention to how you feel. Allow your vibration to raise to the level of your emotions as you are envisioning your goal and hold it there. 

Keep the goal setting simplistic.  Don’t muddy the waters with too many goals or details.  Create a list of about 10 items that detail your goal and don’t exceed past that.  Every day, upon awaking and before you go to bed, go over your list and read it.  Allow your mind to marinate in the vision.  Then wait with expected anticipation. 

Go about your life, but look for the synchronicities and the opportunities that will lead you to your goal.  You will soon recognize how as these instances occur you are being lead closer to the manifestation of your goal.  Amen.



Fear based thinking is the Ego’s creation.  The Ego is concerned with making sure that you stay at a lower vibration, even though it doesn’t come across that way.  It comes across falsely, as your protector, as it creates a false sense of identity that needs to be stroked in order for it to feel better. 

In today’s technological age, there is an abundance of narcissism that has been created due to the technology that is used.  Applications such as Facebook and Instagram place the person in the position of wanting or needing to be accepted.  Posts are always dependent upon how likeable they are.  This causes happiness and satisfaction for some and frustration and disappointment for others.  Life is not a popularity contest. 

Each person is individual and unique and each person is special.  There is no one person that is better than another even if society, which is heavily Ego driven, tries to make you think differently.  When you consciously realize and remember this, then you are able to live a more satisfied and fulfilling life. 

Your Ego needs the acceptance of others to make it feel good.  Your Higher Self does not.  Your Higher Self is constantly connected to Divine Spirit.  It is constantly receiving a steady stream of Love and Light from Divine Spirit.  If you tune into your Higher Self, you can consciously receive this stream. 

You are always receiving the stream of Love and Light, but when you allow Ego to take the lead, you don’t realize the stream is there.  You place your focus on Ego and what it can and cannot do for your psyche.  Let go of the Ego centered way of living and focus on the Intuitively driven way of living.  The Fear will dissipate and will be replaced with HOPE.  There is nothing you cannot do, be or have in this world.  Allow your Higher Self to take you to your dreams.  Amen.



Removing stress from your life can make your life flow easier, but it is easier said than done.  Life is filled with all kinds of stress.  As you get older and your responsibilities increase it causes stress.  Maintaining possessions that you have acquired causes stress.  Financial instability causes stress.  Unwanted life experiences cause stress. 

So, you would think that eliminating stress is impossible.  It is not impossible.  The way that you view and perceive the stress in your life is your weapon to combat the stress.  You need to flow through all of the stressful situations.  It is your inherent reflex to go against any situation that is uncomfortable.  You automatically put up resistance.  When you do this, it makes the situation more stressful and harder to deal with.  If you change your action and come from a place of understanding and strategy then you can make any stressful situation less stressful or non-existent. 

You need to strategize.  You need to dissect the stressor and look for ways to work through it rather than allowing it to work through you.  Ignoring it won’t make it go away.  It just pushes the subject down into your subconscious and then you begin to worry and fret on a subconscious level.  It reminds you of its presence every time it shows up again in a different manner.  Face every stressful situation head on.  Dissect the situation.  Strategize and plan for a way to move past it.  It is not impossible.  This will make you feel powerful and hopeful and the stress will disappear.  Amen.



Lessons repeated over and over again are the Universe’s way of letting you know that you need to grow in a certain area.  You are not learning the lesson completely, thus repeating the mistake.  You will continue to encounter the lesson until you have fully learned it and then the Universe will allow you to move on. 

Look at your life and the areas that continue to creep up and haunt you.  What are they trying to teach you?  Go consciously into the lesson and look at the area that you need to learn so that you can move forward.  You may have to come up with a game plan and a goal to get past the lesson and keep it from being repeated for a lifetime.

 For instance, let’s say that you have money troubles on a frequent basis.  You are always struggling to make ends meet.  You live paycheck to paycheck.  You come up short sometimes for bills and you have to pay them late which incurs another charge to be added.  Look at the situation closely.  What can you do to solve the problem and get past it?  The answer would be to cut back on frivolous spending and put that money aside as a savings to use when needed. 

Starting the process may take some time, but as you do, the cycle will begin to rotate away from the problem and towards the solution until the problem completely dissipates.  Try this with any lesson that is repeatedly showing itself in your life. Amen.


Love is one of the greatest manifesting tools

Come from a place of love in all that you do.  Love is a high vibration.  It is the highest vibration that you can feel.  It is pure Divine Love and Light that comes from Divine Spirit directly to your Higher Self.  This love is magical.  It can change relationships.  It can make things happen.  Love can uplift the world. 

The act of love is so simple and it is so natural.  Everyone feels the stream of love flowing through them.  Some people prefer to allow Ego to take the wheel and to push love away when they are angry or frustrated.  This is the wrong approach during these situations.  This is when love is needed the most – to get you past the situation. 

We are not saying that you have to ignore feelings of anger or frustration.  To do so would allow it to build up inside of you until it eventually causes an explosion.  What we are asking you to do is to learn to pivot quickly from a place of anger and frustration to a place of love. 

Take yourself out of the situation that is causing the lower vibrations to continue.  Take yourself out mentally or physically.  Focus on something that brings you joy and peace in the moment that you are feeling these emotions.  Focus on your breath.  Give yourself a few moments and control your emotions so that you do not erupt with lower vibrating emotions.  Clear the air.  Walk away if you must.  In the early training stages this may be highly necessary. 

Pull the love and light from your Higher Self forward into your conscious reality.  You will feel it wash over you and bring you peace.  Then, apply it to the situation.  If another person is involved and they seem to be dug in with their heels and not responding with love to your attempts, it is ok.  Give it time.  Don’t force it.  Let your anger and frustration dissipate with the presence of love and light.  With time, they will come around.  Fear not.  Love is magical.  Love is one of the greatest manifesting tools there is.  Amen.



Begin each day with a conversation with your Higher self.  Go within through Meditation and/or Prayer and connect with your Higher Self. 

Have a conversation and ask questions.  Ask for guidance or clarity about a situation that you may be worried or unsure about.  Ask your Higher Self to be a conduit and to pass along messages from Divine Spirit and ask your Higher Self to co-navigate your life with you, guiding you throughout your day to the next experience you are to have. 

Your Higher Self is your navigational system and it automatically, by default, speaks to you as your Intuition.  Any time you get a “gut feeling” of any sort, this is your Intuition automatically speaking to you.  This is your Higher Self attempting to navigate your life.  Whether you follow it or not is up to you.  The little voice inside your head is often Ego driven. 

Your Higher Self can be contacted and you can ask questions and ask for guidance.  When you do this, you are consciously connecting with your Intuition rather than it happening automatically.  The information that you receive is Divinely sent through your Higher Self.  The voice from your Higher Self is never negative.  It is always pure Love and Peace.  Trust it.  Rely on it.  Amen.



Physical life is a work in progress.  It is never finished; it only transforms back into spiritual form.  The connection between physical and spiritual life is made through your Higher Self, your soul to speak, and it is a never-ending union.  You carry part of your spiritual form inside of your physical body. 

This spiritual form is directly connected to Divine Spirit, the strongest spiritual force in eternity.  You are here on this physical plane to experience the physical world – to grow, learn, suffer, improve, lead, guide, teach, nurture and love.  You are here to improve on a daily basis.  You are a work in progress and you will never find completion. 

There is always another day that will come that will be another opportunity for growth and evolution.  If you choose to consciously evolve, you will live life awake with awareness and mindfulness.  You will live in the NOW.  You will realize that the past is the past and the future is unwritten.  You will realize that your reality is NOW and this is where your power lies – in the present moment.  Look at your life as a blank canvas.  You can color it any way that you want.  You have the power to create a beautiful masterpiece.  Amen.


The Power of Positive Thinking

The Art of Positive Thinking is very powerful and it is the ultimate way to live your life.  You can train yourself to see the best in all situations, but you will need to practice on a continual basis until it becomes an automatic way of thinking. 

Many times, often times, a human will learn a negative way of thinking beginning in the early stages of life.  These negative thought patterns are ingrained in the brain by repeated experiences and words from others that continuously drum into the brain until the thoughts become beliefs.  Once they become beliefs, they become an integral part of the psyche and it affects every aspect of life.  Thus, it is harder to create a positive mindset, because you will have to break an old thought pattern and create a new one.  It is not impossible.  It will take time.  It is 100% possible, but you will have to catch yourself many, many times thinking a negative thought, and then you will have to turn it into a positive thought. 

The process for improvement goes like this:  Number One:  Be aware of your thoughts and your feelings at all times.  When you notice that your thought or feeling is negative – when that little voice inside of you that is called Ego starts to talk negatively to you – you need to recognize this.  Number Two:  Pause.  Stop what you are doing and pause.  Number Three:  Place your focus to your breath for a few moments.  This will ground you and raise your focus level to a new height.  Number Four:  You will then place your focus on something positive and happy to think about.  It would help in the beginning to have a pre-written list of things, moments and experiences, or people that make you happy and refer to this list when you feel the negative thought creeping in.  Keep your focus on this list until you notice a great shift into a positive thought that creates a positive, happy and peaceful feeling inside of you.  Number Five:  Repeat this as often and as necessary throughout your day.  This process can also be practiced in times of anger, stress and frustration.  Follow the same protocol. 

All it takes is patience, time and practice to achieve a positive thought process.  It is not impossible.  You will notice a great light shining upon your life when you turn your thoughts and your actions to positive ones.  Amen.


Raise your vibration with positive thoughts

The only thing that worry is good for is to make you feel bad.  Worry lowers your vibration to such emotions as fear, anxiety, discomfort, and hopelessness and makes you feel like you are a failure.  Worry is driven by Ego. 

When you are in situations that are causing you worry and fear, it is best to acknowledge the feelings and then try to turn your attention, your focus, to a higher vibrating emotion such as hope, peace, positivity, and happiness.  You can do this by placing your focus on something that puts you in that higher vibrating place. 

Think of visions and memories that can put you in a higher vibrating position immediately.  Have this vision or memory on hand.  Write it down and carry it with you.  Then, when the negative emotion strikes, pull out the piece of paper and read the words of encouragement that you have written on the paper.  Read the memory that will trigger you into a higher vibrating position. 

Envision the memory in your mind and focus on it until you feel your vibration begin to rise.  Do this as often as you must to keep from dwelling in the lower vibration of worry and fear. 

With time, everything passes.  With time, everything works out.  Sometimes at the moment it doesn’t seem like it has worked out in the way you want it to, but if you wait and then look back, you will see that it worked out exactly as it needed to for you to grow and learn.  Amen.



Sympathy and understanding come in many forms.  They come in the form of time spent with someone.  They come in the form of advice.  They come in the form of a shoulder to cry on.  They come in the form of putting yourself in another person’s shoes.  It is important to show compassion for everyone that you encounter in life. 

Every person is enduring their own journey with their own perspective and no two journeys or perspectives are the same.  Everyone has a different perspective that is created from their own life experiences.  This perspective is built upon and created through continuous life experiences that make a person believe something is a certain way.  Another person’s life experiences will lead them to a different perspective on the same subject. 

Show sympathy and understanding to each person and their perspective.  There is no right perspective.  Each perspective is indicative of personal life experiences.  The more often that you are able to understand and accept another person’s actions and thoughts and feelings, the more harmonious your life will be. 

In circumstances where you do not morally or ethically agree with someone’s actions or thoughts, then it is your option to wish them well and move on.  Always come from a place of Love.  Amen.



Opportunities present themselves every day to you.  You have to learn to recognize the opportunities and seize them.  They may not always lead you directly where you are headed, but they will lead you to where you need to go for the next part of your journey.  Keep your eyes and your ears open. 

When you receive information, directly or indirectly, that resonates with you or causes a light bulb to go off, seize it.  You may not see immediate results, but rest assured that you will gain something from seizing the opportunity.  This could be more information to lead you to the next opportunity.  This could be information that will help you to grow and understand and learn.  This could be meeting someone who introduces you to someone else who is the opportunity. 

Don’t question it.  Follow your Intuition and allow your Higher Self to lead you from one opportunity to the next.  Don’t fear.  Believe that you are being led by your Higher Self to the destination that is intended for you.  Don’t allow your Ego to sidetrack you.  This will only slow down the journey.   

Go boldly.  Head high.  Eyes forward.  Ears open.  Arms outspread.  Follow your Intuition and allow it to take you to your dreams.  Amen.



Being aware of the direction you are heading in will offer you much peace and understanding.  When you float through life like a bird on the wind, you need to make sure that you are honing in on what it is that you want in life and not just floating along as opportunities go by. 

Every day, wake up and make a list of what you want to accomplish in that day.  If there is a goal that you want to accomplish that will take a long time to bring to fruition, then every day, take the time to strategize and to write down the steps you will take that day to make you one step closer to your goal coming to life.  It isn’t hard.  It just takes patience, persistence, and tenacity. 

You must have a game plan.  You must know what you want and carry the belief that it will come true.  Don’t allow negative self-chatter of Ego to talk you out of anything.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that it will never come to life.  Don’t allow Ego to make you feel that you are not worthy. 

Reach deep inside to your Higher Self to receive the words of encouragement you need to keep going when you feel like giving up.  Listen to the words of your Intuition to tell you which direction to head in.  Listen to the loving words of Divine Spirit that are being transmitted to your Higher Self to build you up and give you substance.  You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Believe.  Amen.



Do not worry so much about the things that you cannot control.  There are many things in life that you can’t control but there are also some important things that you can control. 

You can control your emotions.  You can control your reaction to situations.  It takes practice.  It does not come automatically.  It takes conscious awareness of your emotions at all times to control and direct them. 

Avoid knee jerk reactions to situations.  Rather pause.  Pause and focus on your breath for a few moments before allowing your emotions to spiral out of control.  Center and ground yourself through your breath.  You can always come back to a place of peace and control when you place your focus on your breath. 

The physical world places a lot of stressors on its beings.  These stressors are to help you navigate and help you to grow through your physical experience of Life.  It would be wise to learn as much as you can from every experience that will help you to improve and navigate to the next experience.  Control what you can and let go of the rest.  Give it up to Divine Spirit.  You will find instant peace when you do this.  Amen.


Slow down your life

Take time to be at peace.  Take time to be still – to rest.  The art of constant motion is tiring and you need to recharge yourself on a regular and daily basis many times during the day.  Focus on meditation.  Meditate when you wake up first thing in the morning.  Focus on your breath.  Study its natural rhythm of in and out.  This rhythm will be similar to a rocking sensation that you used to be soothed by as a child.  Go back to your breath in any and all moments of stress and anxiety – frustration or hurriedness.  Why must you hurry through life?  What is it you are in a hurry about?  Give yourself ample time in every scheduled situation so that you do not feel the anxiety of hurriedness.  You will feel more at peace and grounded when you follow this principle.  Slow down.  Smell the roses.  Take in the nature.  Watch children at play.  Slow down your life.  Appreciate more.  Give more.  Time is a precious commodity.  Every person in the world has a limited amount.  Use your time to your advantage and best interest.  Fill it with peaceful thoughts, positivity, hopefulness and grace.  Amen.


Look for the lighthouse to lead you

Life is easier than many of you make it out to be.  You need to learn to be at ease and go with the flow. Be patient.  Everything comes around.  Life is like a neverending circle that goes around and around and around.  View it as such and it will bring you peace and solace.  Do not put up resistance when things aren’t going your way.  These are the times when you must be the most fluid.  Allow yourself the opportunity to flow with every situation.  Do not fear.   Do not rush.  Do not lose hope.  Believe.  have faith.  Wait for the storm to end when you are in the middle of it.  Look for the lighthouse to lead you out of the fog.  Be brave.  be fearless. Be bold.  Look inward and you will find the light you seek.  Amen


Come from a place of LOVE

This year come from a place of love instead of fear.  Do all things in love.  Surround love around every situation.  This is a good time to practice. Control the lower vibrating emotions such as fear, anger and impatience.  Breathe.  Focus on your breathing during the stressful times that cause anxiety.  Keep the notion: Everything always works out for my best interest.  It does.  Everything happens to carry you onto your next phase in life – your next path on the journey.  Stay mindful.  Stay hopeful.  Focus on the blessings in your life.  Give attention to the things that bring you peace and happiness and stay in this element as often as possible.  It will help you to attract more “like experiences” to increase this higher vibration.  Have faith.  Believe.   You can do, be or have whatever you want in this world.  Amen.


Allow Appreciation to guide your day

When you are feeling that you do not have enough, this is the time to focus on what you have.  Place your attention to the blessings in your life and more blessings will come.  It really is that simple. 

The Art of Gratitude is vital in receiving more of what you are thankful for.  In your days, come from a place of appreciation, instead of a place of frustration.   Recognize when you are frustrated and pause.  Bring your attention to something that pleases you that you are grateful for.  This will change the emotion from frustration to appreciation immediately and you will notice your whole demeanor and wellbeing shift to the positive end of the spectrum. 

At that moment, you will begin attracting situations and people that are on the positive end of the spectrum rather than the negative.  You will feel an immediate sense of peace as you appreciate.  How can you make today better than yesterday?  Focus on your blessings in times of frustration and allow your appreciation to guide you through the day.  Amen.